Tuesday, March 4, 2014


What I write while in court is different than what I am willing to write now - I think as Internet reporters we must establish standards which maintain the dignity of the court when we are in the court - it is that simple.

I do not want to invade Ms. Solis' privacy too much, but since it was an issue in today's continuance I will discuss some of her health issues.  When she was detained in FTW she was undergoing treatment for cancer.  It was clear in court today that she is dealing with cancer - beyond that I will say nothing else.

The issue is not whether or not she expects to be confined, the issue is whether or not it will be in a federal prison or at home.  Her attorney asked for and received a continuance to secure her medical records so the court can consider them during sentencing.

This is not a high crime - I never buy the argument someone is old so the sentence should be less.  But in this case the court hopefully will consider how sentencing will impact her cancer treatment.  This is not a question of mere confinement, the wrong decision could lead to failed treatment.

But here is the deal - where will she get the better treatment?  In a federal prison or locally while confined to home.  The DOJ needs to show her cancer treatment in federal prison will insure the same quality of care - if they cannot I do believe home confinement is were the court will go on this one.

But there is also the issue of stress - it is not my concern if a federal prisoner feels stress because they are in jail - but if that stress  can impact Ms. Solis' successful treatment, then that is something the court should consider.

It could be another 30 days before the next hearing.

I saw Judge Tagle as a very studious judge while dealing with the other two sentencing hearings.  In the second she had an extraordinary command of the defendant's criminal history and facts of the case.  It was really quite impressive.  Judge Tagle showed a desire for a great deal of detail to justify her ruling.  This is how you prevent mistakes.

I am sure that once Ms. Solis' sentencing comes Judge Tagle will consider the cancer issue and where she can receive the best care and how confinement will impact her ability to respond to the care.

I would just caution Ms. Solis to have her attorney find out about the quality of care she will receive in federal prison.  I could be better than what she is getting now and in the end her life is more important than where she serves her confinement.  If federal prison means a better quality of care, then that is where she should go.

Based on what her attorney said the Presentence Investigation Report is fine except she maintains she never told the investigators that she worked for Constable Abelardo Gomez.  This will have no impact on sentencing.

This woman is fight for her life - she just needs to give up all of the names to insure home confinement.  Ms. Solis - no one is worth your life.

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