Saturday, March 1, 2014


As it turns out one of the gay men who won the right to marry in Texas, is a long term friend of Texas AG Greg Abbott.  AG Abbott claims he did not know about his friend or his friend's 16 year relationship with the same man, until after he saw his name on the lawsuit.

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If this story is true, then I must say this guy was not much of a friend to Greg Abbott.  The plaintiff cannot say he was protecting his privacy - he put his name on the lawsuit.  Oh, some might say he did not want to compromise the litigation by making it appear he was using his friendship with AG Abbott to win the lawsuit.

These guys are truly friends.  "When Greg Abbott was paralyzed by a fallen tree in 1984, Mark Phariss flew 500 miles to his friend's bedside. They were law school pals who swapped stories over dinner, job leads and airport rides, and they still exchange Christmas cards today."

The entire thing seems very, very odd to me.  A friend this close to you and you do not notice he is with the same man for 16 years and he never dates women.

If Abbott did not know, then Mark Phariss owed him a phone call with a heads up and "sorry for putting you in this position."  If Abbott did know then maybe he did not fight the lawsuit as hard as some might think he should have.

I just find the story interesting.

Maybe my idea of true friendship is different than others - honesty is at the core of any good friendship.  This is why I find it odd that so many people think just because they know me it makes us friends - never - my friends and I have built strong bonds on trust.  I would take a bullet for any of my friends.  People need to learn the difference between knowing someone, and being their friend.

With me a handshake is a symbol of respect for the person, their office, or an acknowledgment you trust them.  Oh, sometimes you must shake a public figure's hand out of respect for the office, but that does not mean you trust them.    I think AG Abbott deserved more from Mark Phariss than to read his name on a lawsuit only to then say to himself "I know this guy."

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