Monday, March 17, 2014


Two campaigns have now reported that their election night workers watching the count of the ballots are claiming the ballots were tampered with.  Again, I will not report the story beyond this until affidavits are signed.  If a judge were to believe the claims he/she would have the authority to void the election based on an inability to  determine the true winner of any given individual race.

Every candidate out there needs to ask their watchers if they saw anything unusual.  I know how accusations go - they tend to go once the person is asked to put them in writing in affidavit form.

I will say this for sure - if I get the 4 affidavits from 4 different campaigns they are going directly to the FBI and SOS, Chris Davis and Luis Saenz will learn of the complaints from the FBI.

For now I am  assuming possible sour apples - today is the deadline for the campaigns to produce 4 affidavits from 4 different campaigns before I am willing to do my part and call in the FBI and Secretary of State.

And because we know Montoya will just lie and claim the Hernandez family is behind this, they are not.  I was specifically told they did not have anyone watching the count of election night ballots - which means their watcher - or non-watcher is not a witness to anything.

To all candidates - you need to pay attention - if an election contest is filed on this issue - every candidate who wants a second chance needs to join in the election contest.  This will also save everyone a lot of money.  I cannot find any research on the issue, but from a due process point of view I do not see how a judge voids an election against any candidate unless that candidate had an opportunity to participate in the election contest.  This means, 6 candidates may  get a new election on compromised ballots while the rest do not because they did not join in on the election contest.


Anonymous said...

"today is the deadline for the campaigns to produce 4 affidavits from 4 different campaigns before I am willing to do my part and call in the FBI and Secretary of State."

Why do they have to provide you with the affidavits? Are you the appointee connected to federal and state officials on matters of elections for the community?

BobbyWC said...

So how about this give me your name and address and i will send them to you. but then of course the candidates came to me for help. now i have set out rules. i want affifavits. people need to know if they lie they can be charged with perjury
plus an affidavit is ctedible evidence. if these people are coming to me for help who then would you expect to put this together. nothing is pteventing you from calling all the campaigns putting together a complaint and filing it. go for it. but when people ask me for help i set the rules. you are always free to do it yourself. but i can assure you Saenz knows i know how tp get an investigation open. there are deadlines. villalobos family did not like my rules so they stopped sending me info. there right. hopefully they will find someone tp play by there rules.

So have it dude. Call all of the campaigns and file the complaint. it will save me the work


Anonymous said...

If they are not smart to contact the federal and state officials on their own, they have no business being in elected political offices. It does not take an intelligent person much to learn where and how to file a complaints on elections. Like you always tell your reader, they can google it.

BobbyWC said...

You either do not want me to do this or you have no knowledge of the system. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are unfamiliar with the system.

Yes, you are correct - the campaigns can google the address for the FBI. But then what? - can you explain to my readers the "officer of the day" and how they work?

Can you explain to my readers how to put together a credible affidavit? Highly trained lawyers lose cases over the inability to put together a competent affidavit.

You think the FBI takes serious every written complaint they receive? They do not.

You have to be precise and know the magical words as they say.

Further, until I interview these people and insure they are not confused about the rules and are not just assuming wrongdoing when there was none - I will do nothing. This is in part why I have not mentioned the specific allegation.

The poll watchers could actually just be confused and have misunderstood what was happening.

It takes an experienced interviewer to get through this process.

I have had numerous people come to me with criminal complaints against Saenz. I have worked on only one- people make a lot of false assumptions and you need to know how to get through them.

This is how you put together a precise and well written criminal complaint. The feds needs to know there is no confusion in the allegation before they will take an interest.

I know enough to know people get confused. I also know from experience community groups are good at putting together misleading and bogus affidavits which no one will take serious.

If I file them none of this will be a problem.

But like I said witnesses tend to disappear the second you say affidavit. I am being told I may know something by tomorrow. The clock is ticking - I gave the candidates the statute and told them to calculate the deadline themselves.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The phrase is "sour grapes", not sour apples.

BobbyWC said...

Now the world is a better place - to be honest I never really learned many of these phrases - my mother raised us and English was he second language. Phrases are the last thing you learn.

Daddy died when I was five - I was in high school when I started to learn a lot of he words we used in our home were Spanish and not English - she could not pronounce sheet without offending people so we called it a sabana, for example.

Only in college did I start to learn these phrases - so yes it is true I am not good at a lot of these phrases - but I can confuse the hell out of my grand nephew when I speak British English with his girl friend. Terms like "ring off" so confuse him. A lot of the books I read are by British authors so I have come to learn a lot of their different English

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

No disrespect intended, tell your readers what other candidates do in other parts of the country when they need to file a complaint regarding their elections? I am sure that complaints are filed with the federal and state officials and the system often respond to the complaints of those individuals. I am sure that you are very intelligent and have lots of experience but you are not the only one in the world. A good teacher in any specific area will facilitate and guide their students in the process and not do the work for them. If they are not capable of following your instructions, they have no business being elected and serving our community. Be the teacher and help your community make progress.

BobbyWC said...

Again the campaigns are free to do what ever they want - but when you want my help you play by my rules.

But here is an example - the insurance company which is suppose to cover broken pipes in my home last night assured me that if I emailed the invoice today they would reimburse me - after 30 minutes of run around and being told they would not pay it I said - then we go to court.

Within 5 minutes I had the name and phone number of their general counsel. I spoke with an administrative assistant and a check has been issued.

Why can I get this information so fast - 20+ years experience. You go with experience not wing it - winging it is how Cameron county attorneys practice law - it does not work

bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Where have I said I am the only one who can do this? You are just making this up. We live in a free country. Anyone can ask anyone for help.

I have won election contests - I know the ins and outs. If you think I can explain to people how to conduct interviews to sort out confusion - you know nothing about teaching or interviewing - - it takes experience.

Also I know the election code inside and out -= the candidates do not - should I also take hours walking them through the election code - or just spent 15 minutes of my time analyzing the issue and decide if there is a problem.

You just do not want me to do this - just admit it

And you will note I still have not said there is a real problem - that I cannot do until I interview he witnesses and insure what they think they saw is actually illegal.

And given the fact in an email Chris Davis told me he did not know if voting from a fraudulent address is a crime - which it is - should I trust him to know the rules as the Elections Administrator.

I did not force anyone to contact me - they did because they know I have won election contests and successfully put the evidence before the AG which got Margarita Ozuna indicted.

So what you are saying - candidates who seek out people who know the system are not qualified for office - under your standard no one is qualified for office.

The candidates are not expected to know every part of the election code and how the system works.

Bobby WC

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

As you always advise your reader, read what is written. Nobody said that the candidates need to know every part of the election code and understand how the system works. What was stated was that the candidates need to be able to follow your instructions or recommendations and not expect for you to do all the work. If they are not able to do that, they do not have any business in being elected and serving the community. However, a good candidate (nothing to do with qualification for office) would be well versed to know the election codes and know how the system works before seeking political office. I am sure that you would appreciate such individuals with such knowledge in the election process. As per Chris Davis, I am sure that he is learning after all it was you that stated that he is very capable of performing his duties in a very upmost professional manner. Again, any assistance that you can provide Chris will only increase his knowledge and expertise in his job. By the way, thank you for printing my comments.

BobbyWC said...

I always enjoy a good conversation - the biggest issue foe me is I want to make sure there is a problem before reputations are hurt - this is why the affidavit is important and the so called witness be vetted - two years ago CAVA promised to release all of its affidavits and never did.

CAVA and others made bold face lies against people - for example a bailiff voting twice- I take these accusations seriously which is why I have imposed rules to insure the claims are real and not just a misunderstanding - misunderstandings happen and you do no ruin someone's reputation on a misunderstanding

I've been through this too many times in Dallas and her with community groups just throwing out garbage which they can never prove - so my view is I will make sure the witness is credible and a problem has occurred before I am willing to help.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Awesome response Bobby that's why I love reading your blog you reply to your readers and try to explain to them everything you can:)