Wednesday, March 19, 2014


An informed electorate is a powerful electorate. The Herald under Daniel Cavasos had as its mantra - keep the peasants ignorant.   It seems the new publisher is willing to allow his reporters to report on matters we never would have seen under Cavasos.

This week we saw two articles Cavasos never would have approved.  The article concerning opposition to the selling of Lincoln park never would have appeared under Cavasos.  The article showed people oppose the games of Juliet Garcia and Tony Martinez.  This is good.  It educated the readers about an issue they may want to be part of in terms of protesting against the city.  This only happens when you have a paper willing to educate the people.

Under Cavasos the article about Alex Dominguez's problems with the Texas Ethics Commission never would have appeared. 

Whether  you like one of these articles, but hate the other - the more important thing is they appeared in the Herald.  I hope these articles portend for things to come.  If they do the Herald may finally become a paper the people want  to read.  The Herald may finally become a place where the people can voice their concerns and be heard. 

An educated electorate can control the politicos.  If this is the new Herald then I see positive change for Brownsville.


Anonymous said...

About freaking time maybe I'll buy a subscription now that the hearld is actually printing real stories about Brownsville and not hiding truths .

Anonymous said...

Also, the article today about the Stillman house removal prooves your point Bobby.

BobbyWC said...

thanks I just scan the online and did not see it.

Bobby WC