Friday, March 7, 2014


UPDATE:  Valley Central has the full story at 6 p.m.

I am uploading documents and checking on something and will have the complete story.  But the bottom line is, representing herself pro se the judge threw out the criminal charges filed by Saenz.  To remind my readers another judge threw out the civil lawsuit filed against her by Yolanda Begum.

I will post three documents and then further explain them- but a malicious prosecution is certainly next in the works.  You can click on each to enlarge.

DA Saenz having no choice but to admit that calling someone a fake is not obscene tried to have the claims amended.  The first order shows the judge denied Saenz's request.  On file with the court was an affidavit filed in the Houston lawsuit wherein Ms. Fisher is suing Begum and several unknown anony's for defamation posted to Montoya and Barton's blogs.  To date the court has refused to dismiss that lawsuit.  But in the affidavit was the evidence of the $6,000 Begum paid to Saenz as a "donation to his campaign" even though he does not have a criminal practice.  The judge read everything.

The judge also dismissed the original charges, but that order needs to be amended.  Ed Cyganiewcz on January 6, 2014, at 4:35 p.m. filed the original motion to dismiss after Josefina Fisher raised her anger over his neglect.  He also filed a proposed order.  It is incoherent as you can see when you read it.  The State did not file the Motion to Dismiss - it was Josefina Fisher who filed the motion to dismiss.

Malicious prosecution lawsuits are nearly impossible to prove.  But in this case given the absurdity of the charge - calling someone a fake being obscene, and Alex Begum giving Saenz $6,000 in political donations - I think the lawsuit will be a slam-dunk.  In fact I think Josefina Fisher's lawsuit in Houston should just amend the lawsuit now to include malicious prosecution.

Jonathan Gracia is going to be able to use all of this reality to take Yolanda Begum down.  This was an incredible abuse of our legal system.  Valley Central is on the story. 


I was in the parking lot of my doctor when I got the text from Josefina about her win.  I said to a stranger Saenz just got his but kicked.  She was happy.  But then she told me how she needed $70.00 for a medication for her mother.  I told Josefina about the woman and she just handed me the $70.00 for the medication.  I was meeting her for copies of the orders.  I am not giving it directly to the woman - the deal is I pay for it directly and get a copy of the receipt.  With all of the terrible things said about Josefina, I thought people should know this one.  I am on my way to the pharmacy to pay for the medicine.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy to help. I was there no way to help my son. And some amazing. People have. Come up big. Giving from the heart is a blessing. Booby you are so awesome for caring. About this community. As a mother I will always fight for my children.. And Yolanda Begum is a bully and her son Alex is vindictive. To think they were family turn my stomach.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of Josefina Fisher for standing her ground and for defending her Freedom of Speech......It's people like Josefina that stood up and defended our Freedom of Speech and that gives us hope that the Begums are NOT above the Law and proves once again that Money cannot buy them Justice. Kudos to Josefina Fisher!!!!!!

BobbyWC said...

And all the faux defenders of speech will say nothing in her defense - Namely McHale, Montoya, and Barton - if the judge allows the lawsuit to move forward in Houston it is my understanding that Barton and Montoya will be going through all day depositions - the state and feds are fed up with the cyberbullying and more and more people are winning.

Google's policy is so long as the judge finds the statements are false the blogger is banned for life.

It is not always about money - it is about shutting down the cyber-bullies who lies about believing in freedom of speech - what they believe in is freedom to bully and defame - why? they are born cowards.

Bobby WC

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So happy for Ms.Fisher---si se puede!!!!!!!!

Let me get this straight: Our county is in the gutter with so much corruption from the people that are supposed to uphold the law---BISD-the college-the city-the county-the port-state elected officials-etc.YOU GET THE PICTURE!!!!!!

And the DA is pursuing weak cases against women(Josefina and a commissioner from Harlingen)? WHAT GIVES????????????????

Have a blessed day Mr.Bobby. :D

Unknown said...

Thank you for your kind words. Bullying is not just in the school's. People like Alex and Yolanda Begum will get what is coming to them. I will never let a bully beat me down.