Monday, March 31, 2014


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If you read the order it tracks exactly what the BV said would be its policy if it came into the transcript.. Villalobos appellate lawyer is to  redact all reference to the juror.  I am certain I have an ABA Journal journalist read to go on this story.  All I need is a redacted copy of the transcript and the issue will be discussed nationally.

This issue is the single most important issue in Villalobos appeal.  Many courts have granted new trials on this issue of juror misconduct. 

The only reason I support keeping the juror's name secret is to protect all jurors - even future jurors.  This juror has lost all right to privacy.  He has blabbed all over the place about his meeting with Judge Hanen - so nothing is secret any more.  Based on what I have learned the appellate issue for a new trial is strong.

If I cannot get my hands on a copy of this transcript - redacted of course of any reference to the juror,  I may just turn over the name and address of the juror to the ABA Journal and let then have at it with him.  His mouth is big and it seems to me he will talk a mile a minute if called by an ABA Journal journalist.

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