Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Ruben chose to go with the reputation of negative instead of arguing the merits of his campaign. The people want new - this is clear.  He never used this simple reality to his advantage.

Had Alex Dominguez and Yolanda Begum instead of being so hateful and negative simply educated people about the Margarita Ozuna case the result would have been the same.  All of this extra nonsense muddied the waters and has now created problems for both of them.  It was not necessary. 

All Ruben has to do is make clear in his ads is it was his efforts which created the testimony which brought about the indictment of Margarita Ozuna and the end of the politiqueras harvesting mail-ballots.  The campaign is simple and clean.  His ads can take from the testimony in the trial transcript used by the AG to obtain Margarita Ozuna's, indictment and then mix the testimony with the indictment. 


 a simple campaign which is truthful and without the need to trash his opponent with lies and deception.


Anonymous said...

After your fiasco with the Hernandez klan, I would think you might retire from political propaganda. You seem to be the kiss of death.

BobbyWC said...

in as much as I never worked for the Hernandez campaign and only reported facts, your comment is without merit.

Further, why not address the post - are you saying Pena pointing out it was he would created the record which brought an end to the politiqueras harvesting mail ballots would not help his campaign?

You will note in Montoya's morning post he totally ignores the fact it was Pena's work which won this battle and gives credit to the fraud Mary Helen Flores.

It sounds to me that you are a supporter of the con artist organization of CAVA taking credit for something which happened before they even existed.

This was Ruben creating the record. He sent it to me - I posted it and educated the community- Montoya attacked Ruben and I nearly daily for telling the truth.

I sent it to the AG - the AG agreed the local DA could not be trusted - they had Ozuna indicted. I continued to provide information and when it came time to indict Sonia Solia the feds agreed Saenz could not be trusted given the documented evidence of his ties he worked with the politiqueras - embracing Becerra and Ozuna in open court during the day of her hearing was just plain stupid beyond comprehension.

So keep on posting lies about how the end of the mail harvesting came about but people know the truth. Mary Helen showed up at the end of he war and claimed credit for the victory won by others.

Ruben Pena has every right to claim this victory and he should.

People will reward him for it - it is also a very simple and truthful campaign which does not require he trash his opponent

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Also, I do not post through anony posts allegedly signed by public figures. It is too easy for anyone to claim to be a public figure and then post something which gets them in trouble

Bobby WC