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The problem with sealed hearing is, we have no way of knowing what is in them.  But based on a written request by Villalobos' attorney she is seeking to have transcribed two hearings which were sealed.  These hearings were sealed after the hearing wherein jury misconduct on Facebook was revealed.  Of course I have no way of knowing what happened in those hearings, but his family certainly knows.  But I do know there have been a lot of jury misconduct reversals based on jurors going to the Internet during the trial

I'm sorry but Armando's silence makes no sense.  It is possible his appellate attorney has told him if he releases anything she will withdraw.  I have seen these threats before.

A very long time ago I was representing a lesbian for engaging in oral sex while in the military.  At her court martial I sought to ask the prospective jurors if they had ever violated the law or were currently violating the law.  In the military it was a felony for even legally married couples to engage in oral sex.  This was a valid jury question.  The Air Force attorney assigned to sit second chair to assist me asked to be relieved from the case if I asked the question.  My client panicked and the question was never asked. 

You see the JAG lawyer would have negotiated down a plea deal before he allowed for that question of law to go on appeal.  But clients respond to threats from their lawyers.  My client would have received an honorable discharge had she allowed me to ask the question.  Even the judge admitted later he was panic stricken over what he would do if I asked the jury the question.


Most lawyers represent their interests and not the interests of their clients.  This is why I would be surprised if Villalobos attorney files a FRCP 60 Motion for Fraud of on the Court.  She knows the DOJ will retaliate in terms of future plea agreements for her other clients.


Montoya because getting to the truth is something he cannot do  - keeps saying the Hernandez family followed my advice and paid me.  But the known and verifiable facts prove otherwise.

I recommended on the BV Erin Garcia take Judge Elia Cornejo-Lopez on Mandamus - she did not - she went with the advice of Juan Gonzales of the county.  Had she filed the mandamus she would have won. She would be in the run-offs and Leo Lopez would not because the Hernandez family would have had a court order proving game playing by his wife, Judge Elia Cornejo-Lopez..  My advice as provided on the BV was dismissed.  Hardly the result when you are paying someone.

 I made a big stink over Ed Cyg not filing a letter of introduction with the grand jury so he could speak with them before they voted on Ernie Hernandez' indictment.  Ed had a sissy fit and withdrew as Ernie's counsel.  I pushed and pushed to get that letter to the grand jury so they could hear Ernie Hernandez's side.

A defense lawyer does not deal with innocence or guilt.  You may want that system, but once you get brought into it you will want the system which exists.  The role of the defense counsel is to force the state to play by the rules.  Sometimes guilty people walk, and sometimes innocent people go to jail - but it is still the best system out there when it is followed.

Ernie Hernandez had the evidence that Gus Garza used perjured testimony in the Raul Salazar case and in fact inflamed the jury based on false testimony.  Any competent attorney could have taken this to the grand jury and at least delayed the indictment until after the hearing on Raul Salazar's Motion for New Trial.  The argument was easy.  You tell the grand jury - just wait and see what Justice Hinojosa finds.  If he finds there was no perjury then do your job, but if he finds there was perjury then you know you cannot rely on the evidence being used by the DA.

This was too simple to be believable.  But Ernie Hernandez chose to listen to those who have never taken on a grand jury before the indictment -

As I have shown, I took on the grand jury for Dallas City Commissioner John Loza and got him no billed.  But this is Cameron county - such competence does not exist.

All of this played out in the BV and everyone interested in the truth knows the Hernandez family refused all of my ideas and are now living with the result.

Erin Garcia is a good judge - I said from day one I did not like the money issue concerning marriages and that the legislature needs to regulate it.  But the evidence shows Cameron county may be the only county charging a fee for an expedited marriage, and that district court judges in Houston are charging an extra fee for an expedited marriage.  Greg Abbott knows this and does not want to open a door to where district court judges around the state are being prosecuted for charging an extra fee for expedited marriages.

Of course the entire system is bad - but it is bad because the legislature has failed to regulate it.  Hopefully the legislature in 2015, will set fees for wedding and expedited weddings. 


Since the day Raul Salazar was indicted I reported that it was done at the insistence of the FBI and not based on the will of Luis Saenz.  The Hernandez family belief that Luis Saenz retaliated because they supported Masso is just one of their many mistakes.  They still do not see who forced this issue.  It was not Saenz.

Luis Saenz is blamed for the 8 Liner cases.  They were forced on him by the feds.  The federal investigation was 18 months old before Saenz even took office.

What people are missing is, the feds are directing Saenz.  Had Saenz been left to his own he never would have indicted Raul Salazar, Ernie Hernandez, or pursued the 8 Liner cases.  You cannot win a battle unless you know who your enemy is.

Josefina Fisher Canales dumped Ed Cyg and did as directed and now her charges are dismissed and there are active federal and state investigation against Luis Saenz.   The only dumb thing which could happen now is for Saenz to try and refile the charges again.  It will make for an easy federal injunction based on harassment.


BobbyWC said...

Your comment is rejected because as is always the case with people like you - copy and post one comment I posted against Dominguez or Begum which is not true -

I rated Dominguez ad campaign and A+, he got the same amount of free advertising as Ernie. I took out of sequence the testimony of Robert Cadriel so my readers would read first his claims that Raul Salazar was the guilty party.

I took the lead on stopping the use of the Adult Day Care centers based on compromising the health of the seniors.

I filed and secured the indictment and conviction of Margarita Ozuna - which had they simply focused on that one issue they would have gotten the same result. It was such an easy win, but they had to play dirty.

No copy and past one false statement I made against Alex or Yolanda.

The judge agreed with me - he charges against Josefina Canales were bogus - what did I pay off the judge?

The Texas Ethics Commission Agreed there was sufficient evidence that he [1] took out an ad before appointing a campaign treasurer - the Texas Ethics Commission agreed [2] the evidence showed he claimed to be a commissioner when he is not - final rulings or settlements are pending. This week they will agree he failed to timely file his campaign finance reports.

These are facts. If they are false was he not able to have them immediately dismissed?

Bobby WC

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Make sure you copy and paste my exact statement and include the link - and not your bogus interpretation of my statement

Bobby wC

Unknown said...

They will copy and paste information Convent to them. That's why they lost the civil lawsuit filed against Josefina Canales Fisher. This was a harassment on the part of the Yolanda Begum Alexander Begum and the District Attorney Luis Saenz. Justice will be served for Josefina Canales Fisher.

Anonymous said...

So now you are saying that Luis Saenz is just an FBI puppet, and not a real District Attorney?

BobbyWC said...

no, on the 8 Liners ICE and Saenz stood together announcing the investigation was 18 months old before he took office - I guess if you want I chance facts - Saenz did not initiate this - ICE did - he feds were tired of Villalobos and took both issues to Saenz.

But I will note after they say his interference in the Margarita Ozuna case they chose to indict Sonia Solis in federal court - it was an easy state case, but the feds decided they did not trust Saenz.

Are you now happy with my extra observation.

It is funny, Saenz says he did not indict Hernandez as retaliation - I agree with Saenz and you still come at me - do you even think before your nonsense posts?

Bobby WC