Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Life Beyond The Floor: Mike “Brolylegs” Begum Pens Autobiography

From competitive gamer to wordsmith, Michael “Brolylegs” Begum tells his story.
After years in competitive gaming, being an inspiration within a niche group. Brolylegs lays out to the world, his life story. Hit the jump to learn more.

Michael Begum has been a fixture in the Fighting Game Community for a number of years. He gained notoriety for playing Street Fighter 4 at an extremely high level despite his challenges. But there is more to the man than just gaming.
His biography, My Life Beyond the Floor explores how the challenges he faces every day have shaped his life and affected him as a person. The book is available on as a kindle e-book for under ten dollars and should be a captivating read for fighting game players and non gamers alike.


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Anonymous said...

Booby thank you for sharing my son's story. As it turns out most of the world is talking about it all over the world. My son came to live with me shortly after the death of his father Mike Begum Jr. Mike Jr was a great help with him in building his mobile wheelchair And provided him with lifts and Ramps and customized showers. In March 2009 Yolanda Begum and Andrea Begum asked him to leave that home. He came back from his long day in class at UTB and was told at the door to call his mother in Houston. I rushed there the next day and took over his care. I called in meetings with staff at UTB, called providers to help me feed and shower him. After a month I called the media to tell them I think they might need to see just how amazing of a gamer he was. Fox News came in and as they say the rest is history. My son's book talks about not just his struggles but mainly to never give up. I taught him that. If your stable then your able. Today I say buy his book not just to help him have a better way of life but to see him as the man he has become today. I am his proud mom who will never stop fighting for him or anyone who needs my help.

Anonymous said...

Michael is a well know young man in Brownsville. Those that know him are proud of what this young man has been able to accomplish in life. I am sure that those that know him will also wish him the best in his accomplishment in life. However, it is sad that his family cannot put aside there differences and use this wonderful opportunity to air them instead of focusing on this wonderful young man.

BobbyWC said...

I have not read the book, but I am told he discusses what Yolanda Begum did to him after his dad died.

You are the journey you take in life. The good the bad and the ugly. I have all three in my life and regret none because all three have given me wisdom.

By people knowing about what he went through after his dad died, and he was still able to accomplish so much makes his story even more compelling.

I have confirmed on April 1, 2014, the COB will be issuing a proclamation in his name.

It is important that all of the Different Needs - not special needs, children in Brownsville know there are no limits so long as you focus on what you can do instead of what you cannot do. That is what makes him different. he did not say - oh my dad died - I went through all of this hardship - I'm disabled - blah blah blah.

He walked up to the challenge and won and every Different Needs child needs to learn to walk up to the challenge so they too can be accomplished.

But he is who he is in part because of his hardships - that hardship includes what happen with his step grandmother Yolanda Begum. He made it in spite of her.

He made it because of who he is based on his life experiences - and if you think he got this far without Josefina Fisher Canales who Yolanda has called every name in the book, you are wrong. But in the end he owns his own success.

Yolanda Begum never could have done what Josefina did for her son.

As I type this my roommate remembers seeing him roll himself around campus when he was taking courses at TSC. Not a wheel chair but a table

Bobby WC