Sunday, March 9, 2014


I suspect some of the people communicating with me are his family members and some could be FBI.  As to the sources accurately providing me information as to his current location I think they are his family.  I do not see the FBI providing me that sort of information.

There is a lot of reversible error in his case.  His lawyers were ineffective when they failed to seek Judge Hanen's recusal over his relationship with Tony Martinez.  Remember the standard is not actual wrongdoing, it is appearance.  We have no way of knowing how Judge Hanen was influenced by the business Tony Martinez was giving his wife at the same time Judge Hanen was reviewing evidence which could have implicated Trey Martinez in the mess.

His attorneys were also ineffective by not introducing the DOJ/FBI statements to a Washington DC judge that the claims against Villalobos and Limas were fanciful and without merit.  This could have gone a long way with the jury.  Actually - to be fair - those words may have been the judges based on the DOJ/FBI's claims that the allegations were without merit.  Who said it does not matter - the DOJ/FBI argued in Washington that the claims were without merit.

Villalobos has a lot of family trying to help him - but he is not authorizing anyone to release documents.  There is a double battle here - that of Villalobos and the one I care about - integrity within our legal system.  The latter is not an option.  It's dead and I accept that.

Unless Villalobos can raise $250,000 for some of the best media consultants in the country the truth will not be told.  Further, I do not think Villalobos wants the truth told.  My recommendation to his family is - let him serve out his sentence in peace and leave him be. 

I know enough to know that when the real decision makers decide an issue it is done - Judge Hanen will not overrule them. 


I have never lost an open records request until now.  It is not that there is a ruling I can appeal - AG Abbott has simply decided to not even acknowledge the request for enforcement.

I requested a lot of information from the City of Brownsville concerning emails, texts and other things related to Diane Dillard - Judge Hanen's wife.
"Please produce all emails, text messages, and any written communications from Diane Dillard related to real estate matters for the city of Brownsville since May 2011."
I won the first Open Records Request concerning this issue.  It is the second [above] which has gone dead.
For the new readers Diane Dillard was doing real estate work for the city as hired by Tony Martinez and not the city or commission.  This was all the while Judge Hanen was reviewing evidence which could have implicated Trey Martinez, Tony Martinez's son.

I have the email from the city acknowledging receipt of the second open records request.  Twice now I have asked AG Abbott's office to seek an enforcement action against the city for refusing to respond to the request or file a timely objection.  The city has done neither.  I have made my request in writing to AG Abbott twice.  His office will not even acknowledge the requests were made.

I have done this so many times over the last 20+ years.  The AG always sends out a letter to the governmental entity to give them one last chance before an enforcement action is taken and then all of a sudden I am able to settle with the governmental agency.  The pattern has been the same each time.  This time after months of waiting, nothing from AG Abbott's office - and nothing is coming

This time, notwithstanding 2 written requests for an enforcement action with accompanying documents, AG Abbott's office will not even acknowledge receipt of my requests.  They know nothing about the requests- so they allege. 


AG Greg Abbott, US Attorney Robert Pitman [in charge of Villalobos case] and Judge Hanen -

AG Abbott has shut down the investigation into Diane Dillard's relationship with Tony Martinez because it does not serve US Attorney Robert Pitman or Judge Hanen.  This is how the system works.  My primary interest was to learn if Diane Dillard warned Tony Martinez about his conflict of interest with Abraham Galonsky - Casa de Nylon purchase.

The conviction of Villalobos is smoke and mirrors to make it seem like our system works when in fact it is hopelessly corrupt.

I want to be clear - I am certain Judge Hanen knows nothing about AG Abbott's conduct.   But if Judge Hanen wants to put justice first, he would recuse himself now from any further proceedings, but first on his own initiative set for hearing Fraud on the Court by the DOJ related to  the false claims the Bureau of Prisons was ready to receive Villalobos.

Short of the above, the truth will never come out.  Again, I want to be clear, the problem with Judge Hanen is appearance and not actual wrongdoing.  Based on the sentencing hearing I think he thinks the issue with Tony Martinez is whether or not he Judge Hanen could be influenced - no it is not - it is simply straight up and down appearance - even with the assumption Judge Hanen could never be influenced by the unethical conduct of Tony Martinez.


For me to spend the money to file my own enforcement action against the city is not going to happen.  I know enough to know that the Texas Supreme Court will order the  documents not released.  That deal is already done - so what is the point?

But I learned a long time ago, these battles belong to the community.  Our community is too busy not paying attention to care.  There is no law firm in Cameron county willing to step up to the plate and represent the people - so Brownsville gets what it wants - nothing.

My final retirement is soon.  I can spend my money fighting battles which can only be fought if I am willing to blow my entire retirement on a media consultant, or I can wait for Buster to pass - maybe 2 more years, and then retire to the country.  I have actually found a really nice community in another state with 5 acre lots and a large true liberal community - bookstores - avant-garde movie theaters, restaurants from all over the world,  and a cost of living not much more than Brownsville.

The US gave up on itself a long time ago.  It is time to accept that reality. 


Anonymous said...

Tony Martinez was elected because voters assumed being a rich man, Martinez was not hungry for money. Nothing but the exact opposite has been proven. He is cutting deals all over the place at the expense of the taxpayers for his benefit. Everyone, including the commission, is tired of his dictatorship style rule over the city. I suggest you copy them and the city attorney on your records request emails. That's what I did and it worked.

BobbyWC said...

That's exactly what I did and that is when Allison Bastion copied me back confirming receipt of the request and then nothing. So I did 2 requests for enforcement three months apart and the AG's office will not even acknowledge receipt of the requests.

BObby WC

Anonymous said...

Please tell us where we can find a true liberal community not much more expensive than Brownsville. I ready to go there.

Anonymous said...

Please tell us where this community is located. Sounds too good to be true. Hope it is not.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are now wise to our community and can now go away to discover other conspiracies in other places. In the end you will be just another carpet bagger who came down to share your saving grace with us, roiled the water, pronounced us ignorant or undeserving and went away leaving us the worse for your presence. What "you kind of people" (recognize the phrase?) never seem to figure it out is that we have to do it ourselves and we will. I expect by now you understand that it has been a long process for those of us trying to make it better and there are many of us, and that it will continue to be a long process but it will one day be put right. Sure, I wish it was all done today but that isn't how it works down here. We have seen the "make it happen now" approach fail before. We may have even been part of those failures but it is a fool who does not learn from his mistakes. A truth in all this is that what you don't know about the community would fill volumes.
As to "The US gave up on itself a long time ago. It is time to accept that reality." Shame on you! You sound like all those ubber-patriots on the right that seem to have so little faith in the country and don't seem to like it very much. We have always been a country of extremes --- our claims have always been that we are the biggest, best, fastest, smartest, most inventive, most just, you name it we claim it. These claims have not always been true but if we didn't believe it we aspired to make it true. We tend to be extreme in our social-political actions as well.
History then, would lead one to believe we have been slowly and gradually swinging away from the perceived extremes of the 60's and 70's and got a little bi-polar in the process. As we did from McCarthyism, we will eventually reach a middle ground. I think I see evidence of that happening now.
Go from this community and sin no more.

BobbyWC said...

Im not going to announce where I intend my final retirement. for the record places cheaper than Brownsville are a dime a dozen
people outside Memphis but in Mo live very nicely on a lot less money than it costs to live in Brownsville. All over the south it is cheaper than brownsville. the key is you must be willing to drive 10 miles to get to the city. The drug cartels artificially raised the price of land in Cameron and Hidalgo counties. They would pay 20 thousand an acre for land worth 3-5 thousand. they would then pay the land owner monthly at a rate which did not need to be reported by the banks. now a developer buys the land from the cartel at an inflated rate thereby causing the cost of ne construction to go up.

You need to look for land in purple states outside cities with universities. 5 thousand an acre is about the going rate. constructiom is about 100 dollars a square foot.

Brownsville will never move forward. THE travel in Mexico is lost. The gulf is fished out and polluted. Every benefit is lost. in the end i may stay. but for now i expect to buy the lot as an investment. if i stay i am certain i can sell it for a profit

Anonymous said...

Is judge Hanen aware that there was no place for Armando and what can he do about it now?

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea what Judge Hanen knows or does not know - we are not in the habit of talking - but have I not been clear - his attorney has to file a FRCP 60 Motion of Fraud on the Court - it is that simple.

If Judge Hanen grants the Motion there will be an immediate federal investigation into the conduct of the local AUSA. It will be done by Washington and US Attorney Pitman will not be allowed to protect his local boys

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I was confused; because in your post you had made a comment about Judge Hanen setting this hearing for fraud on his own initiative' and I was curious if that was possible.I am not a lawyer.

BobbyWC said...

You are correct, I should have added "or judge Hanen could set the matter on his own motion." So I was not clear.

It is almost unheard of for a judge to set a matter on his own motion - but it is possible.

Again sorry for not including the "or"

Bobby WC