Sunday, March 2, 2014


There is a first book you need to read - "The Last Templar". Both are historical fiction. Both include a lot of very important history about the history and origin of the Bible. I do not believe there is a Biblical Scholar on the planet, who graduated a real university, who believes the Bible was dictated by God.

 The historical evidence shows much of the Old Testament is plagiarized from Sumerian text.   As to the New Testament the historical evidence shows Emperor Constantine called together all of the so called Christian leaders in his empire and told them to find common ground and to create unified gospels.  We know that what today are known as the gnostic gospels were rejected at the council and in fact ordered destroyed. 

The gnostic gospel of Judas paints a more rational explanation of who Judas was.  Joshua, aka Jesus,  trusted him the most and told him to betray him.  Without the betrayal there is no resurrection and no Christianity as we know it.  This is why the gnostic gospel of Judas is so feared by the church,  It tells us Joshua trusted Judas more over all his other disciples - or so at least the church believes.  The gnostic gospel of Mary places Mary as an equal to all the other disciples.  This is not acceptable to the male central church of the time so the gospel was rejected.  Over time more and more of these codices are being discovered - some written while Joshua was still alive and other written immediately after his passing.

This book is about how the Templars used these historical truths to their advantage to gain power.  This is the fiction part. Whether they every had access to the destroyed or banished codices and gospels we do not know.  It is a great tale which spins fiction with history.

I truly enjoyed this book.

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