Wednesday, March 5, 2014


1.333 million Republicans voted in the primary for governor - compare this to 546,000 Democrats voting in the primary for governor. Gilberto Hinojosa is a complete and total failure as a Party Chair.

The only bigger loser than Hinojosa is Wendy Davis.  She is too high and mighty to come to the people and learn what we need and want.  She is a party insider who only parties with the insiders.  The National Democratic Party is wasting their time and money on her campaign.  There are more important US Senate Races where the money should be directed.


Anonymous said...

Is it now dismal when citizens exercise thier right to vote?

BobbyWC said...

So you are saying the numbets are not dismal. what does reality have to do with the right to vote? people re stull free to vote
i care about holding on to tje Senste

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on this one, these numbers are dismal. I for one voted, but not with pride as the list of candidates were not of caliber just as dismal!

BobbyWC said...

When and where has Wendy Davis shown an actual interest in the LRGV - she has Hinojosa shuffle her around like his Barbie doll and expects us to vote for her - what does she actually know about us? Nothing

Wendy Davis is part of the Democratic Party Plantation politics wherein she thinks she owns us because she is Democrat

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Can you cite any specific instances of Hinojosa's influence over Davis? Examples please, so I can make up my own mind.

BobbyWC said...

First of all being tied to Hinojosa is by itself not bad - My issue here is we need to hold on to the US Senate - that is a lot bigger than a long shot of a Democrat as governor of Texas.

She is not meeting with the people - in the LRGV Hinojosa guides her around - do you think he will ever allow her to engage the people one on one.

She has not taken any time in the LRGV than to put on a show set up by Hinojosa or his team at the Democratic Party - this means she will never know us.

Do I think she is listening to him on policy - I have no way of knowing - it is how she is campaigning like a show pony owned by Hinojosa while she fails to meet one on one with the people.

But in the end there is only so much money - she is way behind in the polls - the election turn out showed Democrats either do not exist in large enough numbers to win in Texas or refuse to vote.

I want to hold on to the Senate - the money must go to close Senate races and not a hopeless fun for governor - especially when that person has failed to meet with the people

bobby WC

Joaquin said...

Even you couldn't spin these numbers. Are you sticking by your predictions of Democratic wins accross the state?

BobbyWC said...

Joaquin, can you even read? Are you really that blinded by your ignorance?

The Democrats own the poll numbers on gay marriage and abortion - but they cannot seem to get people to vote - I cannot control the decision of the party to back losers who play Plantation Democratic Politics instead of working for our vote- a true Democrat can win - but none appear to be running

Bobby WC