Sunday, March 30, 2014


I do not know how, but some how my family room TV was on the cooking station this morning.  I am watching a woman cook, who obviously knows nothing about cooking.  Maybe I should apply for a job on the cooking station.

She was sautéing onions and added salt and pepper to the onions for flavor.  If you need to add salt and pepper to onions for flavor, then you do not know how to cook.

Any real cook needs very little salt.  For example sour oranges, abundant in Brownsville, are a great substitute for salt when cooking with chicken.  Sour Orange, rosemary and garlic flakes will get you an awesome chicken.  If you are roasting the chicken pat it down with some olive oil.

I am not saying you do not cook with salt, I am saying if you need salt to give onions flavor you are not much of a cook.

And while on the subject I have never used salt on fish or shrimp, but the TV cooks use it all of the time.  Again if you need salt to give fish or shrimp flavor then you do not know how to cook.  Any real cook can bring out the natural flavor or fish and shrimp without salt.  Garlic does wonders for both.  Sliced onions and tomatoes also work well.  In the case of shrimp stir frying it in onion, garlic and jalapenos will always give you a nice shrimp dish.

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