Thursday, March 13, 2014


Raul Salazar has now officially hired two attorneys who have no business practicing law. At the trial it was like his attorney was completely asleep and Raul Salazar was without counsel. Today, his new attorney had to admit without argument that he by his actions mislead the court as to the deadline to hear the Motion for New Trial. The deadline was March 4, 2014. This means as a matter of law the Motion for New Trial was overruled and the court lost all jurisdiction to act.

Justice Hinojosa always loyal to the law stood his ground against the machinations of Raul Salazar's attorney and repeatedly stated he had lost all jurisdiction in the case and could do nothing.  To understand this, Justice Hinojosa did not deny the Motion for New Trial - it was denied by operation of law.  Justice Hinojosa had no authority to rule one way or the other.

There is an appeal to get the Motion for New Trial reinstated.  The Appeal is being filed.  Raul Salazar's attorney who cannot take a hint [same thing at the first hearing] asks Justice Hinojosa to at least preserve the  testimony while the witnesses were there, and again Justice Hinojosa had to explain to Raul Salazar's attorney he had no jurisdiction to do anything.

Having now been told this twice, Salazar's attorney makes a third attempt to get Justice Hinojosa to issue a ruling on the witnesses - he wanted the witnesses ordered to return once the matter comes back on appeal .  [This is assuming it does]  For the third time Justice Hinojosa tries to explain to Salazar's attorney he has no jurisdiction to act on anything.

It blows my mind any of these attorneys are allowed to practice law.


This incredible and almost mind-numbing malpractice just made Saenz win against Ernie Hernandez a lot easier.  This is what happens when for 30 plus years lawyers practice law by winging it.  No one knows the rules and sloppiness rules.  DA Saenz win today was clean and well deserved based on the malpractice of Raul Salazar's attorney.  It may be time for a habeas based on ineffective assistance of counsel.  This would require a court appointed lawyer.  Both of Raul Salazar's lawyers have shown extreme malpractice and ineffective assistance of counsel.

But to the credit of our system, Justice Hinojosa held to the law and refused to act when he knew he had no jurisdiction.


Anonymous said...

You are such a wimp Bobby. Why don't you mention the attorney's name on your post? Is it because you still need to give them information on Ernie Hernandez. Be a man and be neutral not a kiss ass. Dude grow some.

His attorneys did this his attorneys didn't do that. Which attorneys?

BobbyWC said...

You know Zeke you are pathetic - I give 100% credit to Saenz and blast Salazar's attorneys again and to you this means I am protecting Hernandez - do you really believe my readers are that stupid.

I am a witness to nothing - what information could I possibly have to pass on to his attorneys. I can assure you had I been working with his attorneys, which I was not, I would not have miscalculated the 75 days. In fact I would have put the burden of the calculation on the judge while asking for a Motion for New Trial before the election.

I have nothing to do with Raul's attorneys, and given the fact I have done nothing but blast them what makes you think they would even talk to me?

I have three spellings for his new lead attorney. That is why I did not use his name - I truly do not know for sure his name it could be Warner = Warden or Waner I truly do not know

But the idea that I as a non witness is needed to feed them information is just bizarre - I am a witness to nothing.

But where you truly make yourself pathetic is how even though I do a post putting Saenz in the positive light and blasting Salazar's attorneys in your mind my post is the help Ernie Hernandez

bizarre Zeke just beyond bizarre

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Can you say Larry Warner from Harlingen as attorney of record