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UPDATE - AND NOT REALLY A CORRECTION:  But I want people to know Mary Helen Flores was not working the campaign of Mary Ester Garcia.  I have now confirmed she was a poll watcher for one of Mary Ester Garcia's opponents.

Mary Helen of CAVA came into existence after the mail-ballot harvesting problem was already in the hands of the AG. In fact the campaign she worked on against the issue showed some of the highest fraud in county history. The politiqueras dismissed her as meaningless. Then based on the work by myself and Ruben Pena Margarita Ozuna was indicted by the AG and the problem went away. We have not had a problem since. She remained silent after the BV called on all the candidates to avoid the adult day care centers. Of course she remained silent - She knew Dominguez, Begum and Mary Ester were working Carino's. That matter is under investigation.

Now she wants to attack the Republicans again with false charges so she can continue to raise money for an issue which no longer exists.

When CAVA and Montoya tried to blame the Democrats for the new mail ballot laws the BV pointed out - impossible since the Republicans control the House, Senate and Governor - but facts did not matter to them. 

See post from January

She claims for a year Chris Davis has ignored her requests concerning Republican mail ballots, but yet bragged all over town how close she is to Chris Davis and how well they work together.  But now two candidates want a recount and they are attacked and Chris Davis gets a veiled threat that Montoya is going to make a big deal over something Chris Davis allegedly did a year ago.  Montoya played the same game with Escobedo during the Chirinos/Martinez recount and Escobedo told Montoya to go to hell because he was not going to give in to veiled threats.

Since 2012, the BV has been reporting the truth about the Republican mail ballots - and refuting Mary Helen Flores bogus claims.

From January;

"I was working on another story when I came to learn that the Conservative Republicans of Texas have flooded the Cameron County Elections office with over 300 mail ballot applications.  I am being told there are currently fewer than 15 mail ballot applications for the Democrats.
You know why people lie to saps, because they can.  Like I posted before in response to Montoya's lies, it was the Republican Governor, Republican Senate and Republican House which made mail-ballots easier - not the Democrats.
From the Conservative Republicans of Texas Facebook page."
Help determine the future of Texas, request a ballot by mail application from the Conservative Republicans of Texas. To sign up, visit
Here is the BV's article from 2012.  The is no Republican mail-harvesting problem in Cameron county.  The allegation are a con job to justify fundraising by CAVA. 
It is all coming from a Republican PAC in Austin.  Seniors have earned the right to vote by mail.  All this PAC is doing is identifying Republicans who qualify to vote by mail and sending them the information they need.  There is no crime.  I have published this before.  The PAC admits to the conduct.  So what is there to investigate locally when it is happening statewide, and originating in Austin..
Political parties work to get out their voters.  This PAC decided to turn to Republican seniors as a way to increase voter participation.  They should be commended for their action, but instead a bogus claim is created and a fundraiser is announced.

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