Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Why does Montoya write lies for the handful of sap readers who might believe what he writes?, because he know hate rules ignorance and their will always be enough ignorant hateful people to destroy themselves before they believe facts which benefit them.

The above is a temporary plan of what the $500,000 Ernie Hernandez seeks to have spent in Cameron Park for the children.

People do not fully understand what is happening at Commissioners Court.  Carlos Cascos has lost his mind and will stop at nothing with use of Cris Valadez under direction from Luis Saenz to destroy this county and take away what few liberties we still have.

Any idiot should have been able to read Montoya's story and realized it was all bullshit.

What would be Ernie Hernandez's motivation to build an office which he would never use?  None.

The above is what is being proposed, with one design change to make the bathrooms smaller so that it comes in at budget.  Yes, there is a small office space  for whomever the County Commissioner might be.  It seems Alex Dominguez fears being around children, because even a complete fool can see the overwhelming part of the facility is for children and the community, not the county commissioner - who in this case will not be Ernie Hernandez, unless after his acquittal he puts his name on the ballot as a write in.


The land on which Montoya claims a community center was to be built for Olmito is basically under water.  After Commissioners Court was told that the land was already owned by the county and would be suitable, the county learned most of the land is under water - namely a Resaca.  The cost of buying new land would have eaten up all of the money assigned for the community center.  Cascos knows this, but feeds Montoya the lies so as to aid Saenz in poisoning the jury pool against Ernie Hernandez.

So the question is, why is Dominguez paying Montoya to attack Hernandez for not wanting to build a community center in a Resaca? - something Commissioners' Court would never approve anyway.

As to the animal shelter I have confirmed it is moving forward.  $1.5 million was allotted for the animal shelter in the last bond issue.

So now there is $500,000 - Commissioner Hernandez can do nothing with it, or build a better community center for the children of Cameron Park - where is Alex Dominguez on the issue?, he is paying Montoya to lie about the facts and then trash Ernie Hernandez for wanting to do something  for the children of Cameron Park.


Saenz and Carlos Cascos are paying Montoya to poison the jury pool, and Jon Blaylock sits back and does nothing to seek a gag order against Saenz and Cascos and just allows the poisoning of the jury pool to continue.  Any competent attorney would already have an official oppression criminal complaint filed against Saenz and Cascos with the DOJ and FBI.  But this is Cameron county where finding a competent attorney is nearly impossible.

Like I said any idiot could read the story by Montoya and see it made no sense, how does it benefit Commissioner Hernandez? - it does not - he will not even be in office once the larger community center is complete.

This is where John Blaylock is totally failing Ernie Hernandez.  I have been warned on this issue - the attorneys are thin skinned and cry to their mommies if you challenge them.  the Hernandez family has repeatedly asked that I not comment on the incompetence of their attorneys.  The BV writes to educated the community and not to console the thin skinned incompetent attorneys of Cameron County.

Larry Warner, Raul Salazar's attorney has lost all credibility.  In court on the day he had to admit he messed up on calculating the 75 days he said to Justice Hinojosa he was going to file an appeal that day which would reopen the court's jurisdiction.  I just checked with the court of appeals - nothing - well there is a letter admonishing Larry Warner that he has failed to make arraignments for the reporters record.  The ineffective assistance of counsel will never stop.

Even on the Motion for New Trial mess when I made inquiries why Justice Hinojosa was waiting so long for the hearing, instead of doing it before the election I was told, that Justice Hinojosa was refusing an earlier hearing.  Well at the hearing we learned the truth, the date was effectively set by Larry Warner and he made no effort to get a faster hearing.  A hearing before the election would have changed the election results once Raul Salazar was granted a new trial.  The blame is 100% on Larry Warner and some of the most incompetent legal representation I have ever seen.

Shame on Cameron County lawyers that no one will step forward and work pro bono to clean up this mess.  Justice is not served when ineffective assistance of counsel decides the result. Saenz would have nothing in this case without the incompetence of the Cameron county attorneys helping him along.

Had the Motion for New Trial gone forward the evidence would have shown there was no retaliation against the witnesses in HR, and that Carlos Cascos working with Cris Valadez was nearly 100% responsible for David Garcia losing his position at the Regional Mobility Authority.  This would have killed count 7 against Ernie Hernandez. 

Also of note, on count 8 against Ernie Hernandez the witness claims to have recorded the conversation, but Saenz has yet to release it.  Why is Saenz refusing to release a recorded conversation which either proves or disproves Ernie Hernandez's guilt?  The tape if it says what the witness claims will seal Ernie Hernandez's conviction- so why is Luis Saenz withholding it?  And to be fair why is John Blaylock sitting on his ass not seeking a discover hearing on the matter?

If John Blaylock cannot figure out how to get a gag order against Saenz and Cascos, then he should surrender his license.  Saenz and Cascos are releasing information to Montoya to poison the jury pool to protect their own asses, and John Blaylock sits confused as to how to stop it.

I can assure my readers the Hernandez family will not like this post.  I have been repeatedly warned to not bad mouth their attorneys or Raul's attorneys.  If you hire an attorney who practices law in Cameron county you deserve to go to jail.  Competence is not an option when it comes to a Cameron county attorney. 


My readers remember I said I had a source who said within two weeks there would be more indictments by Saenz's office.  That source was solid.  Rosie Sheldon Solelo's name was on that list.  It was all a hoax by Luis Saenz.  He needed to get Cris Valadez to cooperate so he put out word he was about to have his mother in law indicted.  It was all lies.  It was after this came out that witnesses started to claim Valadez was all but connected at the hip with Saenz.  Some have painted an even more visual picture.

This county is sick and the  people who remain silent deserve jail.

If I were Raul Salazar or Ernie Hernandez I would go to the court and demand court appointed attorneys from way outside Cameron county.  The evidence of all counsel to date being incompetent is overwhelming.  I would then file direct complaints with the IG for the FBI and DOJ to show how the local FBI and DOJ are active participants in this blatant obstruction of justice.

It is not a question of innocence or guilt.  The issue is, even if guilty you do not obstruct the process to get the guilty verdict.  Without a true sworn allegiance to Due Process, we all lose.  if Raul and Ernie are guilty - so be it - send them to jail - but do not do it by obstructing the process and corrupting or criminal justice system.


Anonymous said...

I may be wrong, but wasn't the money allocated to the Olmito Community Center, at Ernie's request reprogrammed to the construction of an animal shelter? I attended meetings where Ernie was passionate about a new animal shelter and he committed the funds programmed in his precinct to this. So as I understand it, he wants to re reprogram to building something in Cameron Park? It's not a bad idea, but Ernie had committed those funds to the building of a much needed animal shelter, or am I wrong?

BobbyWC said...

You are 100% correct - but I am still writing - you will get a detailed answer there. I agree the animal shelter is desperately needed. you know I love dogs - but that money has been allotted - I am editing the final post and you will see the rest of the story

Anonymous said...

Thanks. But on another note, did the Commissioner's court adopt this plan and when, the photo you posted, how can anyone unilaterally change it? I think you're getting incorrect information Bobby or at a minimum, not all of it. Something doesn't make sense.

BobbyWC said...

No one can unilaterally change anything - well except Tony Martinez . this issue as even Montoya notes is just an agenda Item. Commissioners court is free to refuse everything.

The changes to the plan is about cost. commissioners do work with the county officials to insure what can and cannot be done.

So again even as Montoya must admit - it is only an agenda item.

this story is about the lie concerning the purpose of the agenda item.

In the end Commissioner Court my just vote the entire thing down and then nothing happens - which would be sad - because such a facility is good for the children. Such facilities is how you keep children off the street.

It is the alternative to the Boys and Girls Club which the area never got but that Melissa Zamora fought for.

It will be sad if Commissioners Court votes this down because it is being proposed by Ernie Hernandez - the only people who will benefit from this plan are the children - personal politics should not play a part in this matter.

No one commissioner controls how money is spent.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I understand all of that, but when was this plan prepared and who authorized the drawing up of this plan? One must admit, it does look suspect. I seriously doubt Cascos or Saenz or Dominquez had anything to do with any of this. Lastly, if issuing bonds for an Olmito Community Center, then changing it to an animal shelter, and now to Cameron Park, why wasn't the bond issue originally issued for Cameron Park? Olmito has needs as well, no?

Anonymous said...

If only a handful of saps read Montoya's blog, why worry about poisoning the jury pool?

BobbyWC said...

I agree Olmito needs a community center - but only so much money was allotted - if they spend it all on land then how do they build the center? the land which the county originally identified as available has a Resaca which prevents the building of the center.

The original plans for Cameron Park were a lot larger, but this is just a proposal which county officials say can be done on the $500,000.

But on Olmito - where do they get the money? The county does not have the land. Yes someone in the county messed up when they ID land which is useless for construction.

But once it because known the county had no land in Cameron county which already had utilities available, what were they to do? Raise taxes for a more expensive community center. There is only a finite amount of money.

Olmito basically does have the sports park - it is a lot more accessible to Olmito than for almost all of Brownsville.

But I agree they should have a community center - but where does the money come from? the intended land is a Resaca so the county would first have to buy land with utilities access - once they do that then there is no money for construction.

But again, Ernie Hernandez does not decide this - he has the $500,000 - he needs to convince commissioners court his plan is a good plan. they can vote him down - but then where do we spent the money? I guess we can buy the land for a future Olmito Community center and someday in the future if commissioners court approves another bond issue, we can then build the Olmito Community Center on the land bought today.

It is not that I am dismissing your concerns - they are all important. You have extended the discussion in an important direction and I thank you for that. You are helping the people understand the issue and raising important questions.

As to Saenz and Cascos - I have seen enough evidence at this point to know they are behind the constant lies to protect themselves and poison the jury pool.

The evidence on count 7 as to Cascos being the force behind getting rid of David Garcia is overwhelming. Cascos fears the day Raul gets his Motion for New Trial or Ernie gets his trial - the evidence will show count 7 is 100% false and Cascos knows it.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

It only takes one or two saps on the jury to cause problems - but that is not the problem you fail to see. Saenz and Cascos believes Montoya's fabricated numbers about his readership. They think they are having a lot more of an impact they are having. they too are saps.

You also fail to understand Cascos and Saenz do not see their evil - so they are not making the connect which appears obvious to you.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So what you're saying is that when Ernie proposed the Olmito site, he was assuming that the land available was a viable piece of property? And what county officials are you referring to? So what you're implying is that Ernie wanted to build and expend half a million dollars on a piece of property that was unsuitable and somehow this was discovered after the bonds were issued? So there was no due diligence by anyone? Again, give me the date as to when the proposed Cameron Park plan was discussed and these renditions were approved by the Commission. If you're suggesting that is will be discussed at their meeting, who authorized and who paid for these plans?

Anonymous said...

OK...and you're assuming these saps read Montoya's blog. Well, they read yours as well and you can set them straight. By the way, based on information I'm getting, Saenz is supporting Joe Rivera.

Anonymous said...

After following all these threads and the trial, in the end, someone did take a test for someone else and from all appearances was instructed to by salazar. Regardless of all the smoke and mirrors, that is what happened. Nothing to do with Saenz, Dominguez, Cascos, Garcia or anyone else. I do agree that the closing arguments were either misleading or outright false, but it did not change the fact that the law was violated. No matter whether HR was going to be reorganized, garcia lost part of salary, ernie went to church, in the end, the jury made an appropriate decision, based on the evidence.

Anonymous said...

"Rosie Sheldon Solelo's name was on that list. It was all a hoax by Luis Saenz. He needed to get Cris Valadez to cooperate so he put out word he was about to have his mother in law indicted. It was all lies"

The only one saying Rosie was going to get indicted was you! You lunatic...so you are the one spreading lies. How many times did you write she was going to get indicted and that she was corrupt? only you because she advertised with Montoya....you crazy guyyyy!

BobbyWC said...

You are misconstruing my words which raises questions as to your motivation.

The commissioners rely on county officials to help them. A commissioner asks if land exists for a project. those in charge of such things answer the question. After the land was identified as suitable it was discovered there was a Resaca on the land.

I am not going to do a ton of open records request to get specific dates.

This is not complex but you seem to want to create a detraction from the real issue.

Ernie Hernandez benefits not one bit from his proposal. That is the story - but you want to turn it into a 1000 questions who
did what and when. That is not the story.

The story is - this proposal benefits Ernie Hernandez not one bit so why publish the story other than to cause further damage to his reputation before his trial? Any fool can see that.

The county has people on staff who draw up proposed plans to be used by the commissioners in their proposals to the commission. The plan posted here can be created by any first year college student who has taken a CAD course. High school students can create such a plan as I posted.

The commissioners need to rely on their staff and the county employees to do their job. I do not dispute someone messed up with Olmitio but the commissioners need to be able to rely on staff.

But that is not my story and your attempt to distract from the story that Montoya's post was all bullshit, only raises the question - why do you feel a need to distract from the story? Answer because the story does not serve your agenda.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

And by the way Bobby...just so You know...the one that was spreading the salary schedules on David Garcia was Raul Salazar...ask him. Ask Ernie if he ever talked to RMA Commissioners about David Garcia.

BobbyWC said...

Oh poor Cris you hate you have been outed. Nowhere did I ever say Rosie was corrupt. I raised the question as to both Rosie and Eric that they needed to address the problems which happened under their watch - that is it - nothing else - but Cris we know you are unemployed come January and you will lie and seek to destroy everyone in your path because of your impending unemployment.

As to Saenz supporting Rivera where is the shocker in that? - Democrat supporting Democrat over Republican - I'm shocked over such a revelation. The reality is Cascos has told many people Saenz has promised to get his machine to vote for Cascos and Cascos believes him -

On the Raul Salazar case the only direct testimony that Raul was behind the test taking - which I agree was incredibly stupid - was Robert Cadriel - the rest was testimony like " I believe so" It was proven in court that Robert Cadriel said the exact opposite in his written statement.

This is part of the Motion for New Trial. Salazar's attorney could not call the investigator as a witness because he served no subpoenas and forced Gus Garza to take the investigator off the witness list. Had the investigator testified he would have had to explain why his investigation report was in direct conflict with Robert Cadriel's testimony.

Robert Cadriel lied about his drowning incident. This will be shown in the Motion for New Trial.

Yes a crime was committed. Yes someone needs to get punished. Yes the jury got it right based on the evidence presented at trial.

But the Motion for New trial will reopen the entire trial. Justice Hinojosa was pretty clear he wants to hear this.

If the evidence comes out that Robert Cadriel lied out of fear of Saenz moving to have his probation revoked then what? Do we let the verdict stand?

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I have not said Carlos Cascos was the only one pushing to end David Garcia's job at the RMA. Several Commissioners expressed anger over the waste of money being spent on double dipping.

But you would have my readers believe that Raul Salzar fed Montoya all of the information for the endless stories against David Garcia - you make a fool of yourself.

Everyone knows it is Cris Valadez feeding Montoya not Raul Salazar.

But I do not doubt several commissioners express concern with the RMA over the wages being paid to David Garcia - but the evidence will show Carlos Cascos lead the battle - and for the record I do not have a problem with this - my problem is indicting Ernie Hernandez for doing something all the commissioners wanted done and when in fact it was Cascos taking the lead on the issue

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, you have opined several times that Cascos and Valadez were behind the Garcia exodus from the RMA. Now you say you do not doubt several commissioners expressed concerns about the wages being paid, but Cascos lead the battle. Well, if in fact that is true, why did Ernie place the evaluation of Garcia on the agenda and not Cascos? Did Cascos some how maneuver Ernie into doing this? The RMA is a board consisting of independent individuals, all appointed by members of the commission, with the chair by the Governor. So your implying that somehow Cascos and now other court members somehow pressured the majority of the RMA members to do this? BWC, you really do not have all the facts. You are being fed piecemeal inaccurate information.

BobbyWC said...

The problem is you are seeing the David Garcia issue as some nefarious conspiracy against David Garcia. It was straight up and down the commissioners being fiscally responsible. That is why the charge against Ernie is 100% bogus. The matter was lead by Cascos not for bad reasons, but for budgetary reasons. he lead the charge because he is the county judge and the commissioners agreed David Garcia was double dipping and it was not a wise use of taxpayers money.

Saenz desperate to indict Ernie turned it into something it never was - Ernie conspiring against David Garcia - every commissioner including Cascos will testify there is no basis to count 7 - all the commissioners headed by the County Judge wanting to act in a fiscally responsible manner is the entire story.

the problem with Cascos is he knows this to be true but is now working with Saenz, and the question is why.

And I know enough until the Hernandez family gets on a plane to Washington and forces a meeting with the Chief DOJ IG, what is happening with the local FBI and DOJ as part of it will continue.

All of this is separate from Ernie's innocence or guilt. If the tape Saenz is not releasing clearly shows Ernie is coercing this guy to reopen an 8 Liner then Blaylock needs to know this so that maybe they can negotiate a plea on the one count and be done with it.

That tape will tell the truth. So why is Saenz not releasing it?

IN Dallas discovery in criminal cases is open - you just go to the ADA and they give you everything - but as a formality you also do a discovery hearing so that if it turns out they withheld something then you have a record that they lied.

But in Dallas Ernie's attorney would already have everything, but with Saenz you have to fight for every square inch.


Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

This is very confusing. I thought that Casco and Valdez feeding information to someone was bad, but now you say it was the fiscal responsible thing to do. I am lost!

Anonymous said...

Again, I think you're missing it. The RMA's budget is independent of the County's budget, so to suggest that the County Commission acts were budgetary, is misleading, unless, they were also concerned with the RMA's budget. I agree, this is not about Garcia. I also agree that Ernie could not have retaliated against Garcia because he has no control over the RMA board members as a whole. Lastly, regardless of who forwarded financial information to Montoya, it is all public information.

BobbyWC said...

Using the blogs to get a county employee fired such as Cascos and Valadez tried to do with me, or to have someone removed from a position such as the RMA is always bad.

Professionals do things by the book and the blogs are not by the book.

Taking away that income from David Garcia was fiscally responsible - but using the blogs to justify your actions is not - but that is how they are going to tie it to Cascos - the decision was good - but what all of Montoya's posts prove is it was Cascos pushing the issue - well that along with a lot of emails.

bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

On the first part - I understand what you are saying - sometimes I have it in my head and forget I need to spell it out -

but thanks for spelling it out for my readers on who controls which budget - again this is when the BV works best.

On feeding Montoya - I have had enough conversations with Cris to know he is feeding the information - I rejected most of what he tried to feed me.

Remember when offered the $200 to help get that county employee fired I rejected the money and their request.

So I know Cris feeds the information.

This is not a professional manner for a county judge to run his office.

But on clarifying the budget issue - I and my readers appreciate it - I should have been more clear - thanks for doing what I should have done. These type posts make the BV better.

On Montoya being fed the information - reasonable minds will just have to differ - I get your point - but I also know Cris feeds him a ton of stuff

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I don't believe for one minute that anyone would use you or attempt to, to get anyone fired, nor do I believe that Garcia was removed because of information provided to the blogs. I just don't see how anyone used the blogs. I know the stories were written, much like you write stories all the time to attempt to advise or influence. I don't understand how Cascos or Ernie or any other commission member influenced a majority of the RMA board members to do the fiscally responsible thing and how the blogs were used to accomplish this.

BobbyWC said...

On use of the blog to influence getting people fired - you are missing the point - I agree with you the blogs had nothing to do with it - but Cascos believes Montoya's lies about his readership.

This issue is not did the blogs influence the process - it did not - but Cascos used Cris Valadez to use the blogs for that purpose - or at least to justify their decision - which everyone seems to agree was the correct decision - so why has Ernie Hernandez been indicted for it.

I cannot force you to believe me Cris called me and offered to pay for a very expensive fishing trip so I could then report the story and get a county employee fired, but I reported it immediately after getting the phone call.

Again, I agree the blogs had no influence on the RMA - but that is meaningless - it is what Cascos believes - which motivates him. Cris tried to convince me he had 10,000 listening to his radio show - anyone can inflate their numbers to dupe idiots

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I don't know why any justification would be needed if it was the correct and fiscally right thing to do. If you're saying the blogs did not influence any decisioin, then why would anyone use the blogs for that reason or to justify anything? I don't know what a fishing trip would have to do with the firing of a county employee, maybe there's more to this story than what is being told, I don't know. I don't know why Ernie got indicted or what all the charges are, but Ernie has a long history of questionable conduct, all the way back to his city commission days, but that is not pertinent today. I believe bloggers give themselves way too much importance and credit for things that do or do not happen. I truly wish that bloggers would be held to the same standards as mainstream media. Who knows, if they were, you may have been allowed into a press conference.

BobbyWC said...

Now I know you are not serious - the president uses the premade rules to keep reporters out who will not print what he wants - he gets away with it because the White House has a process of application and reporters who get in are based on that process versus just randomly barring someone from a press conference.

You say we take too much credit - but yet I am telling you the blogs had no impact so you clearly are not interested in what I am saying.

Cris Valadez and Carlos Cascos wanted to fire a county employee who runs a fishing excursion in the bay when according to Cris he should be working. They were going to pay for everything and then I was to take pictures and then they were going to fire him for working at his private business while he should have been working for the county.

I reported the phone call to a judge within a day or two after the call came from Cris - I refused the offer.

Had I accepted, Cascos would have used my pictures to justify firing the employee. I do not find this professional but Cascos does. IN this case my reporting could have cost this man his job. But like I said to Cris the nature of the man's job did not seem to have set hours so it seemed to me it did not matter if he was running fishing trips in the middle of the day.

But the BV is the only blog which has consistently told the truth about influence. Our numbers are too small. My influence comes in the form of certain elected officials using my information to act certain ways.

The COB used all of the BV's reporting to deny the Escobedo brothers a contract. In fact city officials used some of my information along with theirs during meetings with the FBI.

And not that facts matter to you, but the BV unlike the Herald has no sacred cows. Further it was not the BV's reporting which is at the center of Villalobos appeal - it is the Herald's and their reporters trashing of Villalobos attorneys.

So please do not speak about professionalism - the local news media has none - zilch.

It was the BV used every day during the Villalobos trial by the DOJ, and Villalobos attorneys to help guide them the next day - both sides thanked me every day for my work and objectivity.

Your sense of professionalism in journalism is bizarre- no paper reports the name of every source but blogs are unprofessional because we do not report our source. How do you know the Herald is telling the truth?

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

No one has asked, who provided the floor plan of this community center in cameron park to you? Were you told that this floor plan is over 8 years old, long before Ernie went into office? Were you told that the original plan was to enter into an agreement with the Boys & Girls Club of Brownsville, but the B&GC basically went defunct? Were you told that the original plan did not call for an office for a commissioner? Why would Dominguez care whether or not this is built? Why would Cascos care? If I recall, Cascos was the commissioner when the existing community center was built in Cameron Park.

Anonymous said...

You say bloggers don't have an impact, yet your saying that the COB used your blog to prevent a contract being issued, well if thats not having an impact, I don't know what is. "It was the BV used every day during the Villalobos trial by the DOJ, and Villalobos attorneys to help guide them the next day"....if thats not having an impact, I don't know what is. Bobby, you state you called a judge to report what had happened? When you reported Valadez's & Cascos's offer for a fishing excursion and its' purpose, the judge's response was???

BobbyWC said...

Your comment is 100% distraction because you do not like the real story and question.

Ernie Hernandez was attacked for wanting to build an office he will never use - any idiot can see the story was bogus. the story lacked the fact what in fact what was going to be built - rather than focus on the story you want to district to issues other than the story.

The primary beneficiary will be the children - never mentioned in the story.

I am aware the plans are old - it is meaningless to the story - the claim was it was only an office for Ernie that was a lie - hence the story- who cares if the plans were donated by a now deceased person 8 years ago - what matters is the story was a lie

and then the question becomes why lie?

that is the story but you prefer the distractions.

The plans could have been prepared a billion years ago and it does not change the story and not that facts matter to you I did mention it related back to Melissa Zamora's efforts for a boys and girls club.

God you people love to avoid the issue when it does not fit your corrupt agenda

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby I can clearly see that this person is the same person replying over and over.. and I can clearly see that it's one of the Dominguez supporters like Alex Begum