Sunday, March 16, 2014


The only show which might tie is "Breaking Bad."  Tonight's episode was the best to date - in fact it was the best writing and performance I have ever seen on TV or in the movies.  This episode should get the Emmy.

The theme was doing what needs to get done, including killing the living if it means to protect the  group.  This theme started last season, but carried on to tonight.  You have 5 characters separated from the greater group.  The man does not realize that the woman is the one who killed two his friends to protect the group.  At the time there was a large group living in a prison.  These two were about to die and turn - so she killed them before they turned.

Tonight the man and woman realized one of the three little girls they are taking care of is a sociopath killer.  She had just killed her friend or sister - not sure.  The adults had to make a decision.  They were now down to themselves and an 18 month old baby.  They made the hard decision - they quietly killed the little girl realizing she was a danger to them and could not be trusted.

This is what this show is about - the hard decisions.  You are in a 24/7 mode of trying to survive - you are only two adults and one baby with a killer child who cannot be controlled.  What do you do?

The woman took her out to a field and told her to keep looking at the flowers while she but a bullet in her head.  It blew me away.

She then told the man she is the one who killed his  friends at the prison, but had no choice.  She passed him her gun and told him to do what he had to.  He forgave her and they are now moving on with the baby.

If you think "Walking Dead" is about Zombies you are wrong.  It is about what I just wrote about - what do you do when faced with impossible decisions in order to live?

I can think of no movie or episode in TV history which was as powerful and well written and acted as tonight.  My hats off to the entire crew for an extraordinary job.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. This episode was extremely powerful. I love reading zombie books and the reason behind it is not the the zombies but how a person is transformed by their nature to survive.