Sunday, March 23, 2014


Juan   8188
Gloria 8061 - this is a correction originally said 8081

Now comes the moment of truth, will Gloria cut and run or file the election contest.  If filed Juan Magallanes has nothing to do with the problem.  The claims relate to a lack of security over the ballots and boxes of ballots just showing up.

I will admit some of the complaints I received were without merit.  It is not that the person lied, they just did not know the law.  One example is, an elected official cannot be a poll watcher on election night, but can be a poll watcher at the recount.  Got me - what is the difference?  But that is what the law says.

They are both good candidates.  Gloria hurt her campaign by telling people she wanted to turn her court into an all Family Law court.  A lot of lawyers did not like the idea and pulled their support.

But I want to be clear about something, if an election contest is filed, it has nothing to do with conduct by Juan Magallanes.  No one is suggesting he or anyone in his campaign did anything wrong.  The problem is 100% with unsecure ballots, which could result in a court declaring that all of the compromised ballots make it impossible to declare a true winner.

I want to note both of these candidates have run clean and professional campaigns.  They both should be commended for their actions.

Eric Garza and Elvira Ortiz are also running very clean and professional campaigns.  Again - both should be commended.

But then none of these candidates have hired Montoya to trash their opponents with defamation or force candidates to by ads out of fear.

I will be standing with Magallanes unless an election contest  changes the race - as to Eric and Elvira I may just flip a coin.  I think Cameron County will do well under both candidates .  I hope they both continue to keep it clean.  Both are tainted through their association with Aurora, but the past is the past and it is time to move on.  They both have the experience to run the office of District Clerk.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, if you can't even "report" the recount totals correctly, how on earth can you be trusted to report any of the allegations properly, either?

Anonymous said...

There was no election fraud you idiot, sour grapes on the part of the losers. Stop going after Cris Davis just because he did not go after you nemesis Juan Montoya.

BobbyWC said...

First of all Chris Davis was never asked to go after Juan Montoya. Second Chris has no authority to go after anyone.

Third what Chris did was claim he did not know if it is illegal to vote from a fraudulent address - this is quite shocking. This is what got JP Medrano indicted, convicted and removed from office in Dallas. He had his niece and others register in the district where he was running even though they did not live there. Under your scenario it is okay for Chris Davis to not know that it would be illegal for someone running for city commission to recruit their entire family to fraudulently register in the district.

Finally, there does not have to be fraud if boxes of ballots are left behind. One clerk is prepared to tell the FBI she has no idea how many were left behind. According to you this is acceptable.

Another will tell the FBI ballots were left in a machine but then told Chris about the ballots being left behind and they were retrieved.

How many times did these things happen that no one caught? How many ballots were compromised because of these mistakes.

Others will testify they did not seal the ballot bags as required by law.

According to you all of this is acceptable and evidence of competence.

Unlike CAVA I demand fair and competent elections. CAVA got what she wanted except the one candidate she was working for as a poll watcher who lost, and is now silent as all of these poll watchers are coming forward.

Where is CAVA? - no where to be found.

But I am certain there will be no election contest. Candidates are not about principle - Both election recounts were their right, but no one expected a change - once ballots go missing because they were left behind, or removed from an unsealed ballot bag, they will not reappear in a recount.

And what you fail to mention in your moronic post is I went out of my way to say not once - but twice - Juan Magallanes is not involved in any of this. He is clean.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Chris Davis does have the authority to go after someone. It's called filing a complaint and a police report. And I don't mean compiling evidence and Fed exing it. No one will talk to the FBI or anyone else because nothing happened. They may report to you so you can talk about it for days and say oh this will take a long time because it takes the FBI along time to process. You are right, there will be no election contest, even a cave man can figure that out.

BobbyWC said...

If Chris Davis can give it to the police - what prevents me from giving it to the police - that is my point - Chris Davis is not needed for the complaint - he is just a messenger of passing it on to the person I could have given it to in the first place.

I know for a fact that the FBI is on this because I interviewed a man who was pulled over under false pretenses and interrogated over the election.

The Feds and AG listened when it came to Margarita Ozuna and Sonia Solis. But in your mind neither of these people were charged and found guilty.

Yes a cave man can figure out no election contest will be filed - and why? - because candidates care about power and not the community and Gloria will not file it unless her Austin attorney will guarantees the result.

It does not matter to Gloria that we have three elections coming up and we need the community to know the ballots were compromised.

Only through an election contest can it be exposed and the people be educated - even if she loses the contest. But Gloria is upset and will not put the people first over her hurt ego.

She lost because attorneys rebelled over her desire to turn the 357th into a family law court. Had she not angered the attorneys on this issue she would have won.

I guess as to nothing happening all of the signed documents leaked to me are fabricated. Chris Davis lost the confidence of his staff in this election and they want the truth to come out - and it is coming out which is how I have the documents.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So Post March 24, 2014 at 8:30 AM
is Chris Davis, don't you think? Just follow the IP address.

BobbyWC said...

I do not pay to follow a readers IP address - a real threat will get your IP address traced - but not moronic nonsense

Chris Davis became very compromised when Montoya and company found out Chris put out word Alex Dominguez was in violation of the TEC rules - to avoid being trashed by Montoya and CAVA he worked with them.

I am not saying anyone intentionally compromised the ballot bags - I am saying incredible incompetence allowed for the ballot bags to be compromised.

Bobby WC

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I posted the recount numbers exactly as they were text to me by someone tied to Gloria's campaign. If they are wrong - why not do us a favor and tell us the correct numbers. Or maybe the numbers changed after Gloria left.

In the end she still lost.

But I have every reason to trust someone tied to Gloria's campaign - they would have no reason to lie and say she lost.

As to Chris Davis he has gone from answering my open records requests the same day to now making me wait 10 days - professionals call that vindictive and unprofessional - his actions with me are exactly as being described to me by people who challenged his conduct during the count and recount - he immediately takes it personal and becomes unprofessional.

He is way too thin skin for this job.

But given the fact I have witnesses who will testify that during Minerva's recount counters would call out one number and then immediately change the number - nothing at this point will shock me.

Do you forget how the numbers changed by the minute in Wood/Cascos recount - this seems par for the course for an Elections office incapable of competence regardless of who is in charge

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I met Juan at a dinner party and he told many of us there that he was running his campaign with his own money.
He said, "he didn't need anyone to help him finance the camp because he has made a lot of money as an attorney".
This did seem a bit cocky after all, I've never met him before.
I did receive several political phone calls, they were a pain to get them in the middle of dinner.
Neither of the candidates really talked about what makes them the best Judge for the 357th.

I did have a chance to see Gloria in action fighting for her client in family court, she was very pushy and loud. The sitting judge had to tell her to back off several times, but this woman has a very loud mouth...
I wonder if any candidate that runs for an office knows what it takes to operate the office they intend to seek and know how to be an effective leader?

BobbyWC said...

I am not discounting what you are saying - I stopped years before I stopped practicing doing family law cases. there are two type lawyers in family law cases - those who encourage their clients to go to war so they can make money and those who push mediation and peace. I was the latter - I grew so tired of the clients who would say I want him castrated. I would return their money and send them on their way.

Attorneys make money billing.

Show me a lawyer who is not cocky and I will prove to you they are not a lawyer. We go to court arguing with confidence that we are right - we are driven to impress our clients.

The key is a judge who holds everyone in check.

People can say a lot of things about federal judges Tagle and Hanen but they run a tight courtroom in terms of attorneys getting overly emotional.

I remember I would always just sit and wait for opposing counsel to finish their tirade. the good judges would then tell me to speak - the attorneys would go back into their tirades. the good judges always protected me because I would not take the bait. I would sit and wait for things to calm down.

I tended to irritate a lot of lawyers - as the former administrative judge use to say "you use the rules as a weapon because you know them better than most." One judge use to say "you know the rule before it is even written and it makes people mad." But I never heard this form the good judges.

The good judges knew I could be reasoned with even when I had a solid win. They knew if they as the judge could get opposing counsel to compromise I would go along. the bad judges just got angry because I pushed the law until they were willing to force compromise.

Bobby WC