Saturday, March 22, 2014


Yesterday was a day of phone calls and emails and a few meetings.  To a person the support was overwhelming.  People are  fed up with the  trash who is Montoya and the garbage or cowardly candidates who pay him. 

Until now everyone I knew who knew Oscar were standing with him, but after yesterday along with some additional information I shared with them which will come out in due time, they had it.  None of his friends can understand what is happening.  One person said to me, "how can I know this man for over 20 years and not have known he can be this way." 

Oscar's campaign is dead.  He could have won on the Independent vote. But when you associate with trash you become trash.  What Oscar and Ruben fail to understand is Alex  Begum is running the show - and if he orders Montoya to destroy Oscar and Ruben so he gets what he wants, then Oscar and Ruben are to be tossed under the bus.

In both cases, I gave them a chance to do the right thing.  Both said no.

Again, thanks for all of the wonderful support for my decision to do the Oscar X. Garcia post.  This morning I have meetings on the issue with community leaders.  There is another issue which when it comes out will explode - Oscar X. Garcia will be lucky if he gets 25% of the vote.

To my readers - your emails, phone calls, and just stopping me at HEB make all of the difference.

On Monday a formal request for the DOJ to come in and investigate numerous acts of fraud in the primary election including the illegal voting by Montoya will be left with the FBI locally and pdf and emailed to the main offices in San Antonio and Houston.  The complaint is done and I have the written statements I need which prove numbers were being changed left and right- boxed were reappearing out of nowhere.  As one observer said - it was the worse and most mismanaged count he has ever seen.


Anonymous said...

I am a newcomer to your blog (I have been reading it since Christmas) and I love it....thanks for educating and/or reaffirming my convictions.

Anonymous said...

what are you talking about Oscar Garcia? If you have something say it, otherwise you sound like a little girl with her feelings hurt!! I doubt you will print this.

Anonymous said...

It is apparent that Oscar Garcia is being blackmailed by Juan Montoya. Why else would a stand up guy bow down to a low life type of guy like Juan Montoya. Think about it. Juan Montoya blackmails people by threatening to trashing them on his blog with lies and smearing their name in this community unless they pay him money for an ad on his blog on a monthly basis. Can anyone please do something about the blackmailing scheme that Juan Montoya is using to support his drinking habits. My Goodness Juan Montoya has been arrested for DWI, that tells you he has an issue with alcohol. Juan laughs at the court system because he just keeps getting slapped on the wrist each time he gets arrested for DWI. According to Juan Montoya it pays to blackmail Judges, Lawyers, County Officials, City Officials, and pretty much anyone who is dumb enough to fall for his schemes. Sure hope someone is Smart and Brave enough to do something about Juan Montoya the Thug of Blogs!

BobbyWC said...

First a correction - on his last set of DWI's he did do some jail time. But now he has Saenz to protect him.

I am compiling a list of judges and lawyers and ADA's all tied to Saenz who are very open about their pot use. If fact Saenz did his best to hire one of these dopers but he refused because Saenz refused to fire Gus Garza.

I also reported to Saenz office where I think the pot is being grown, but nothing. My next step if the feds. My source has told me about the green houses filled with pot. The home owner brags about her relationship with a particular judge.

I am certain Montoya knows all of this but rather than report it, he uses it as a weapon.

Villalobos gave Cris Valadez the 302 FBI interviews - Valadez then gave them to Montoya thinking he would publish them. Montoya did not - he used them for money. In the case of David Gonzales there was no ad or discussion of his campaign, but David was paying Montoya a fortune anyway - for what? Silence - his lies against Zarate only came out when I announced I had access to the 302's. the same with Pena - Montoya all of a sudden forgot all of the things he said about Pena once the money started to flow. Pena is so afraid of Montoya he will not take credit for the indictment of Margarita Ozuna which ended the politiquera problem. This is huge and something the community would care about deeply - but it contradicts the lies of Mary Helen Flores and CAVA so Ruben like a castrated bull says nothing.

People are beyond shocked over Oscar X. Garcia paying Montoya - I tell them it has to be for not being bad mouth and not because he has something on Oscar

Oscar was given maybe two months to deal with this issue - he simply chose not to.

Finally I have been told at least one of Montoya's victims has spoken.

As to Cris Valadez telling me about the extortion con by Montoya the feds know I will take a lie detector in a new York second - we all know Cris will not

One more thing, I laughed about Montoya's post concerning his feigned concern for Rigo Moreno - sources very close to Rigo have told me he lives in absolute fear of Montoya and Valadez - it is sad a man who is now running a successful business has to live in fear of these two.

Bobby WC