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PERSONAL NOTE: The hypothalamus regulates many things, including the clock in your head. I've gone from hoping for 4-6 hours of sleep a night to now sleeping 9 hours and still needing 4 hour naps.  It is not going to get better.  I maybe on most days have 3-4 good hours when I can get things done.  I have people helping me with the house.  The amount of time I spend on the BV may go down - as you can see my posts are getting later and later - and my writing is going down hill fast - yesterday had Judge Tagle's staff not called at 9:45 a.m. I have no idea when I would have woken up.  Today I am only awake because my back pain woke me up.  So be patient - I just may have to change how I do the BV.  There may be more days off.


The book is selling well.  The money is to be used to construct a home for Michael which is modern and voice activated.  He will never be able to live by himself, but he will be able to be more active and self reliant in a home which is voice activated for many things.


I always say cubbyholes are for extra underwear and tissues not children.  This is an original quote of mine and I own the copyright.  Teachers love to cubbyhole children which in the end limits the child's ability to learn.  Temple Grandin's parents were told to put her in an institution because she would never amount to anything.  She is now a full professor at  the University of Colorado, and world renown expert in Animal Science and Autism. 

Students complain about how expensive books are.  This book is under $10.00 it will teach the future teachers that the limitations they as teachers impose on children are only in their mind as the teacher.  Their decision as teachers to cubbyhole children based on perceived disabilities which are really only differences, deny children their opportunity to meet their full potential.

This book should be mandatory reading by all future teachers.  In fact Carl Montoya should make it mandatory reading by all BISD teachers - it might put and end to all the TEA and Due Process complaints if the teachers could just learn there is more to the children than how they have cubbyholed them.

Michael Begum III did not buy into this nonsense - and even after being told to get out of his home by Yolanda Begum after her stepson Michael Begum II died, Michael Begum III moved forward and is still thriving.

You know when you fight for a child with different needs in a custody battle you do not get to dump them on the street when you not longer need them for your greedy agenda.

Below is an excerpt from Michael  Begum III's book.  Click picture to Enlarge


Anonymous said...

it's amazing how people can send a different message of there way of being. I mean like Yolanda Begum who knocks on are doors asking us for are support to vote for her and you see her with this amazing respect and kindness.with out you knowing that lady standing there it's evil from inside out. I admire Michael for being a amazing boy and strong and for accomplishing everything he has done by him self God bless you always and I hope you get your dream home :)

Anonymous said...

I am very happy for the accomplishments of this young man and wish him the best in his future endeavors. I did not vote for Yolanda Begum and most likely will not vote for her in the run-off election. Personally, in my opinion she was not the best qualified person for the position.
As a mother of four children, the well being of my children are the most important thing in my life. In his book, Michael stated "Asking my brother Anthony to take care of me wasn't fair to him at that age." Not knowing what is in the rest of the book, the question that I have is where was his mother? Why did the young man have to worry about who was going to take care of him if he had a mother who should have been my his side taking care of him. Again, I do not know the circumstances but I do know that all mothers have the obligations to take care of our children.

BobbyWC said...

I said in my post there was a custody battle and he ended up with the father. Based on his statements I am assuming he was 20 at the time. Once he was told to get out he mother went for him. There was no longer a custody issue. He has lived in Houston with the mother ever since.

Although I am not sure I think he stayed in Brownsville for a bit because he was in classes and the mother took care of him until he finished his classes. But the issue is - the mother did not have custody. He grew up living with the father - according to his statements he was asked to move out by Yolanda after his father died. There was no issue - he went to be with his mother.

It could be living with his brother meant he could stay in Brownsville instead of moving.

But there mother has cared for him since he was thrown out

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

@3:18pm I strongly agree with you on certain points and respect your opinion on saying all mothers should take of our children your right. me as a mother my self I think we shouldn't judge others we don't really know what happened in this situation. Remember it's not only us the mother's that should be there for are children or to have all the responsibility there fathers out there that like to be fathers and will help out on that roll. Look at Michael's father he built his chair for him. If there mothers out there that for some reason other there not with there children doesn't mean there the worst mothers ever. She came bk to rescue her son when he needed her that's what mother do always be ready when your children need always be there to support them all the way. My sincerely opinion!!

Unknown said...

For the lady who asked were was her mother? Well let's just say that a deal was made in the back of old dead now "Judge" Darrel Hester. There was a contribution made to him and my children were separated. If you have money in Brownsville like the Begum's do they can pay off any judge or DA. I was just prosecuted in open court for calling Yolanda Begum a Fake. " I won my case making the DA's office looking like idiots. I was related to Yolanda and Mr. Begum Sr. He was a kind man who divorced her in 1996 and then she came back with her tail between her legs and moved the old man on his death bed. New will appears and my child Mike Begum III is writing off and she get $80,000.00 dollars. and Mike Begum Jr is dead. I went to the police department and my complaint goes unnoticed. That DA is in prison now. Yolanda Begum and Alex Begum file a complaint against me and it goes to DA Luis Saenz and I get charged with a criminal complaint. These two Begum's will go to any length to get what they want. And what they want is money and power. I am Mike Begum III's mother and if you buy the book you can find out just how much his mother has done and has always fought for my boys.Yolanda had no business coming to his home to ask him to leave. I was there the very next day. Say what you like about me but until you walk in my shoes you have no right to question this mother. I have fought a fight others would runaway from. So I as god to forgive your ignorance. And may you buy his book and pray that you will have someone like me on your side at every turn.

Anonymous said...

Amen sister!!!

Anonymous said...

Heard that Yolanda Begum is just like Cata Presas-Garcia, except Begum has money and a son for as her attorney. That my friends makes Yolanda Begum very dangerous. Now she wants to be a JP. Good Luck Brownsville!

Anonymous said...

Mary S Rey said,
Do not let any commentator's opinion bother you. No one, but you and your children know the circumstances. We as a society are almost always eager to judge others without giving them the benefit of the doubt. I also learned (the hard way) that here in Cameron County, power and money rules over the law. Many citizens' Constitutional Rights are constantly being violated by unscrupulous people in charge of dispensing justice. The sad part is that hardly anyone is willing to take them on for fear of retaliation.I applaud you!
We must continue to speak out.
Best regards,
M S Rey

Unknown said...

Thank you M S Rey from the bottom of my heart. Its been a long hard road, but my courage to stand up to the people that unjust-ed me came from my son's story. He taught me to never give up and not to be bullied especially,from the ones that think they are above the law. God Bless you and hope you buy my son's book My Life Beyond The Floor. It truly is a great story of a true champion.

Anonymous said...

Bobby have you tried a talk to text app?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, this is Mike Begum III. I want to thank you for all the support you have shown to me and my family. My mother is an amazing woman with a caring heart.