Sunday, March 30, 2014

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This request is more than 6 months old.  I made two separate requests for enforcement.  The AG ignored the October request and January request.  About 2 weeks ago a well placed email got me a phone call wherein the AG  finally admitted to having my requests.  That phone call resulted in this letter
The request - I want emails and texts, among other things between real estate attorney Diane Dillard and Tony Martinez.  She worked for the city and not Tony Martinez.  If she has not already copied all texts, and emails to the other city commissioners she is in violation of the rules of ethics.  The law is clear, the client is the city commission and not Tony Martinez.
If just two city commissioners would just put on the agenda the issue of whether or not they will waive attorney client privilege, and 4 vote  for the waiver, Tony Martinez cannot stop the disclosure of the texts and emails. 
I won the first battle over the letters with the city and TSC.  I will win this one.  Technically, the COB has long waived any objection.  I can only hope given the length of time the city has refused to comply with the request will be enough for the AG to say - all objections waived.
As soon as I hear something I will let my readers know.  But to Diane Dillard - your duty is to the commission and not Tony Martinez.  If the  commission has to force the release of these texts and emails to them as your client, you could and will find yourself before the Sate Bar.  If you have not yet figured it out Ms. Dillard, you are disposable as for as Tony Martinez is concerned.

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