Monday, March 3, 2014

If you can wait until after the Sonia Solis sentencing before you vote, you might learn something which influences how you vote.

A little side note - this email and post from Chris Davis proves he can take a hit from the BV and still be a professional by putting the people first - namely doing everything possible to make sure the people know where to vote.  DA Luis Saenz and Art McDonald could learn a lesson about professionalism from Chris Davis.  And you know what, I am not one to judge someone by one act - Chris has brought the Cameron County Elections Office into the world of modern technology - and I am certain so long as the people who need to be there at 7 p.m. there about he will release the results of early voting.  But remember Chris cannot force people who need to be there before he releases the numbers - to be on time.


Anonymous said...

You really are something Bobby..I must say.

Not only do you throw Chris Davis under the bus by revealing that he gave you the heads up on Alex Dominguez and Mary Ester Garcia...then you proceed to post a story about it....but it does not stop also turn Dominguez and Mary Ester Garcia in for election violations him in to the State.

You said nothing when you got the information...but you used it to smear these people.....then you condemn Chris Davis as unethical for giving you the information. You said that you were blown away by his actions.

Is this not the same theory of guilt by association that you tag on the candidates that advertise with Montoya?

And then you write a nice note to Chris about being professional and Luis Saenz and others should learn a thing or two about being able to take your tirades and be OK with it......crazy!

BobbyWC said...

One I never said Chris gave me the information - also I never said the information was related to Mary Ester Garcia - so you have your facts wrong.

I have always said I print the good the bad and the ugly.

You are just mad that Chris showed himself to be a professional in a manner Saenz never would

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"I am also sending the emails involving Chris Davis to show his unethical conduct in leaking to me the fact Alex Dominguez was in violation of the Texas Ethics Rules." (Feb. 28th)

You stated that Chris displayed unethical conduct in one of your previous posting. However, you are now saying that Chris is all about professionalism. To act in a professional manner requires for the individual to be truthful, blameless and have good judgment on all issues surrounding him. Using technology does not make him be a professional if he acted in an unethical manner according to your previous posting.

BobbyWC said...

You really hate the fact he is not petty like Saenz - my issue was unlike Saenz he did not retaliate because I posted something negative - I said that is evidence of professionalism - which it is.

You live in a world I would rather be dead in - I do not expect perfection from anyone - everyone is entitled to bad judgment every so often.

My issue with the post is my concern Chris has become compromised - and to be frank with you I suspect he is happy it is out there so now he can get back to doing his job

With the one mistake I know of - his office has been very pro active in working to get information to the people.

Like I said I report the good the bad and the ugly - you seem to want me to only report that which makes you happy -

Sorry dude - the BV is the good the bad and the ugly - and when you do something right I will report it - I praised Saenz on his 8 Liner work - I've gone after him for his bad work

Good, bad ugly has always been the BV

Bobby WC