Tuesday, March 25, 2014

None of these individuals can deny they pay Montoya to mock mental illness and encourage him to use it as a weapon to discredit people.   These people to a person are shameful and have no use for humanity or its god created diversity.
Left to Right:  Judge Oscar X. Garcia, Alex Begum, Alex Dominguezx, County Judge Carlos Cascos, Mary Ester Garcia, and the queen of fakedom Yolanda Begum.
Each of these pathetic people could learn a lot from a group of juniors at Veterans' Memorial High School.  Every day the ignorance of these politicians send youth to their death with suicide because these scum prefer children to kill themselves than show even a semblance of responsibility and humanity when it comes to mental illness.  If you claim you have never suffered depression you are a liar.
"Vanessa Alvarado, Jessica Franco, Crista Luna and Priscilla Torres have become mental health activists, delivering a message to break down stereotypes and eliminate the stigmas associated with mental health disorders.
The four are members of the Health Occupations Students of America, or HOSA, at Veterans Memorial High School, where they’re juniors. They’ve been busy getting out the word about mental health at school, but now they’re ready to branch out into the larger community.
“We want to start the conversation and stop the stigmas,” Franco said. “We’re willing to do presentations. It all starts with education.”

See Herald

These above individuals will continue to pay Montoya to mock mental illness and make it something you should feel shame for, but real people, real people who believe in God will continue to fight these sad pathetic people and their paid mouth piece and continue to fight to put the issue of mental illness out there as something which is real and should never carry a stigma or weapon.

The sad part is, any competent psychiatrist would agree only people with major mental health problems would be party to Montoya and his efforts to use it as a weapon.  It is kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.

The ignorant such as the above individuals did everything possible to keep gays in the closet.  Many of those individuals were themselves gay and feared having to accept themselves.  The same can be said of mental illness - those who seek to use it as a weapon more likely than not suffer mental illness and mock it as a distraction from their own reality.  Other than mental illness how do you explain alcoholism.


Anonymous said...

". .those who seek to use it as a weapon more likely than not suffer mental illness and mock it as a distraction from their own reality."

You are so correct on your statement. After reading your article an individual cannot conclude otherwise on the reason for such statement.

Unknown said...

Yolanda Begum stepmother and Alex Begum step uncle of Mike Begum III have shown no sign of love or care for him. In fact they made sure his children did say goodbye. They buried him the very next day. Then Yolanda Begum ask both children of Josefina Canales Fisher to leave the only home suited for Mike's needs. They are pure evil and soon the world will know. Yolanda Begum wants to to believe she cares about Cameron Park but yet before running for office she never even pass by there in her Jaguar. These woman and her son are about money and power. I say off with their head. Stop the corrupt. And vote them out not in.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with previous post.
Yolanda is evil, illiterate, vindictive, and would be worthless as a jp.