Friday, March 14, 2014


Sources are telling the BV at least one candidate, but maybe 2 are asking for a recount.  But in the close races this is to be expected.  The bigger story is several witnesses at the count on election night are alleging the type irregularities which could result in a judge ordering a brand new election for everyone.  It seems the ballots may have been compromised.

I am not stating specifics because I am telling you my readers the same thing I told them - show me your sworn affidavit which I can take to the FBI and then I will publish your claims.  But it has also come to my attention at least one candidate is looking at hiring an election contest attorney if enough witnesses are willing to sign the same affidavit alleging the same problem with compromised ballots.

My prediction is - the recounts will change nothing and the witnesses will sign nothing.  Witnesses tend to be funny that way.  They have a lot to say until they have to say it in a court of law and then they disappear into the woodwork.

We shall see what comes of the recounts.  But in the end I expect nothing will change.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you are wrong. :-)