Friday, March 7, 2014


Being an outsider makes you an easy target for those who are driven to keep the institutionalized corruption going on in Brownsville and Cameron County.  Since Ms Tercero's arrival her efforts have been under mind by Juliet Garcia and Tony Martinez.  Her time here began with a united Board, but issues have developed on how best to proceed. 

The bottom feeders such as the Atkinson family are driven to keep Brownsville and Cameron county in their image and likeness as bottom feeders.  I'm very careful about my research.  My personal one on one experience with Berta Peña has been nothing but good. She always has put the child of the families I am helping first. 

But now I have confirmed she is part of a group trying to instill Sylvia Atkinson as the president of TSC.  This will not happen without a major battle.

Since first starting the BV a major focus has been TSC and its failures.  Juliet Garcia ran the TSC side as a slot machine where students just kept on feeding the machine money in hopes of walking away wealthy.  Thousands would seek out training in the medical field without any knowledge that Juliet Garcia never intended for them to move on - they were there so she could raise money and saddle them with student loans they could never pay back.

My bias for community colleges has always been strong.  I have said repeatedly the university is not for everyone and the mandate of a high school curriculum which prepares everyone for the university must stop.  It is only leading to failure.

The election of Ed Rivera is a must if we are to protect Lily Tercero.  His opponent JJ Deleon is a plant by Berta Peña, and Sylvia Atkinson to play the same musical chairs at TSC which has been played at BISD.  Could you imagine Sorry Charlie Atkinson as theHead Athletic Director at TSC.
TSC needs stability which comes from a strong president who has proven she can face adversity.  Lily Tercero has faced down Juliet Garcia and Tony Martinez and so far is winning.  But now she is facing division on the Board, and a political machine determined to drive her out of TSC.
Have mistakes been made? - yes - but TSC is in the process of rebuilding itself from the ashes left behind by Juliet Garcia.
Under normal circumstances I would have been opposed to a recent vote, but given what she is facing I think the vote was correct.  Lily Tercero was recently given greater authority over all hiring and firing.  Given the fact most hiring and firing was probably still influenced by politics, this was a good move.
I rarely give to political campaigns, or publicly endorse a candidate - but the battle for TSC is too important - so as soon as I know where to send the money - my check is going to Ed Rivera.


Anonymous said...

I listen to your opinion, I want TSC to succeed for the benefit of our community.

Anonymous said...

You've officially been bought, Wightman. Did working for the Hernandezes teach you nothing?

Anonymous said...

" . . my check is going to Ed Rivera."

What is the difference between you and Alex Begum ("Alex Begum giving Saenz $6,000 in political donations")? A political donation is a political donation and nothing else.

BobbyWC said...

To respond i never worked for the Hernandez family. you seem to hate facts. my factual reporting proved the charges against josifina to be bogus.

On this story it is someone I trust. i am working for no one. i am votimg which is my right.

On the last comment lmfao
that defense is beyond stupid. ad judge hanen noted you cannot hide a bribe behind s political donation
what will i get for 50 dollars msybe a thank you card

BobbyWC said...

Sorry for the above typing I was at lunch. I hate typing on the cell phone.

Also Zeke is posting non-stop today - he is not happy about Josefina's win -

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Sylvia Atkinson is a throwback to the days when the BISD used TSC as a private bank and family employment agency. Surely we have grown past that! Why BISD board tolerates incompetence is hard to understand unless they have a hard time telling it when they see it for obvious reasons.

Someone needs to test the water for lead.

Anonymous said...

This is Little Sylvia's M.O. She will load the governing body with her buddies, so that she may get a favorable nod when the time is right for her to assume her new throne. Little Sylvia's Machiavellian power grabs are a thing of beauty, (if you are a fascist). I am disappointed that Rene Torres is not running but I assume he has his reasons. With that said, the only reason that we are not saying Brownsville ISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Sylvia Atkinson right now is because her brother in-law was re-elected to the BISD Board. I very seldom donate to political campaigns, but I agree with you BWC, I sending a check to Mr. Rivera.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on TSC. How sad that this JJ person is running just so his current boss, Pena, can have a foot in TSC just in case she is not crowned Superintendent of BISD. Its so obvious how this JJ wants to be there to give her more pull.

Come on ladies apply to the job like everyone else….don't plant your seeds over at TSC like you all have at BISD!! Pura familia…easy jobs…high pay…screw the rest.

Thanks for this story….I am sure we will see how the elections get with this JJ running.

Anonymous said...


BobbyWC said...

I agree we paid way too much for the Sports Park, but people love it and use it.

But then I am certain very few know the story behind the Sports Park

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Why don't you call and ask JJ De Leon about his reasons for running for the TSC board before rolling out this crazy conspiracy? You should know how several people from BISD were looking into running after a major diss by the college last month. Seemingly overnight Lily Tercero dropped over 300 BISD kids from their dual enrollment classes. When Berta and a group of principals went to see the President to find out why, she refused to see them. She sent Marty her assistant to dismiss the group. The rest is bad history and the basis for JJ DeLeon's run. Don't sand bag him because he's Berta's assistant or likes Sylvia. You should give him a chance to be heard. You might be impressed with what you hear.

BobbyWC said...

Everything I have on Ed Rivera I have because his group used y emails address to send me information. But JJ Deleon expects me to search him out. In your post you do not even post contact information.

It's evidence of laziness. You're post comes across as "please run our campaign for us."

He has all the same free advertising as ED and instead of taking advantage of this fact you complain - this is not how you run a campaign.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am interested in the truth and have little patience for innuendo. Anyone interested in the truth seeks it out, not just listening to one side and saying, "Well that sounds good, let's go with that." That is, they want to make an unbiased decision. An “informed voter” has to dig, poke, prod, and inquire any, and everywhere they can. Truth is not always readily apparent, it must be actively sought.

Truth: A lot of fine people work at BISD. Good people who are not part of some machination towards self advancement. They work in areas from administration to sanitation, and their careers are a testament to all that is implied by the word "service".

I have been a school secretary for the 7 years I have worked at BISD, and have learned from and worked alongside some of these very individuals. I have taken some of their inspiration and every day since have held the personal goal that whatever I do it be for betterment and enrichment of the educational experience for every one of the students on the campus which I serve. Whether being sure the best price is being paid for an order of toilet paper, or verifying that every ream of paper used and ink printed there upon is going towards an instructional goal. Everything I do or attempt should be toward that end. The most must be made of every resource at our disposal towards the advancement of these and every student. They are our future. From what I have so far heard and learned about Mr. De Leon, he is someone who shares that feeling.

From my own research into Mr. De Leon I find someone who has served at BISD from the campus level (the front lines of education) to the administrative (as administrative assistant to some very well regarded, STUDENT-centric administrators, whom might benefit the community further if they would just consider throwing their own hats in the ring here sometime). I’ve heard nothing in my questioning around the administration building that would give any credence to the suggestion of anything more than a professional working relationship with Dr. Atkinson or any other individual at BISD, quite certainly not BFF status.

In my opinion Mr. De Leon seems a better candidate for the position of school trustee than someone who has spent their career on the commercial end of chemical engineering. Not saying that is not a productive career. Just, why does someone want to leave something they are so good at, in order to do something else in which they have no experience in? Being a student of the district may give you experience in the life of a student, but offers little clue to the trials and efforts taking place on the other side of the lesson plan. You have to be in the trenches in order to experience the battle.

There also seems to be a long list of current board positions on Mr. Rivera's plate, each of them having goals, obligations, and responsibilities in and of themselves. How much time will Mr. Rivera have to focus on this new side dish? Who can faithfully serve so many positions and individual goals without some conflict of interest somewhere? Unless, of course, some of these other positions have their OWN back room agendas which they MIGHT be seeking to advance? How's that for a conspiracy theory?

Mr. De Leon has my support not because he is a fellow BISD employee or fellow administrative assistant, but because he pursued his passion working in education from the campus level up to the administrative. He seems motivated to use that knowledge to the advantage of those students who he has already spent a career in service of.

He sounds like just the kind of "fresh air" we need to blow out some of the "hot air" that has been lingering too long.