Friday, March 28, 2014


Armando could have done a lot of things to redeem himself but instead has chosen to remain silent. His family members and friends seem to have differing opinions. Some say he had a bunch of documents released to Valadez for publication to the internet. AUSA Surovic claimed as much in a motion before the court, albeit he did not name Valadez.

Montoya came into the Judge David Gonzales FBI 302 interview in October and did nothing with it so long as Judge Gonzales kept the payments going.  It only came out after Judge Gonzales learned the BV was going to go public with the 302.  Then Montoya published a white wash as to its content.

I do not care who you talk to, if they know Oscar X. Garcia they are baffled by his association with Montoya.  Some have expressed outright disappointment others have claimed they will just not vote in that race.

I am now being told that information not so favorable to Magallanes was presented to Montoya.  Why has Montoya not published it?  If Oscar X. Garcia is part of this extortion scheme he could find himself roommates with Abel Limas.  If Montoya in October starts to publish the claims about Magallanes which originated from Villalobos, it will be clear to the feds Garcia has been paying Montoya to hold on publishing the documents until the 11th hour of the election.

If this is how it comes down - Honorable is certainly a title which will never again apply to Oscar X. Garcia.  If Garcia has the evidence he should have published it before the primaries. 


BobbyWC said...

Apparently I was not clear about something - I am not saying Montoya has anything on consequence on Magallanes.

Every lawyer has represented less then savory people. You do not get to say the lawyer was part of some enterprise because they represented a bad person.

But if you are Montoya you can take the fact Magallanes represented a criminal and then turn it into something it is not.

Here is how it works - Ed Stapleton Endorsed Yolanda Begum - under Montoya standards this would mean Yolanda Begum agrees it is the community standard of Brownsville to view child pornography. Of course you cannot say she agrees with that. But that is what Ed argued in the Henrick case. And does it mean Ed believes it, no of course not - he was being an advocate for his client and it is time the nonsense stops and people realize the difference

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I want to add one more thing - based on communications from the last few days, until Armando agrees to release the documents I have requested - his name in the press will be non-existent. Everyone else has rejected his family and friends communications.

I have tried to be nice - but after today - I'm done - I do not want trash on people - I want documents. We begin with the jury misconduct documents and all FBI 302's. Until them, the next time people hear about Mando will be after the court of appeal denies his appeal - then after that may be his release - assuming anyone cares at that point.

Mando needs to learn to do right by this community or take his medicine and do his 13 years. [side note - he gets 54 days good time for each year - but there is a rare rule which could get him an even earlier release if he becomes an exemplary prisoner in terms of things he is doing for the prison]

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

1. Huntington-Ashland W.V. Huntington mayor Steve Williams told WCHS8 it's frustrating to hear the news of the ranking. "It's just downright aggravating, because I know what we have, we all know what we have here."

Mando sent to the worst place in the US.