Friday, March 7, 2014


FRCP 60 provides for a fraud on the court motion which could lead to Armando Villalobos' interim release.  First they sent him to an immigration holding facility - now they have him at Fort Bend Detention Center on a federal hold.

The feds clearly wanted Armando silenced - and to do so they were willing to lie to the court.

But in the end Armando is where he put himself.  He will not allow his family to release documents - so he really has no right to complain.

But fraud on the court is serious and needs to be addressed by the court.  The question is, does his attorney have what it takes to make the allegation under FRCP 60

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Anonymous said...

You do know the search only has a "Armando Villalobos" born in 1988, right? That is not our Mando. Check your "facts" next time.

BobbyWC said...

I know you are of limited intelligence which is why you shame yourself by not putting your name.

I realize you never heard of a typo - oh no - a typo could not be -

Your objective was to discredit the BV - not to get to facts.

Now here is a fact - my source is solid

But I checked to make sure.

look at his federal ID here

now go back to Ft bend County and check his warrant number

Maybe you should care about facts instead of spreading hate and ignorance because you hate facts which do not fit your delusional world

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby,what do you mean by does his attorney have what it takes to make the allegation? I do not understand. I believe I know you well enough to say that's not a reference to her being a girl...

BobbyWC said...

Any attorney filing a Fraud on the Court Motion with the court against the DOJ could find problems win the future for their other clients. Every attorney in every deal and every case is thinking about how any given case will impact their ability to obtain good plea bargains for their clients in the future.

To file the motion his attorney has to know the DOJ attorneys will not be happy and may very well retaliate. This is the nature of he beast. Remember if they lied to Judge Hanen and his attorney believes this, what does it tell his attorney about their ethics and how they will treat her in the future.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The STDOJ is full many dud's, most of those that were fired or over looked once before. The DOJ attorneys will do whatever it takes to scare people and keep them silenced.
They keep lying about lots of things whether it's related to this case or not.
The jurors were lied to and they believed it, this I know because I was at the trial and in my opinion there was never any proof beyond a doubt.
What gives judge Hanan the right to say Armando needed medical and mental treatment?
Is this judge a licensed psychological doctor too? The judge was wrong to suggest that and give the DOJ more reason to keep Mando locked up before the DOJ was ready to receive him at his assigned FBP at a Texas detention center.
The list of in proprieties is longer than Obama's health care problems. Lol...
Mando has more cajunies than anyone I know.
Hanan needs to grab a hold of his own cajunies because he knows he screwed up and screwed with Armando's release.
I think the judge needs to justify his wrong and also research why he let the DOJ attorneys run over his court.
I don't see any justice here at all.
Judge Hanan should have removed himself from hearing all the cases. This only puts doubt as to being bias and objective.
I have a question for you Bobby,
Why was judge Hanan the only judge to hear all the cases of the DOJ of all these people who were mixed up in this mess?

BobbyWC said...

Look, the bottom line is I believe Villalobos is guilty - but I do not see how any competent jury could have found the money order evidence as evidence he took bribes - the payments he made with that money were so small - the evidence was meaningless.

On the mental health issue - given what Marchant did I do not think Judge Hanen was out of line - he had reason to believe suicide may be an option. Also this was not an unusual order given the situation.

On Hanen getting all of the cases - standard practice - when you have a series of cases tied together, under local rules all of them go to the original judge getting the first one.

But I agree the case smells to high heaven.

His attorneys had the evidence that the DOJ/FBI were claiming in Washington that the claims against Villalobos and Limas were without merit and fanciful. I think he has a great ineffective of assistance of counsel on this issue. Had the jury been allowed to read what the DOJ/FBI in Washington said about the case they may have found Villalobos not guilty.

I am not sure that if asked to hear the Fraud on the Court issue, judge Hanen would not take the DOJ to task. I think he will. I am going to post something in the morning which makes me think the DOJ/FBI is actively working with Greg Abbott to keep this case silent

I am treading in dangerous waters at this point and I am not sure how far I am willing to go.

I am not going to fight this for Villalobos - he ether gives me the documents I want or he sits in jail.

It is not a question of me just wanting the story - it is a question of me getting the story to the right people who can make it go national and then I am protected.

If I do not believe I am protected I will not move this along much further.

I have reporters in LA and Washington who may be willing to take the story if I have the documents.

Also, I am waiting on some information before I head to London. I believe I have a media consultant I can afford who will help me with a story on the DOJ/FBI. The London tabloids will take any credible story which discredits the US law enforcement agencies. But like the US you must have a media consultant and they do not come cheap.

If I feel good about it, I will spend my money to get the story out there. You an always replace money

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What do you mean you are treading in dangerous water? What documents do you want? Have you asked his family for them?

BobbyWC said...

I have already said what documents I want - all of them. But in particular I want the evidence on Dannenbaum. Villalobos will never give that up.

The DOJ does not fancy to people who challenge them. If I do not have a slam dunk with a national press organization willing to take the story I will not move forward. Without the protection of the national press someone like me or Villalobos are quickly sunk.

If Villalobos will not agree to fight for the greater good - then I have no interest in helping him. This is not about Villalobos it about the institutionalized corruption.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

How can you help him?