Thursday, March 20, 2014


Oscar's supporters have repeatedly told me he is a good judge and he should be allowed to remain in office.  I have been asked to give him the benefit of the doubt over and over and over again.  His friends tell me either Montoya is blacking him or he simply fears Montoya's lies.

Here is my deal - if he fears what a blogger with maybe 250 readers has to say then he cannot be a fair and impartial judge.  If he is the object of blackmail then he is not fit to be a judge.

Everyone tells me the same thing - it is 100% out of character for Oscar X. Garcia to give someone like Montoya the time of day.  His friends have repeatedly told me they would speak with him.  I have no idea if anyone has spoken to him.  I have made two attempts - both have been rebuffed.

He knows what is happening at Montoya's blog.  He is helping to finance the vulgarities and extortion criminal enterprise.  There is already an FBI agent I know by name assigned to the Saenz, Begum, Montoya investigation related to Josefina Canales [Fisher]  I am asking that Oscar X. Garcia be interviewed to determine if he is simply acting out of fear or extortion.  The extortion claim is already known to the FBI.

No honorable judge would put their name to these comments as they appear below - but Oscar X. Garcia seems to think it is funny.  I can go on what his friends are telling me or with what I am seeing with my own eyes.  My  eyes tell the story of a desperate despicable man.  Even his friends tell me they are highly disappointed in his relationship with Montoya.

I gave Oscar two opportunities to deal with this problem.  He has rebuffed both.  But then his friends tell me he reads me daily and tells them I am the only trusted blogger in Brownsville.

Read the Following Canons of Judicial Conduct and then the following comments.  Would any judge who claims to have earned the title Honorable help finance these comments out of fear for his own future?  And if so, can such a judge be trusted.  I say no.  Your decision, not mine.

Canon 1: Upholding the Integrity and Independence of the Judiciary
 An independent and honorable judiciary is indispensable to justice in our society. A
judge should participate in establishing, maintaining and enforcing high standards of conduct,
and should personally observe those standards so that the integrity and independence of the
judiciary is preserved. The provisions of this Code are to be construed and applied to further
that objective.
Canon 2: Avoiding Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety in All of the

Judge’s Activities
C. A judge shall not knowingly hold membership in any organization that practices discrimination prohibited by law.
 [Yes Montoya is not an organization, but substantively it is the same.  Garcia is paying to finance these discriminatory and offensive comments.]

(7) A judge shall require lawyers in proceedings before the court to refrain from manifesting, by words or conduct, bias or prejudice based on race, sex, religion, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status against parties, witnesses, counsel or others. This requirement does not preclude legitimate advocacy when any of these factors is an issue in the proceeding
[Yes Montoya is not a courtroom, but substantively it is the same.  Garcia is paying to finance these discriminatory and offensive comments which go against the Canons of Judicial Conduct]
Canon 4: Conducting the Judge's Extra-Judicial Activities to Minimize the Risk of
Conflict with Judicial Obligations
A. Extra-Judicial Activities in General. A judge shall conduct all of the judge's extrajudicial
activities so that they do not:
(1) cast reasonable doubt on the judge's capacity to act impartially as a judge; or

[Does anyone who reads the below comments being financed by Oscar X. Garcia believe that he can act impartially?  No - this is a desperate man easily forced to go against his own character if it means power]
D. Financial Activities.
(1) A judge shall refrain from financial and business dealings that tend to reflect adversely
on the judge's impartiality

[Oscar cannot deny he is financing this discriminatory language - how does this language not reflect poorly on the judiciary?]

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February 27, 2014 at 7:11 AM

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Anonymous said...
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I hope that mother fucker dies! I will shit on his fucking grave and take a picture with him! He's a worthless unemployed motherfucker.
February 21, 2014 at 9:57 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

February 22, 2014 at 6:33 AM

When Oscar X Garcia is openly financing an extortion scheme the one thing he is not doing as a judge is fighting corruption everyday.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the all of those comments. FUCK YOUR POAST, YOU ARE A HOMO DRAMA QUEEN!!!! I was going to vote for Juan but now I am seriously considering changing my vote. Any politician that doesn't talk to your tubby ass is a winner in my book.

P.S. The Cornelio comment is GOLD!!!

BobbyWC said...

So now my readers know - the vulgar homophobes are with Oscar X. Garcia. I guess he does belong win the Republican Party

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

"No honorable judge would put their name to these comments as they appear below"

Can you file a complaint? If so, please do it and present the action of the Commission to your readers. It is very easy to accuse a person of wrong doing but not easy to bring punishment to the individual. You have presented your facts; therefore, it is up to you to take action. Bring results and the voters will do what is right.

BobbyWC said...

I will assume - which I think is a fair assumption - that you are totally unaware of the commission on judicial conduct. Their job is to protect judges. You probably do not know this but they gave Limas a slap on the hand for the same thing which landed him in prison.

Simple complaints can take 4 years. As a commission they are a complete joke. I only have so many hours a day where I can focus.

I have to set priorities. I am more interested in the complaint against David Gonzales - he paid Montoya to lie about Zarate - that is a clearer and easier complaint to make.

You have to pick your battles.

But here is the deal - you can read the comments - you can read the rules - is this who you want as a judge - because if you need a commission to tell you paying to support such language is undignified for a judge then the battle is already lost.

Further, over the course of a month I have Garcia 2 chances to distance himself - so I was fair to him. Plus I continue to publish his friends like him, but are also taken aback by his association with Montoya.

There comes a point wherein you need to form your own opinions and stop looking to others for an opinion. Does Garcia's willingness to help financially support the posting of these comments bring dignity to the judiciary? You should not need a commission to answer that question for you. Because if you do, then the battle was lost before it started

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Judge Cascos has lost my vote and respect. Myself, and my extended family will NOT be voting for this man who employs this homophobic scoundrel "Maclovio." I don't care what the hell he says he's done for the county, the fact that he lets this behavior happen proves to me that he condones it.

BobbyWC said...

Which is the point - but do not forget Cascos and Valadez offered to pay me money to help get a county employee fired. Saenz should indict both of them for their actions but Saenz and Cascos are best friends - Cascos tells everyone Saenz is backing him for County Judge

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're trying to slander Garcia. I've met him, he is honest and fair. Were any of the comments you posted from Garcia? If so, can you prove it? It sounds like you're making a story out of nothing and it sounds like you're extorting him. You're better than this BWC! Remember, 1 Corinthians 13:6-7, "Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."


BobbyWC said...

You're comment is completely without merit. It ignores what I said. I was clear his friends say he is a nice man- you conveniently leave that out of your comment - please tell my readers why you chose to leave out what I wrote.

Your claim that he pays someone money who he knows defames people, and who is homophobic and should be held accountable for same makes you sound incredibly biased and with your head in the sand.

Also you are clueless about your biblical quote. The truth is he is paying out of fear "but rejoices in the truth." by simply telling the truth "it always protects. .. perseveres" I gave him two chances to tell the truth - he refused.

He knows he is paying someone engaged in extortion and you want to give him a pass.

You remind me of the parents who gave the priests a pass who molested their children.

You make the bad what it is.

Had he simply had the courage to tell the truth he would be rejoicing in the truth and be protected - but he not me chose to keep quite instead of trusting in God to protect him.

Neither of you know a thing about biblical teachings.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I put his picture to the left for your pathetic attempt to apply the Bible to justify his vulgarities - have you no shame? he is paying to support this smut and you want to excuse him - have you no shame what so ever?

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

To the question of is Oscar responsible for comments made by third parties?

If he were sitting at a table in a public restaurant with his guests saying nigga this nigga that - wetback this wetback that people would expect him to get up and leave the table. His presence at the table indicates his acceptance of the conduct.

There is no difference here.

It is the same thing.

You do not remain seated at such a table, unless you are Oscar X. Garcia.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I feel there is something wrong when you flip flop just to get he a democrat or republican and don't tell me its the person you are voting for because it does matter when you are just maneuvering to get the most votes just before the election. It is disturbing when his spouse is the sup. in pi and the district's asst. sup. of finance is the campaign manager. Not to mention the district is running amok. She is too busy campaigning/strategizing for him. I bet there is a lot meetings going on during work about this very same blogs and issues. A little too cozy of a relationship if you ask me. It just lets itself open for misinterpretation. Is he really HONORABLE? Nonsense, he is just a man that puts on the pants just everyone else, one leg at time.

BobbyWC said...

If candidates could only understand this

"It just lets itself open for misinterpretation."

This is also bigger than people know. Oscar knows what is going on = but I think he has just said - "shit boink everyone." This is going to blow up in his face real fast.

When it does Montoya will tell him to go boink himself because Montoya goes with the big money - Garcia is just his drinking money

Bobby WC

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later you would know a whole lot more about Oscarito...Trust me!!

Anonymous said...

I been thinking about it for sometime, and decided that the moment he try to use his judicial bullshiit to attack you. All hell would brake looss

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky Booby. You can trash people all day long, much of it with out your "document driven" crap, and because of 1st amendment rights, you get away with it, much like many other bloggers. You are really no different. You don't get sued, much like the others because you're basically judgement proof. If you are aware that a crime has been committed, don't you have a legal, moral or ethical obligation to report that crime to the appropriate authorities? You can rack up self prepared affidavits, get them notarized by anyone, but in the end are worthless. A notarized statement just affirms that the person preparing the affidavit and signing it is that person. Legally, it's useless. I could sign an affidavit and get it notarized claiming you enjoy getting colonoscopies. It may be true, but the affidavit doesn't make it so.

BobbyWC said...

You know how I know you are full of BS - in today's post I made clear on Monday all of the evidence is going to he FBI and AG - so how in the hell in your mind is that not me reporting it.

As to the documents I did not prepare them - they were provided to me by witness. I am not so stupid as to put myself in a position as having to testify I told someone what to say in an affidavit.

If someone says boxes appeared with ballots which were thought to be empty that is pretty specific. If someone says a number was called out after a count and that that person changed the number without counting again that is pretty specific.

Both examples raise a question about whether or not the count was accurate - I know for a fact that the FBI is looking at this election - how do I know - I interviewed someone interviewed by the feds about this election. The decision to detain this person in the manner in which they were detained in my view is unconstitutional. I hope their lawyer has what it takes to go after the feds for what they do.

Now with this additional information the feds will have specific people they can interview and then decided if their claims are true.

You know why people talk to me - because I meet with people and average Joes - they trust me - which is why I now know what the December closed meeting was in the Villalobos trial and what was said by the witness.

I prepared the criminal complaint for Josefina Fisher Canales against Saenz and Begum and know the name of the agent assigned to the investigation - why? because I am trained in this. I do not function like a Cameron county lawyer who wings it and hopes for the best.

I deal in details.

So you claim I am not reporting is as all BS - you attack because you know I am effective.

If I was not effective you and your buddies would not be spending so much time on me.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

". . .know the name of the agent assigned to the investigation - why? because I am trained in this."

Interesting statement, would you care to elaborate to your readers about such training? It would certainly give you more credibility and put you in higher standards that any "Cameron county lawyer" who perhaps received their degree from such ranking schools as UT, Harvard, or Stanford.

BobbyWC said...

Well I cannot account for anyone else's training - but U of H is a good law school. Any competent lawyer should know how to write a criminal complaint using admissible verifiable evidence.

There is nothing magical.

Not every lawyer has the same experience = I have a lot with the FBI - I know how they work - so I was provided the name.

People talk to me because they know the difference between conclusory statements and BS distractions and real documents.

This is why I have won every case I have taken to the AG on open records.

I do not write moronic letters like Montoya - "ignore the documents he's crazy" Montoya and his supporters think that kind of nonsense actually works with highly trained professionals outside Cameron county.

It does not. Such letters only tend to prove the claims

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So is your reading audience expected to infer that you are reporting the crimes? Are you filing a police report? Submitting "evidence" is not reporting the crime. You do not deal in details. Nor are you document driven. Based on what you stated, you were provided with documents, which you have not determined their veracity, and you will submit to the FBI and AG's office. Well, FedEx could have done that. People trust you? You really think so? What happened with your complaint against Saenz & Cortez when they didn't allow you into a press conference? According to you, the hammer was going to quickly fall. Well, its been a month or so, & Thor's hammer has yet to be seen. With all the legal mumbo jumbo you pontificate, one would think you are the reincarnation of F Lee Bailey or Race Horse Haynes.

BobbyWC said...

My documents are authenticated. Also my readers know you are a liar because I have repeatedly said the FBI takes for ever. The police gave jurisdiction over Saenz and Cortez to the sheriff's department - we both know Lucio probably trashed the complaint - that is fine - there is a process.

I will follow that process. I have to prove to the feds Lucio refused to do his job.

The feds do not piece meal claims - they put them all together - it took them three years to investigate a prison guard and charge him with rape.

I have never ever said the FBI works fast - so you are a liar and my regular readers know that.

They know how many years they allowed Villalobos to continue his criminal conduct while doing nothing - why? - because they want the most they can get out of it and that takes time.

My case if they take it will be added to Josefina Fisher's case which is active and with a specific agent. But even that case I see 2 years because they are looking at something bigger.

What you are really doing is saying - post the documents so you know what is being given up - you have the IQ of a manipulative moron who has never succeeded at anything.

Months before Villalobos was indicted I reported his office had been served with subpoenas. I immediately reported the grand jury foreman who told me - I did not ask for the information and owed no loyalty to him.

The FBI did exactly what I knew they would do - they called me in and I verified the story. I reported on this.

I know how the system works. On Monday when I report on the details of a sealed hearing on the jury misconduct in the Villalobos trial I am certain the juror will be called in and asked who he did not tell? I then may be called in - and that is how the system works.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So you calling our District Attorney a Misogynist Enoch, Vindictive Dick, Scum, Worthless Piece of Human, that his grand daughters should stay away from him. You have called Alex Dominguez a criminal and a woman hater and anti catholic that defames women is OK? You have called Zeke Silva Luis Saenz Boy Toy and worthless piece of human an woman hater and other things I'm ashamed of repeating. What you are Bobby is a two face Drama Queen. A person that likes to dish it but can't take it when given back. In my book you are a coward that hides behind a computer trashing people all day that stand up for the defenseless. You are a Bully. A Cyber Bully because you are a chicken to tell people to their face. A Coward non the less.

Anonymous said...

So you calling our District Attorney a Misogynist Enoch, Vindictive Dick, Scum, Worthless Piece of Human, that his granddaughters should stay away from him. You have called Alex Dominguez a criminal and a woman hater and anti-Catholic that defames women is OK? You have called Zeke Silva Luis Saenz Boy Toy and worthless piece of human a woman hater and other things I'm ashamed of repeating. What you are Bobby is a two face Drama Queen. You are A person that likes to dish it but can't take it when given back. In my book you are a coward that hides behind a computer trashing people all day that stand up for the defenseless. You are a Bully. A Cyber Bully because you are a chicken to tell people to their face. You Bobby are A Coward none the less.

BobbyWC said...

Do idiots like you even think before you type - according to you I am the coward hiding behind the computer with my name all over everything I post - but you who posts as a anony are not hiding behind a computer - in the immortal words of Debra Barone "idiot."

How do you know I have never spoken to any of these people? Do you follow me around?

In the case of Oscar Garcia rebuffed ever request to sit down one on one - so who's fault is that. How do you have a face to face with someone who refuses to speak with you.

I can assure you he knew of this post in advance. It is called fairness. He could have met - given me his side and things may have been different. But Oscar said no - and there is more - but that will come out in October - he knew things which he decided he did not give a crap about. he was provided notice and opportunity to respond and said no not interested in talking

Bobby WC