Tuesday, March 11, 2014



On judges I have never voted based on party affiliation. If I know the judge is good at their job, I always support them regardless of any variable. This use to get me in trouble with the Democrats in Dallas - but my response was always the same - justice is not about the power of the political parties it is about the fairness and competency of the judge.

On Judge Oscar X. Garcia - forget what you may dislike about his opponent.  All that matters is, is he doing his job in a fair and competent manner?  I do not care who I ask, the answer is the same every time - yes.  Every Democrat - lawyer and none lawyer who knows Judge Garcia have told me they are voting for him.  He is very well liked among the political community.  It is sad that Magallanes ties to Hinojosa will influence the election - it should not - but to Judge Garcia's luck on the issue it may be what pushes the Independents to vote Republican on this one. 

I am voting based on his competency and not his party label.


Again forget about his opponent for a second.  I have said in the past all of the new hires at TSC need to be people who understand the difference between a community college and university - especially in terms of how you teach. Lily Tercero was forced to keep on staff some really bad instructors.  They still do not get it and are still teaching exactly how they taught when TSC was failing the students.  These bad instructors refuse to understand a  community college is not a university.

Ed Rivera is the poster candidate for TSC.  He gets it - not because someone told him - but because he lived it.

Ed Rivera came out of BISD, used TSC to prepare for the university and went on to successfully graduate two universities.  He understands the purpose of a community college.  For this reason and this reason alone you should be willing to support him.

You can assume his opponent is the nicest person in the world and has the best interests of the students at heart - but Ed Rivera remains the poster candidate to be a trustee because he lived and understands the experience.


Anonymous said...

Garcia advertises with Montoya....why are you not denouncing him?

BobbyWC said...

your question is misguided because it is based on you buying into Montoya's paranoia and lies.

I cam out in support of Judge Garcia Since square one for the very reasons I have cited.

To a person I have asked about the ad has said the same thing. Judge Garcia sees a difficult campaign and he pays Montoya to avoid being trashed.

This is sad. Judge Garcia knows Montoya and McHale are cut from the same clothe - they will trash Hinojosa and anyone tied to him, until the check clears an then forget everything they already said - So Judge Garcia buys silence - he should not have to - but DA Saenz refuses to put an end to the con - hopefully the feds will. They now have enough evidence to act if they so please - but given the fact it took them three years to indict a prison guard on rape - this con will continue for a long time and good people will continue to have to pay to not be trashed

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I’m intrigued. I’ve never heard of anyone paying to silence a lie. I understand that "trash" is a lie. I have heard about a lot of people who have paid to suppress the truth however. Most of those truths being not so pleasant. If one is willing to succumb to what sounds like extortion of any kind, how else might they be compromised. No one should fear the trash if they have truth on their side. Please, I would love to understand more.

As to Mr. Rivera, his resume is indeed full. However again I find myself intrigued. Why so many changes on the career path? Were we not up to the responsibilities of the job which we left behind? Did we not feel passion about what we were doing? Were we seeking these positions for the advancement of the goals of said position, or were we seeking them only for our own, self advancement? I feel this is a subtle but very important distinction for a candidate running for an office in which they are to serve the community. Too many people already in office right now seem to be there only for the position they hold, the benefits there of, and not for the true advancement of the community and those they are there to serve.

Give me a candidate for judge who does not have to pay to silence trash/lies.

Give me a candidate running for school trustee who has already spent their career in and for the advancement of education.

Also, please, give me some opponents for some of these positions. No one should run unopposed. It sounds undemocratic, unAmerican even. Surely someone has an alternate vision. A politician, at any level, who has become so powerful in their position as to be "not worth the effort", should probably not BE in that position to begin with. No one is THAT good.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for a well written statement and extending the discussion.

But people do pay to silence lies - we live in a world where people love to believe lies - it empowers them to do injury to the innocent

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Anyone who would take the easy way and pay to hush a lie does not have the fight within him or her to hold the position of a Judge.

They are already compromised.

I do believe we have seen enough of the havoc that this lack of "starch in the collar" can wreak upon our judicial system, played out in a neighboring county within the last twelve months. Let's not mention any names but if you have been reading the paper or watching the news, you already know which case is being referred to.

We can never be too careful or thorough in our consideration in the appointment or election of a judge. In their positions they hold too much power and influence over the lives of those they are supposed to serve to do otherwise. Their job is to impartially seek the truth, which stands on its own, without “paid protection”, no compromises. The truth is worth the fight.