Tuesday, March 4, 2014


TO MY READERS:  Thanks for joining me on election night.  The real good news is, since the indictment of Margarita Ozuna the politiquera problem has ended.  This is good.  I will note I was the only one to cover the Sonia Solis sentencing.  Where was Mary Helen Flores - CAVA - nowhere to be seen.  The politiquera problem ended with the indictment of Margarita Ozuna which was the work of Ruben Pena and myself going to the AG.  During the last election with all of CAVA's complaints we saw some of the worse politiquera activity in the history of the county.  But then came the indictment of Margarita Ozuna and it ended.  Oh, and thanks for a near record read today.

The big news for me is Rene Guerra lost his job as DA of Hidalgo County. This is a very clear message to DA Saenz that the people will not tolerate the BS and selective prosecution.

Oscar X. Garcia is a big winner tonight.  He has a lot better chance beating Magallanes than Rincones.  The Independents hate Gilberto Hinojosa.  If Judge Garcia can gain the trust of the Independents he will win.  I do not endorse candidates, but I have said - why get rid of a judge who is doing a good job.  I am the only one who stood up for him against Amber Medina.  I will give my bias upfront - unless something terrible comes out against Judge Garcia, I will be backing his campaign.  The BV's reporting will remain neutral - but I will be pushing my friends and family to vote Republican on this one. 

The Hernandez loss is no shocker - the stupidity of the campaign is as bad as whomever decided someone had to take the civil service test for Robert Cadriel.  Had the opposition simply focused on the issue of the politiqueras the Hernandez family would have had no defense and no one coming to their defense.  But Alex Begum and Alex Dominguez being as unethical as they come - chose the path of endless defamation and deception.  There is a real possibility Alex Begum will be indicted in the Josefina Canales Fisher case.  The DOJ/FBI has refused to reject the criminal complaint.  All they had to do was focus on the politiquera issue and the result would have been the same - but their extreme conduct will come back at them. 

Jonathan Gracia will win the runoff.  It is like I said his decision to go door to door personally and introduce himself to the voters went a long way.  He is about to learn just how low and evil the Begums really are - the problem - the legal community will back Gracia with money and political machines.  Alex Begum cannot help himself  - but Gracia is not Erin Garcia - his father will make sure he fights back hard - real hard - Alex Begum is about to learn what it is to get pounced on if he tries to pull with Jonathan Gracia what he did with Erin Garcia.  On this one my position remains the same - I will always vote for a lawyer for JP over a non-lawyer.  Further my sources in Austin are telling me in the next legislative session the issue of mandating JP's be lawyers will be taken up.

The runoff between Leo Lopez and Alex Dominguez will be a loss for Alex Dominguez.  The lawyers will donate to Lopez's  campaign because of Elia Cornejo-Lopez.  All of the political machines will back Leo Lopez.  Alex Dominguez will find his law practice in serious trouble if he tries with Leo Lopez what he did with Ernie Hernandez.  Saenz got what he wants and will not alienate Judge Cornejo Lopez for the benefit of Dominguez.

Mary Esther Garcia and Pete Avila will be a hard one.  I have no idea where the political machines will go.  The question is will the AG bring an indictment against Mary Esther for barratry before the runoff.  If he does, Pete Avila will win.

McDonald and Gonzales III have won but are not out of the woods.  The State Bar is looking at both over the 302 evidence in the Villalobos trial.  A State Bar sanction could end their legal careers.  Gonzales III is facing the more serious investigation.  I can assure you Villalobos wants to take him down - so his victory may be very short lived.

But the real oddity is the decision of McDonald and Gonzales III to play dirty.  They had easy wins and could have lost because of their conduct.  Like I said Dolores and Sergio Zarate have done extraordinary things for disabled children in Cameron county, but both of them have real bad reputations among a lot of lawyers and people.  Gonzales III should have known this and just ignored her campaign.

McDonald and Gonzales III both had the Oscar de la Fuente political machine backing them.  That battle is far from over.  ODLF remains a thorn in the side of the DOJ - they may  finally force Saenz's hand on the issue - the State Bar will  certainly take his license before it is all done and over.


The Hinojosa machine will pull out everything to win this runoff.  Rivera has boxes of negative on Peña.  Ruben Peña is clueless as to what he is about to get hit with.  Hinojosa can control the Democratic Primary.  Rivera has the negative of his ties to Hinojosa come November, but Rivera is ready to pounce on Cascos and Cris Valadez.  If Cascos were smart he would just withdraw before his reputation is totally destroyed in Cameron county.


I was surprised with the low profile campaign Elvira Ortiz ran she did so well.  Eric Garza has very strong ties to law enforcement and firefighters.  This will be an interesting race.  I just hope they both keep it clean.

Rosie Sheldon Sotelo ties to Cris Valadez cost her a lot of votes.  Cris has become a virus in county politics. 


Anonymous said...

Do you think you cost the Hernandez family their votes Bobby? Do you think your haters voted against them out of spite?

BobbyWC said...

They were up against the politiquera issue and Ernie's Indictment. Also Dominguez had a phone bank making calls in some cases with right defamation. It is impossible to overcome that level of negative campaigning.

I am the only blogger who has been honest about our readership. The blogs only have impact on machines, elected officials, and the big time donors. That is why those who actually won raised very little private money. They were tied to Montoya.

But in terms of the average Joe reading the blogs - it is not happening - we do not even exist - but then for that matter neither does the Herald.

Medrano won the JP race in Dallas and then lost it after his conviction. I think the blood letting which is about to come from this race is going to be bad, real bad.

The Hernandez family in terms of the average Joe had no defense on the politiquera issue, or the Indictment of Ernie. If he wins his trial before the runoff, something his lawyer claims he will - the machines are going to take, Dominguez, Begum and Mary Ester to task. the push to get the AG to indict Mary Ester Garcia indicted for barratry is going to hard.

Erin's failure to take Cornejo on Mandamus cost her the election. She would have had a court document proving the conspiracy - but she made political calculations based on what people who did not have her best interest at heart wanted.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

bobby you are not from here, you do not understand any of the culture, you think you know it all and every candidate you support is either feeding you information paying you or agrees with what you say. You have no idea who the political machines are and you are definitely NOT BROWNSVILLE VOICE. Maybe you hear selective voices. Your love for the Hernandez has clouded your thinking. If you want more readership stay neutral. If you choose not to be neutral you will categorized as a Cyber Politquera.

BobbyWC said...

Now lets try facts - something you hate.

Montoya attacked me and Pena every day for going after the politiqueras. Ruben gave me the transcript I sent the complaint to the AG and Margarita ozuna was indicted. According to you and your clouded delusional mind this was Montoya fighting the politiqueas and me defending the Hernandez family. It was this single indictment which killed the politiquera machine.

You cannot quote me anywhere defending anyone who uses the poltiqueras - in fact not even the con artist Mary Ester Garcia took the time to attend the sentencing hearing of Sonia Solis - only I did - that is how little she truly cared about the hearing. The people had a right to know immediately who was being implicated. But she knew Gomez name was going to be mentioned so she ran from the hearing.

On the Raul Salazar trial - only the BV lead with the testimony of Robert Cadriel which is the testimony which sunk Raul. I defended the jury verdict immediately - but according to your clouded delusional mind this was me defending the Hernandez family.

On the motion for new trial, I did an open records request for emails - the emails clearly show perjury was used to convict Raul Salazar - I have documented this fact with the emails which show David Garcia had the agenda item on the reorganization of HR and Ernie Hernandez had nothing to do with it as he alleged. I posted the emails which show long since before the trial AR Flores stated his intent to reorganize HR.

Unlike you I believe in justice. But because I publish the evidence perjury was used - this means I defend the Hernandez family as oppose to wanting the truth out there.

On count 7 of the Ernie Hernandez indictment the evidence shows and Montoya will have to testify to it or face contempt that Cris Valadez and Carlos Cascos fed him the information on David Garcia not Ernie.

This has been on the internet for months long since before Ernie was indicted - but yet because I publish the known facts I support the Hernandez family.

neutrality is publishing the known facts and not bogus claims based on hatred.

On counts 1-6 I have said the Indictment does not align with the testimony during the Raul Salazar trial. This is a fact. But it will be for the jury to decide. You have never read me saying Ernie is not guilty.

But people like you seem to think you can take the delusions in your mind and make them fact based on your ignorance and hatred.

Even on the Begum/Garcia Election contest idiots like you took me to task for printing the legal fact the clock was ticking and they needed to get into court immediately otherwise the case would be dismissed. I was accused of being bought for printing a legal fact which the judge agreed with.

Cowen and Pena messed that case up. They should have gone to court immediately and at least created a record. While it is moot now, it would have been a great weapon in last night's election.

And finally, stupid people do not last. They could have gotten the same result by simply putting out honest ads with the testimony concerning the Margarita Ozuna indictment. But no - a simple win for then was not acceptable - they had to get real nasty - there is prolonged litigation and criminal charges coming because of the stupidity used in running a campaign which could have been won on a simple truth - Margarita Ozuna. There was no defense on that one.

Now, Lopez will slaughter Dominguez and Gracia will eat Begum for lunch - on Mary Ester Garcia it will depend on the barratry charges. Saenz will do everything he can to stop it - it will depend on how hard the AG is willing to fight for it.

What will they have then - there stupidity. The only thing stupid which could happen now is for the Hernandez family to not ask their supporters to vote, Gracia, Lopez, and Avila. But hard feelings may get in the way of commonsense

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Didn't end. Just on hold. Politiqueras will be back

Anonymous said...

What can Rivera have on Cascos that would ruin his pupation, do tell, or is it another shot in the dark from you?

BobbyWC said...

First of all if you knew anything about politics, which you do not, every politician has garbage on their opponent.

I will not use the BV to dirty work for either side. If a story not previously covered comes up related to any candidate the BV will cover it.

But the BV will not publish garbage put out by one campaign or another

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I respect you for staying away from garbage in any political race. Issues related to policy, illegal acts, thefts or those issues that are public record are fair game. Personal attacks, inuendos, the personal lives of elected officials or their families should be off limits. As you know, photos can be photoshopped, phone numbers can be counterfeited & records can be forged. I applaud you for staying above that and sticking to the issues, verifying documents and confirming information. Thank you BV.

Anonymous said...

I respect you for staying away from garbage in any political race. Issues related to policy, illegal acts, thefts or those issues that are public record are fair game. Personal attacks, inuendos, the personal lives of elected officials or their families should be off limits. As you know, photos can be photoshopped, phone numbers can be counterfeited & records can be forged. I applaud you for staying above that and sticking to the issues, verifying documents and confirming information. Thank you BV.

Anonymous said...

So what was it you expected CAVA to do at the hearing? Why did it matter if they were there or not?

BobbyWC said...

Well she was at the arraignment - what did she expect to hear. At this hearing had it gone forward we would have heard which candidates and or families hired Sonia Solis - on election day this was important information.

If you remember I asked my readers to wait until after the hearing so they could use the information to help them not to vote for anyone using politiqueras -

But she knew based on what I had previously posted Abel Gomez was the only name which was going to come out - this is documented - and she still has not reported it.

Why? Do not the people have a right to know that the DOJ is claiming Sonia Solis said she was working for Gomez? According Mary Esther Flores apparently not - but if the document had said Hernandez she would have made a big deal about it.

I said every name would be posted - no sacred cows.

Bobby WC

Bobby WC