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SONIA SOLIS IS SENTENCED TO 5 years of probation and 6 months home confinement

AUSA claims Sonia Solis said NH met at her business and told her they have been doing this for years.  NH according to the AUSA was a key advisor to Sonia Solis.

The above verified the Hernandez family is in fact a target of the feds.  This is based on undisputed claims Sonia Solis provided the federal investigators.  

It seems to me any deal has to include Sonia Solis giving up the names of who she was working for. But remember - it is not illegal to pay someone to go to the home of someone to lobby for their vote. Just because a candidate may have hired her does not mean he/she authorized criminal conduct by Sonia Solis. The live blogging will start at 9:30 a.m.

I am up and running.  The Honorable Judge Tagle will be in the courtroom in about 15 minutes.  I want to say the Court Security Officers are always very welcoming and helpful.  I am not sure if it is good or bad that they say hello to me when I walk in and say "hello Bobby."

I do not know if the names of any candidates she worked for will come out, but remember the mere hiring of a politiquera is not illegal.  Paying someone to go door to door to ask that they vote for you the candidate is not illegal.  Unless there is specific evidence the candidate authorized the illegal conduct, then the candidate is clean as far as the law is concerned.  We shall see what we learn.  Everything will be typed - no sacred cows.

The Honorable Judge Tagle has entered the courtroom.

Sonia Solis has tested positive for opiates.  Defense counsel has noted that pretrial was already given a copy of her prescriptions which has opiates - so there is no problem.  Judge Tagle is insuring the prescription is actually Ms. Solis'.  Presentence did get to see the bottles with her name on the prescription.  Judge Tagle wants to see the actual bottle.  Sonia Solis is doing a great job in explaining how she appeared yesterday with pretrial to get authorization to take the medicine.


TC, HB and NH all implicated by Sonia Solis according to AUSA

Objecting to claims by CAVA - Cantu is not giving anything specific.  Judge Tagle is trying to understand the objection.  Judge Tagle wants specifics - allegation 6 - CAVA member alleging voter frauds generally - para 6 - YTB approached to hire at $125 per person .  Must be Yolanda Begum - there is no claim any of the claims mention Sonia Solis.  They are just general allegations by persons.

YTB alleges Sonia Solis alleges Sonia Solis helps seniors.  Cantu notes this is not illegal.

AUSA - says he wants to use the claims by CAVA - the narrative Mr. Cantu is objecting to.  But the narrative according to Cantu makes no claims against Sonia Solis.

Cantu:  He client plead guilty to voting in other people's names.  Sonia Solis has taken responsibility for what she did.  Cantu is objecting that the statements by CAVA were not part of the what Sonia Solis plead guilty to.  Cantu is claiming the statements go beyond what Sonia Solis plead guilty to.  He claims some of the complaints deal with legal conduct.

AUSA - Sonia Solis plead guilty to voting 5 times.  AUSA says this information is important because it speaks to other participants.  This means the sentence should be focused on preventing voter fraud in the future.  "TC and HB assured her nothing would happen.  They have been doing it for years"  AUSA claims TC showed her how to fill in the ballets.

AUSA claims Sonia Solis said NH met at her business and told her they have been doing this for years.  NH according to the AUSA was a key advisor Sonia Solis.

Cantu is claiming the statements are unsworn to and should not be used.  Says Sonia Solis admitted to forging the signatures for his family.  He claims the government is trying to use conduct which was not part of the indictment and what she plead guilty to.

All defense objections overruled - he made no mention of objecting to reference to Abelardo Gomez as previously noted in his written objection.


The government is saying no value on votes - they are sacred.  The AUSA is saying the court should send a strong message to Cameron county because of so many players over the years.

AUSA - says the medical records show no evidence of Sonia Solis has cancer.

AUSA wants 12 months confinement.

Defense Counsel presenting medical records.  But no indication of cancer.  Judge Tagle is noting nothing in medical records to indicate cancer.

The court takes a break to allow Sonia Solis to check other medical records in her attorney's files


Cantu does not have documentation to prove the cancer but read a history which shows a surgery for cancer.  The issue is does her attorney feel like he needs the documentation to aid the court in sentencing. But she is cancer free so there is no issue of treatment for cancer.  There is a need for follow-up.

Objects to AUSA argument that a message be sent to the community.  The guideline is 6-12 months - probation has recommended 6 months of house arrest and then some probation.  Cantu managed to get the medication bottle and allowed Judge Tagle to see the bottle.  It turns out a dentist prescribed the painkiller.

Sonia Solis says she is very sorry.  Judge Tagle asks why she did it?  Judge Tagle mentions her son asked that she do it.  There is no evidence she was paid.  Her son is Steve Berlanga and was hired by Constable Abelardo Gomez after he took office.

Judge Tagle - no evidence she was paid - the CAVA narratives only show Sonia Solis was a small player in a bigger problem.  Judge Tagle is saying the narrative provided through CAVA shows Sonia Solis was actually only a small player and the narrative actually works towards Sonia Solis' advantage.

Judge Tagle cannot see it as just to give Sonia Solis incarceration when the players are not being charged.  The players being candidates or people who are being paid.

AUSA just verified he cannot speak to active investigations so he is limited in what he can say now.

The car was provided by TC and registered to AG.  AG took the vehicle away from her only after learning of the investigation.  So use of the vehicle would be a benefit to Sonia Solis.  The AUSA is being very careful to not disclose information related to ongoing investigations.

Now there is an issue how how she paid for a vehicle when she had no job - she does get SSI.  Cantu is suggesting she has adult kids who maybe helped.

Judge Tagle does not want the first caught and being such a small player getting a longer sentencing than maybe later players.

Judge Tagle is concerned this is a business and they are not the ones being prosecuted.  Judge Tagle calls the business as nasty and reprehensible.

Judge Tagle does not want to send a message it is not a serious crime.  Judge Tagle claims to never have known any candidate to do  this.

Judge Tagle notes 5 illegal votes were cast.  Judge Tagle is shocked that Sonia Solis claimed she did not know this is illegal.

Judge Tagle says she can leave her home as authorized by her probation officer.  GPS monitoring will verify.

Sonia Solis will incur the costs of the GPS system.  If she can afford a car she can afford a GPS system

No fine imposed.  .

Sentence based on deterrence others


Click order to enlarge

If you read the order it tracks exactly what the BV said would be its policy if it came into the transcript.. Villalobos appellate lawyer is to  redact all reference to the juror.  I am certain I have an ABA Journal journalist read to go on this story.  All I need is a redacted copy of the transcript and the issue will be discussed nationally.

This issue is the single most important issue in Villalobos appeal.  Many courts have granted new trials on this issue of juror misconduct. 

The only reason I support keeping the juror's name secret is to protect all jurors - even future jurors.  This juror has lost all right to privacy.  He has blabbed all over the place about his meeting with Judge Hanen - so nothing is secret any more.  Based on what I have learned the appellate issue for a new trial is strong.

If I cannot get my hands on a copy of this transcript - redacted of course of any reference to the juror,  I may just turn over the name and address of the juror to the ABA Journal and let then have at it with him.  His mouth is big and it seems to me he will talk a mile a minute if called by an ABA Journal journalist.


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See related story


I cannot find the phone number of the company I used last year from which to buy a yard of top soil.  The out of town places I found on the Internet will no deliver in Brownsville.  If anyone has seen a sign which says - 'TOP SOIL FOR SALE" Please get me the number


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This request is more than 6 months old.  I made two separate requests for enforcement.  The AG ignored the October request and January request.  About 2 weeks ago a well placed email got me a phone call wherein the AG  finally admitted to having my requests.  That phone call resulted in this letter
The request - I want emails and texts, among other things between real estate attorney Diane Dillard and Tony Martinez.  She worked for the city and not Tony Martinez.  If she has not already copied all texts, and emails to the other city commissioners she is in violation of the rules of ethics.  The law is clear, the client is the city commission and not Tony Martinez.
If just two city commissioners would just put on the agenda the issue of whether or not they will waive attorney client privilege, and 4 vote  for the waiver, Tony Martinez cannot stop the disclosure of the texts and emails. 
I won the first battle over the letters with the city and TSC.  I will win this one.  Technically, the COB has long waived any objection.  I can only hope given the length of time the city has refused to comply with the request will be enough for the AG to say - all objections waived.
As soon as I hear something I will let my readers know.  But to Diane Dillard - your duty is to the commission and not Tony Martinez.  If the  commission has to force the release of these texts and emails to them as your client, you could and will find yourself before the Sate Bar.  If you have not yet figured it out Ms. Dillard, you are disposable as for as Tony Martinez is concerned.


See Daily Caller  Based on how the question is phrased I assumed it was from am English speaking country other than the U.S. - Nope - San Jose, California - As a parent I would have been lost trying to understand the Explain sentence.  Although, I love the kids written response


I do not know how, but some how my family room TV was on the cooking station this morning.  I am watching a woman cook, who obviously knows nothing about cooking.  Maybe I should apply for a job on the cooking station.

She was sautéing onions and added salt and pepper to the onions for flavor.  If you need to add salt and pepper to onions for flavor, then you do not know how to cook.

Any real cook needs very little salt.  For example sour oranges, abundant in Brownsville, are a great substitute for salt when cooking with chicken.  Sour Orange, rosemary and garlic flakes will get you an awesome chicken.  If you are roasting the chicken pat it down with some olive oil.

I am not saying you do not cook with salt, I am saying if you need salt to give onions flavor you are not much of a cook.

And while on the subject I have never used salt on fish or shrimp, but the TV cooks use it all of the time.  Again if you need salt to give fish or shrimp flavor then you do not know how to cook.  Any real cook can bring out the natural flavor or fish and shrimp without salt.  Garlic does wonders for both.  Sliced onions and tomatoes also work well.  In the case of shrimp stir frying it in onion, garlic and jalapenos will always give you a nice shrimp dish.

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Can Students of Jesus be Nationalist? No
I wanted to do a post on Tiosamismo and its correlation to our failed policy in the Ukraine, but ran across this old post from when I ran  I let my ownership expire on the link and refuse to pay $688 to get it back. 
Our failed policies in Latin America will continue until we end our stupid policy towards Cuba.  It is sad a handful of Batistas in Florida along with the Ted Cruzes and Marco Rubio are allowed to dictate US policy on this small insignificant island - so it would seem.  But it is not insignificant in terms of our policy.  It remains the face of the Monroe Doctrine which the people of Latin America see as Tiosamismo.  So long as we continue our policy of isolation against Cuba, the U.S. will always be seen as a bully the rest of Latin America must tolerate.  We made Hugo Chavez.  We made President Morales of Bolivia -and the list goes on.  In Ecuador we had a good relationship and now it is going south. 
First and foremost to respond to those who would say this essay is just more secular demagoging of religion, I respond by saying - hogwash. I am a very strong student of the teachings of Jesus, and my faith in the teachings of Jesus is solid.

My first question is, where would Christianity be today had Paul when he went east faced the Minutemen and a fence that said border closed. My second question is, where would Christianity be today had Minutemen been on the shores of Italy turning Peter back at the water’s edge?

Being a student of Jesus is only challenging when I allow my self-interests to guide my views and responses to social, national and international issues. These same variables make it virtually impossible for most Americans or Christians to be true students of Jesus. This underbelly of American Christianity was exposed when Pat Robertson called for the assassination of Venezuela President Hugo Chavez.

Perhaps more disturbing than Mr. Robertson’s call for the assassination of a foreign leader was the rationalization of his policy based on the mandates of the Monroe Doctrine. In simple terms the Monroe Doctrine is the constructive enslaving of the people of Latin America for the benefit of the North American neighbor - the United States. In many parts of Latin American this is commonly known as Unclesamism - Tiosamismo.

Of note President Bush did not renounce the Monroe Doctrine in distancing the White House from Pat Robertson’s comments. In light of Bush’s Cuban policy when compared to open trade with China and Vietnam, Bush could not distant himself from the Monroe Doctrine because it is the cornerstone of his Latin American foreign policy. The Monroe Doctrine is a celebration of nationalism over the teachings of Jesus.

There was nothing remotely Jesus like in Pat Robertson’s call for the assassination of a foreign leader or Pat Robinson’s and President Bush’s continued support for the constructive enslaving of Latin America through the Monroe Doctrine. Would Jesus stand in support of either of these policies? If not, then how are they the product of the teachings of Jesus? Just because a spade calls itself a heart does not make it so.

Or is the problem American-Christianity. We are Christians unless it gets in the way of our nationalistic interests. We are Christians unless it gets in the way of our bigotry. This is in fact the bottom line. Americans, who seek nationalist interests over the teachings of Jesus are not students of Jesus and in fact want in any sense of faith in the teachings of Jesus. Let us not forget Jesus fed the masses - on his faith

The idea that Jesus would stand on the river’s edge with the Minutemen and tell the hungry masses they may not cross because the people on his side of the river cannot afford to feed the hungry masses is absurd. So the question is, if Jesus would welcome the hungry masses with open arms and rely on his faith to be able to feed and house these hungry masses, why then do not American Christians do the same? The answer is simple - American Christians are nationalist who want in true faith and Christians only when it is convenient. Once again would Jesus turn the hungry masses away at the river, or rely on his faith to be able to feed and house the masses? He would rely on his faith that God would provide one way or the other.

This essay is not addressed to non-Christians - true nationalist are on firm standing in their call for the securing of the United State’s border. Such a policy is what you would expect from a true nationalist. No judgment. It is not the policy, however, of Jesus. Hence the question, would Jesus stand with the Minutemen and turn the masses back and leave them to fend for themselves?. The answer is no. Would American nationalists turn the masses back on the river’s edge and leave them to fend for themselves? The answer is yes.

I wrote this essay not to question the policy of turning the masses back at the river’s edge, but to question whether Americans are people of faith. I will leave it to the American people to decide if a nation which could send the parents of a severely disabled child back to Mexico because the parents came here illegally, with full knowledge that it means separating the parent/child because the child would die in Mexico, is a nation of faith? I will leave it to the American people to decide if a nation which seeks to amend its constitution to strip American born children of illegal aliens of their citizenship, children who in some cases are severely disabled, is a nation of faith?

Once again, this is not a discussion on policy it is discussion on reconciling nationalist interests, which may be valid, with the teachings of Jesus.

Bobby Wightman-Cervantes - September 29, 2005

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Tuesday night's meeting.

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Armando could have done a lot of things to redeem himself but instead has chosen to remain silent. His family members and friends seem to have differing opinions. Some say he had a bunch of documents released to Valadez for publication to the internet. AUSA Surovic claimed as much in a motion before the court, albeit he did not name Valadez.

Montoya came into the Judge David Gonzales FBI 302 interview in October and did nothing with it so long as Judge Gonzales kept the payments going.  It only came out after Judge Gonzales learned the BV was going to go public with the 302.  Then Montoya published a white wash as to its content.

I do not care who you talk to, if they know Oscar X. Garcia they are baffled by his association with Montoya.  Some have expressed outright disappointment others have claimed they will just not vote in that race.

I am now being told that information not so favorable to Magallanes was presented to Montoya.  Why has Montoya not published it?  If Oscar X. Garcia is part of this extortion scheme he could find himself roommates with Abel Limas.  If Montoya in October starts to publish the claims about Magallanes which originated from Villalobos, it will be clear to the feds Garcia has been paying Montoya to hold on publishing the documents until the 11th hour of the election.

If this is how it comes down - Honorable is certainly a title which will never again apply to Oscar X. Garcia.  If Garcia has the evidence he should have published it before the primaries. 


The hypothalamic dysfunction had me awake all night - 30 minutes of sleep here and there.  I am off to have the tires rotated and the oil changed and then back home.  I will take something to help me sleep for a few hours.

I will see you in the Sunday comics - have a great day.

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PERSONAL NOTE: The hypothalamus regulates many things, including the clock in your head. I've gone from hoping for 4-6 hours of sleep a night to now sleeping 9 hours and still needing 4 hour naps.  It is not going to get better.  I maybe on most days have 3-4 good hours when I can get things done.  I have people helping me with the house.  The amount of time I spend on the BV may go down - as you can see my posts are getting later and later - and my writing is going down hill fast - yesterday had Judge Tagle's staff not called at 9:45 a.m. I have no idea when I would have woken up.  Today I am only awake because my back pain woke me up.  So be patient - I just may have to change how I do the BV.  There may be more days off.


The book is selling well.  The money is to be used to construct a home for Michael which is modern and voice activated.  He will never be able to live by himself, but he will be able to be more active and self reliant in a home which is voice activated for many things.


I always say cubbyholes are for extra underwear and tissues not children.  This is an original quote of mine and I own the copyright.  Teachers love to cubbyhole children which in the end limits the child's ability to learn.  Temple Grandin's parents were told to put her in an institution because she would never amount to anything.  She is now a full professor at  the University of Colorado, and world renown expert in Animal Science and Autism. 

Students complain about how expensive books are.  This book is under $10.00 it will teach the future teachers that the limitations they as teachers impose on children are only in their mind as the teacher.  Their decision as teachers to cubbyhole children based on perceived disabilities which are really only differences, deny children their opportunity to meet their full potential.

This book should be mandatory reading by all future teachers.  In fact Carl Montoya should make it mandatory reading by all BISD teachers - it might put and end to all the TEA and Due Process complaints if the teachers could just learn there is more to the children than how they have cubbyholed them.

Michael Begum III did not buy into this nonsense - and even after being told to get out of his home by Yolanda Begum after her stepson Michael Begum II died, Michael Begum III moved forward and is still thriving.

You know when you fight for a child with different needs in a custody battle you do not get to dump them on the street when you not longer need them for your greedy agenda.

Below is an excerpt from Michael  Begum III's book.  Click picture to Enlarge


Putin has completed his annexing of the Crimea.  The west proved itself 100% impotent to stop him.  War is not an option.  Europe is dependent on Russian energy.  Greece as part of NATO gets 55% of its energy needs from Russia. 

The only thing which the west can do to shut down Putin is to stop the flow of their energy resources west.  If this were to happen the Russian economy would collapse, but so to would a fragile European economy and Greece would probably end up in civil war.  Their economy remains on the verge of collapse as people continue to refuse to pay taxes to fund the government and the EU bailout.

So in the end, the U.S. policy of meddling in Russia's backyard has made us weaker and very vulnerable.

The U.S. created the monsters who executed 9/11 - which resulted in many of our privacy liberties being taken away.  The US decided to meddle along the old Soviet Union's southern border where we knew they were having problems with Muslim extremists - we funded the Taliban and Osama bin Ladin.  Our special forces along with those of the UK watch haplessly as these monsters played soccer with the head of Russian teenagers captured in battle. In the end the Soviets pulled out and our reward was 9/11.

The U.S. cannot seem to learn lessons from failed past policies.  Today's failure is the result of the U.S.'s policy of trying to bring former Soviet Republics into NATO and under western influence.  The policy has created a disaster.

China owns the U.S. - without China's money the U.S. economy would be in complete shambles - China now knows that the U.S. is 100% impotent.  If China cuts off the money we collapse.  My fear is within the year China will move on Taiwan and the U.S. will either have to declare war on China and go to the aid of Taiwan or simply allow Taiwan to fall to China.  Once that happens - the U.S.  will become a hapless portrait of  a lame horse claiming it can still run.

And before the idiots chime in - this began long before Obama - it started under Ford, Carter allowed it to continue, Reagan and Bush escalated the problem and Obama embraced it.

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The Ashland federal correction facility will be Villalobos' final home for the next 13 years.  He is currently in the Oklahoma federal transit facility awaiting final transportation to Ashland.


The above video is her sworn deposition which outlines the corrupt way Luci Longoria got elected in the first place. Luci's reelection is dead over her lawsuit. With the people of the district knowing her lawsuit is costing the taxpayers a $100,000 of their money Luci has no chance of winning reelection.

I know Mary Rey's deposition is long but it tells a story you must known.


In the short excerpt you clearly see wherein he lies under oath when he says he is renting Mary Rey's home from a fictitious mama Perez.  Both Villalobos and Saenz refused to bring perjury charges.  He lied so he would have standing to sue for the removal of Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortes in an effort to change the vote to sue Healthsmart.  Quintanilla has a long history of working with Ted Parker the former owner of Healthsmart.

He tried the same scam of controlling the elections in Lubbock.  The Texas Ethics Commission intervened and sanctioned his candidate for concealing donations.  In the end unlike BISD Healthsmart ended up paying Lubbock.  The current BISD majority voted to refile the Healthsmart lawsuit to recover the alleged S14.3 million dollars stolen from BISD

I suspect because Luci Longoria is such an easy target, there will be several people running against her.  She will not have the backing of BUC or any of the teachers unions.  More on that another day.  They have made their position known on this issue.

And as soon as Luci's check clears we can expect a huge attack piece by Montoya.

ADDENDUM:  The hearing is April 1, 2014, at 9:30 a.m.

This morning the Honorable Judge Tagle had her staff call me to inform me I will be allowed to blog live the sentencing of Sonia Solis. The big issue is whether or not she will serve her sentence at home or in federal prison. She is receiving treatment for cancer.  In my mind I would want to be where I will get the best treatment.  If the answer is  federal prison, I would be running to the prison and be asking for an immediate placement.

My main interest in covering the sentencing live is to learn any names of candidates she worked for.  To date the only name we know of the DOJ is alleging is Constable Abelardo Gomez.  We know this because in a written filing her attorney objected stating Sonia Solis never admitted to same as alleged in the presentence report.

Again, while in the courtroom I will allow for no negative comments.  While blogging in the courtroom I self impose a rule of insuring it remains dignified.  My readers are in the courtroom with me and we shall all act accordingly - affording the court the dignity it deserves.

Blogging live from court is a new adventure for the judges, and I believe it will only spread if those of us given this privilege prove to the court we can self regulate and keep dignity in the process.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Why does Montoya write lies for the handful of sap readers who might believe what he writes?, because he know hate rules ignorance and their will always be enough ignorant hateful people to destroy themselves before they believe facts which benefit them.

The above is a temporary plan of what the $500,000 Ernie Hernandez seeks to have spent in Cameron Park for the children.

People do not fully understand what is happening at Commissioners Court.  Carlos Cascos has lost his mind and will stop at nothing with use of Cris Valadez under direction from Luis Saenz to destroy this county and take away what few liberties we still have.

Any idiot should have been able to read Montoya's story and realized it was all bullshit.

What would be Ernie Hernandez's motivation to build an office which he would never use?  None.

The above is what is being proposed, with one design change to make the bathrooms smaller so that it comes in at budget.  Yes, there is a small office space  for whomever the County Commissioner might be.  It seems Alex Dominguez fears being around children, because even a complete fool can see the overwhelming part of the facility is for children and the community, not the county commissioner - who in this case will not be Ernie Hernandez, unless after his acquittal he puts his name on the ballot as a write in.


The land on which Montoya claims a community center was to be built for Olmito is basically under water.  After Commissioners Court was told that the land was already owned by the county and would be suitable, the county learned most of the land is under water - namely a Resaca.  The cost of buying new land would have eaten up all of the money assigned for the community center.  Cascos knows this, but feeds Montoya the lies so as to aid Saenz in poisoning the jury pool against Ernie Hernandez.

So the question is, why is Dominguez paying Montoya to attack Hernandez for not wanting to build a community center in a Resaca? - something Commissioners' Court would never approve anyway.

As to the animal shelter I have confirmed it is moving forward.  $1.5 million was allotted for the animal shelter in the last bond issue.

So now there is $500,000 - Commissioner Hernandez can do nothing with it, or build a better community center for the children of Cameron Park - where is Alex Dominguez on the issue?, he is paying Montoya to lie about the facts and then trash Ernie Hernandez for wanting to do something  for the children of Cameron Park.


Saenz and Carlos Cascos are paying Montoya to poison the jury pool, and Jon Blaylock sits back and does nothing to seek a gag order against Saenz and Cascos and just allows the poisoning of the jury pool to continue.  Any competent attorney would already have an official oppression criminal complaint filed against Saenz and Cascos with the DOJ and FBI.  But this is Cameron county where finding a competent attorney is nearly impossible.

Like I said any idiot could read the story by Montoya and see it made no sense, how does it benefit Commissioner Hernandez? - it does not - he will not even be in office once the larger community center is complete.

This is where John Blaylock is totally failing Ernie Hernandez.  I have been warned on this issue - the attorneys are thin skinned and cry to their mommies if you challenge them.  the Hernandez family has repeatedly asked that I not comment on the incompetence of their attorneys.  The BV writes to educated the community and not to console the thin skinned incompetent attorneys of Cameron County.

Larry Warner, Raul Salazar's attorney has lost all credibility.  In court on the day he had to admit he messed up on calculating the 75 days he said to Justice Hinojosa he was going to file an appeal that day which would reopen the court's jurisdiction.  I just checked with the court of appeals - nothing - well there is a letter admonishing Larry Warner that he has failed to make arraignments for the reporters record.  The ineffective assistance of counsel will never stop.

Even on the Motion for New Trial mess when I made inquiries why Justice Hinojosa was waiting so long for the hearing, instead of doing it before the election I was told, that Justice Hinojosa was refusing an earlier hearing.  Well at the hearing we learned the truth, the date was effectively set by Larry Warner and he made no effort to get a faster hearing.  A hearing before the election would have changed the election results once Raul Salazar was granted a new trial.  The blame is 100% on Larry Warner and some of the most incompetent legal representation I have ever seen.

Shame on Cameron County lawyers that no one will step forward and work pro bono to clean up this mess.  Justice is not served when ineffective assistance of counsel decides the result. Saenz would have nothing in this case without the incompetence of the Cameron county attorneys helping him along.

Had the Motion for New Trial gone forward the evidence would have shown there was no retaliation against the witnesses in HR, and that Carlos Cascos working with Cris Valadez was nearly 100% responsible for David Garcia losing his position at the Regional Mobility Authority.  This would have killed count 7 against Ernie Hernandez. 

Also of note, on count 8 against Ernie Hernandez the witness claims to have recorded the conversation, but Saenz has yet to release it.  Why is Saenz refusing to release a recorded conversation which either proves or disproves Ernie Hernandez's guilt?  The tape if it says what the witness claims will seal Ernie Hernandez's conviction- so why is Luis Saenz withholding it?  And to be fair why is John Blaylock sitting on his ass not seeking a discover hearing on the matter?

If John Blaylock cannot figure out how to get a gag order against Saenz and Cascos, then he should surrender his license.  Saenz and Cascos are releasing information to Montoya to poison the jury pool to protect their own asses, and John Blaylock sits confused as to how to stop it.

I can assure my readers the Hernandez family will not like this post.  I have been repeatedly warned to not bad mouth their attorneys or Raul's attorneys.  If you hire an attorney who practices law in Cameron county you deserve to go to jail.  Competence is not an option when it comes to a Cameron county attorney. 


My readers remember I said I had a source who said within two weeks there would be more indictments by Saenz's office.  That source was solid.  Rosie Sheldon Solelo's name was on that list.  It was all a hoax by Luis Saenz.  He needed to get Cris Valadez to cooperate so he put out word he was about to have his mother in law indicted.  It was all lies.  It was after this came out that witnesses started to claim Valadez was all but connected at the hip with Saenz.  Some have painted an even more visual picture.

This county is sick and the  people who remain silent deserve jail.

If I were Raul Salazar or Ernie Hernandez I would go to the court and demand court appointed attorneys from way outside Cameron county.  The evidence of all counsel to date being incompetent is overwhelming.  I would then file direct complaints with the IG for the FBI and DOJ to show how the local FBI and DOJ are active participants in this blatant obstruction of justice.

It is not a question of innocence or guilt.  The issue is, even if guilty you do not obstruct the process to get the guilty verdict.  Without a true sworn allegiance to Due Process, we all lose.  if Raul and Ernie are guilty - so be it - send them to jail - but do not do it by obstructing the process and corrupting or criminal justice system.

None of these individuals can deny they pay Montoya to mock mental illness and encourage him to use it as a weapon to discredit people.   These people to a person are shameful and have no use for humanity or its god created diversity.
Left to Right:  Judge Oscar X. Garcia, Alex Begum, Alex Dominguezx, County Judge Carlos Cascos, Mary Ester Garcia, and the queen of fakedom Yolanda Begum.
Each of these pathetic people could learn a lot from a group of juniors at Veterans' Memorial High School.  Every day the ignorance of these politicians send youth to their death with suicide because these scum prefer children to kill themselves than show even a semblance of responsibility and humanity when it comes to mental illness.  If you claim you have never suffered depression you are a liar.
"Vanessa Alvarado, Jessica Franco, Crista Luna and Priscilla Torres have become mental health activists, delivering a message to break down stereotypes and eliminate the stigmas associated with mental health disorders.
The four are members of the Health Occupations Students of America, or HOSA, at Veterans Memorial High School, where they’re juniors. They’ve been busy getting out the word about mental health at school, but now they’re ready to branch out into the larger community.
“We want to start the conversation and stop the stigmas,” Franco said. “We’re willing to do presentations. It all starts with education.”

See Herald

These above individuals will continue to pay Montoya to mock mental illness and make it something you should feel shame for, but real people, real people who believe in God will continue to fight these sad pathetic people and their paid mouth piece and continue to fight to put the issue of mental illness out there as something which is real and should never carry a stigma or weapon.

The sad part is, any competent psychiatrist would agree only people with major mental health problems would be party to Montoya and his efforts to use it as a weapon.  It is kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.

The ignorant such as the above individuals did everything possible to keep gays in the closet.  Many of those individuals were themselves gay and feared having to accept themselves.  The same can be said of mental illness - those who seek to use it as a weapon more likely than not suffer mental illness and mock it as a distraction from their own reality.  Other than mental illness how do you explain alcoholism.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Juan   8188
Gloria 8061 - this is a correction originally said 8081

Now comes the moment of truth, will Gloria cut and run or file the election contest.  If filed Juan Magallanes has nothing to do with the problem.  The claims relate to a lack of security over the ballots and boxes of ballots just showing up.

I will admit some of the complaints I received were without merit.  It is not that the person lied, they just did not know the law.  One example is, an elected official cannot be a poll watcher on election night, but can be a poll watcher at the recount.  Got me - what is the difference?  But that is what the law says.

They are both good candidates.  Gloria hurt her campaign by telling people she wanted to turn her court into an all Family Law court.  A lot of lawyers did not like the idea and pulled their support.

But I want to be clear about something, if an election contest is filed, it has nothing to do with conduct by Juan Magallanes.  No one is suggesting he or anyone in his campaign did anything wrong.  The problem is 100% with unsecure ballots, which could result in a court declaring that all of the compromised ballots make it impossible to declare a true winner.

I want to note both of these candidates have run clean and professional campaigns.  They both should be commended for their actions.

Eric Garza and Elvira Ortiz are also running very clean and professional campaigns.  Again - both should be commended.

But then none of these candidates have hired Montoya to trash their opponents with defamation or force candidates to by ads out of fear.

I will be standing with Magallanes unless an election contest  changes the race - as to Eric and Elvira I may just flip a coin.  I think Cameron County will do well under both candidates .  I hope they both continue to keep it clean.  Both are tainted through their association with Aurora, but the past is the past and it is time to move on.  They both have the experience to run the office of District Clerk.


On December 16, 2013, Judge Hanen questioned the juror who was on Emma Perez-Trevinos' Face Book.  My source is solid.  I have verified the source has access to the juror.

This juror ignored Judge Hanen's order to not go on the Internet.  This juror ignored Judge Hanen's order to not discuss his testimony concerning the issue of his alleged misconduct.  On this one I am assuming such an order was given - otherwise why seal the hearing and questioning?

My source is saying the juror told the source that he just wanted the trial to be done and that was all he posted.  This is a substantive summary of what my source heard the juror tell my source.

Here is the problem - we have a juror who clearly ignored the orders of the court.  Given this undisputed fact how can Judge Hanen for one second believe this juror followed the jury instructions concerning deliberations.  This juror cannot seem to keep his mouth shut.  I will not disclose his name because in the end one bad juror is not a basis to make all jurors think their names are going to be posted on the Internet.  For me our jury system is too important to our system of justice to have jurors being concerned about being trashed on the Internet by name.

But if all this guy wanted was to get out of there, how can any judge form the opinion the juror took his duty of deliberations seriously?  The judge cannot.

Further, we know that originally the jury was asking for a mistrial because two jurors were never going to change their mind from not-guilty.  How influenced was the jury to just get out of there by this one juror?  Was the influence enough to get the two who were adamant about a not guilty verdict to simply give in?

I know a lot of people do not get it.  I am not about the result.  I am about the process.  Personally, I think Armando Villalobos is guilty as sin, but that is not how our system works.  If the process failed him then he is entitled to a new trial.

His attorney needs to do two things;  [1] file the Motion of Fraud on the Court FRCP 60 over the issue that the federal prison system was ready to receive Villalobos when they clearly were not.  It is simply not tolerable for the DOJ to lie to a federal judge; and [2] she needs to file a Motion with the Court of Appeals asking for bond for her client based on the Fraud on the Court and the fact this juror committed black and white misconduct and that no judge could possibly know the impact the misconduct had on the verdict.  Villalobos should be free pending his appeal.

Pending before the court is Villalobos Motion to have opened the transcript  from the sealed hearings related to the jury misconduct.  Once I get my hands on that transcript I am certain my source at the ABA Journal will take the issue national.  This is a hot issue in law.  There are a lot of reversals based on jury misconducted related to jurors going to the Internet.  This is why -independent of all the threats and claims everyone and their brother George was claiming I was bought and paid for by the DOJ and Villalobos lawyers, that I did not allow for comments related to the evidence or innocence or guilt.  I assumed the jury was reading the BV. 

I considered it an extraordinary privilege to be allowed to blog the trial and I wanted to keep justice at the center of what I blogged.  Further, when blogging live from the court I believe it is incumbent upon those of us reporting that we give our post the  full dignity of the court.
I remember when they discovered this.  Boy all hell broke out with some black leaders demanding it be destroyed.  The historian argument won out.  We had to keep it to remind people of the truth.


What bothers me the most about this letter is the extremists currently demanding deportation of some 11 million undocumented immigrants and the towns such as Farmers Branch spending millions to prevent undocumented immigrants from living in their town shows nothing has changed since 1944.

* a correction was made to the original post - I originally typed Flower Mound instead of Farmers Branch.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Yesterday was a day of phone calls and emails and a few meetings.  To a person the support was overwhelming.  People are  fed up with the  trash who is Montoya and the garbage or cowardly candidates who pay him. 

Until now everyone I knew who knew Oscar were standing with him, but after yesterday along with some additional information I shared with them which will come out in due time, they had it.  None of his friends can understand what is happening.  One person said to me, "how can I know this man for over 20 years and not have known he can be this way." 

Oscar's campaign is dead.  He could have won on the Independent vote. But when you associate with trash you become trash.  What Oscar and Ruben fail to understand is Alex  Begum is running the show - and if he orders Montoya to destroy Oscar and Ruben so he gets what he wants, then Oscar and Ruben are to be tossed under the bus.

In both cases, I gave them a chance to do the right thing.  Both said no.

Again, thanks for all of the wonderful support for my decision to do the Oscar X. Garcia post.  This morning I have meetings on the issue with community leaders.  There is another issue which when it comes out will explode - Oscar X. Garcia will be lucky if he gets 25% of the vote.

To my readers - your emails, phone calls, and just stopping me at HEB make all of the difference.

On Monday a formal request for the DOJ to come in and investigate numerous acts of fraud in the primary election including the illegal voting by Montoya will be left with the FBI locally and pdf and emailed to the main offices in San Antonio and Houston.  The complaint is done and I have the written statements I need which prove numbers were being changed left and right- boxed were reappearing out of nowhere.  As one observer said - it was the worse and most mismanaged count he has ever seen.

Friday, March 21, 2014


Out of the blue the AG's office is finally admitting I have filed two requests for enforcement against the City of Brownsville related to the emails. texts. and letters from Diane Dillard.  She is the real estate attorney who has been handling the real estate deals for the city at the request of Tony Martinez.

It's funny how a little pressure in the right direction gets things moving.

All I am looking for is evidence Diane Dillard warned Tony Martinez about his conflict of interest related to the Casa de Nylon building.  I have no doubts Diane Dillard's work was proper and well done.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Oscar's supporters have repeatedly told me he is a good judge and he should be allowed to remain in office.  I have been asked to give him the benefit of the doubt over and over and over again.  His friends tell me either Montoya is blacking him or he simply fears Montoya's lies.

Here is my deal - if he fears what a blogger with maybe 250 readers has to say then he cannot be a fair and impartial judge.  If he is the object of blackmail then he is not fit to be a judge.

Everyone tells me the same thing - it is 100% out of character for Oscar X. Garcia to give someone like Montoya the time of day.  His friends have repeatedly told me they would speak with him.  I have no idea if anyone has spoken to him.  I have made two attempts - both have been rebuffed.

He knows what is happening at Montoya's blog.  He is helping to finance the vulgarities and extortion criminal enterprise.  There is already an FBI agent I know by name assigned to the Saenz, Begum, Montoya investigation related to Josefina Canales [Fisher]  I am asking that Oscar X. Garcia be interviewed to determine if he is simply acting out of fear or extortion.  The extortion claim is already known to the FBI.

No honorable judge would put their name to these comments as they appear below - but Oscar X. Garcia seems to think it is funny.  I can go on what his friends are telling me or with what I am seeing with my own eyes.  My  eyes tell the story of a desperate despicable man.  Even his friends tell me they are highly disappointed in his relationship with Montoya.

I gave Oscar two opportunities to deal with this problem.  He has rebuffed both.  But then his friends tell me he reads me daily and tells them I am the only trusted blogger in Brownsville.

Read the Following Canons of Judicial Conduct and then the following comments.  Would any judge who claims to have earned the title Honorable help finance these comments out of fear for his own future?  And if so, can such a judge be trusted.  I say no.  Your decision, not mine.

Canon 1: Upholding the Integrity and Independence of the Judiciary
 An independent and honorable judiciary is indispensable to justice in our society. A
judge should participate in establishing, maintaining and enforcing high standards of conduct,
and should personally observe those standards so that the integrity and independence of the
judiciary is preserved. The provisions of this Code are to be construed and applied to further
that objective.
Canon 2: Avoiding Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety in All of the

Judge’s Activities
C. A judge shall not knowingly hold membership in any organization that practices discrimination prohibited by law.
 [Yes Montoya is not an organization, but substantively it is the same.  Garcia is paying to finance these discriminatory and offensive comments.]

(7) A judge shall require lawyers in proceedings before the court to refrain from manifesting, by words or conduct, bias or prejudice based on race, sex, religion, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status against parties, witnesses, counsel or others. This requirement does not preclude legitimate advocacy when any of these factors is an issue in the proceeding
[Yes Montoya is not a courtroom, but substantively it is the same.  Garcia is paying to finance these discriminatory and offensive comments which go against the Canons of Judicial Conduct]
Canon 4: Conducting the Judge's Extra-Judicial Activities to Minimize the Risk of
Conflict with Judicial Obligations
A. Extra-Judicial Activities in General. A judge shall conduct all of the judge's extrajudicial
activities so that they do not:
(1) cast reasonable doubt on the judge's capacity to act impartially as a judge; or

[Does anyone who reads the below comments being financed by Oscar X. Garcia believe that he can act impartially?  No - this is a desperate man easily forced to go against his own character if it means power]
D. Financial Activities.
(1) A judge shall refrain from financial and business dealings that tend to reflect adversely
on the judge's impartiality

[Oscar cannot deny he is financing this discriminatory language - how does this language not reflect poorly on the judiciary?]

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February 22, 2014 at 6:33 AM

When Oscar X Garcia is openly financing an extortion scheme the one thing he is not doing as a judge is fighting corruption everyday.


This is the Minerva Peña count. My source is telling me Chris Davis is showing consistent unprofessional conduct when challenged.  I was also told that a box he refused to have opened on election night was opened today which did include ballots.  There apparently are claims of another unopened box.  Several poll watchers have claimed ballot bags came in with broken seals.  I have yet to see the affidavits.  One poll watcher it is being alleged has already changed her statement from election night.

This county is incapable of a fair election.  The Elections Commission needs to call Chris Davis in and get to the truth.  If we cannot have competent and fair elections then what is the point?  If Chris Davis cannot guarantee to the Elections Commission that all of the ballot bags were secure when they arrived, then he needs to be dismissed.

If the poll watchers are lying then they need to be dealt with.

Here is a simple question, Chris Davis told me he did not know if it was illegal for Montoya to vote from an address which is not his address.  If this were the case then everyone running for office could just have their friends and family outside the district to register in the candidate's district, and vote for their friend and family member.  Of course Chris knows what Montoya did is a crime - but he cares more about covering up the fraud then fair elections.

If he honestly did not know it is illegal then the Elections Commission needs to release him immediately.  The matter is going before the same AG who prosecuted Margarita Ozuna.  It is clear to me and everyone I have spoken with that neither Chris Davis nor Luis Saenz can be trusted to enforce the law or insure this election was fraud  free.

Just because Chris Davis gets an A+ for bringing modern technology to the department does not mean he gets a pass for running a terrible election wherein candidates are claiming the ballot bags were compromised because the seals were broken before arriving for the count.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


An informed electorate is a powerful electorate. The Herald under Daniel Cavasos had as its mantra - keep the peasants ignorant.   It seems the new publisher is willing to allow his reporters to report on matters we never would have seen under Cavasos.

This week we saw two articles Cavasos never would have approved.  The article concerning opposition to the selling of Lincoln park never would have appeared under Cavasos.  The article showed people oppose the games of Juliet Garcia and Tony Martinez.  This is good.  It educated the readers about an issue they may want to be part of in terms of protesting against the city.  This only happens when you have a paper willing to educate the people.

Under Cavasos the article about Alex Dominguez's problems with the Texas Ethics Commission never would have appeared. 

Whether  you like one of these articles, but hate the other - the more important thing is they appeared in the Herald.  I hope these articles portend for things to come.  If they do the Herald may finally become a paper the people want  to read.  The Herald may finally become a place where the people can voice their concerns and be heard. 

An educated electorate can control the politicos.  If this is the new Herald then I see positive change for Brownsville.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


One of the few things which will get me talking about Brownsville in a very positive light is its parks.  I have had many an enjoyable day at Morningside and Dean Porter park.  Dean Porter is midway between my house and Bela's home so we spend a lot of time at Dean Porter.  I love Washington park and its water fountain.  I love how the city decorates it for the holidays.  I wish the city could afford to buy all of the land around Washington park and on the weekends turn it into a small flee market with food vendors and music.  Even Cabler park is great - when Bela is at my home we sometimes go to Cabler park.

I have been to Lincoln park while being one of two people in the park.  When my roommate was taking classes at TSC between classes we would sometimes go and shoot hoops.  It is not a very used park.

I am on the fence about the entire deal.  You cannot live life making decisions based on jaded opinions of the players.  If the current safety rules for NASA applied in 1969, we would still not have been to the moon.  If the environmental rules of today applied when Hoover Dam was built California and the western part of the US would be a different place than it is today.

Hoover Dam caused major problems with the environment, but as a civilization we are a lot better off because of the environmental sacrifices which were made so we could have the dam.  World environmentalist condemned China over its latest dam project, but what was China to do? - go without water and electricity.  There is a balance.  I have no idea where it is, but progress sometimes trumps the environment and immediate needs of the people.

While I do not believe the Chinese are ever going to build a canal across Nicarargua, world environmentalist are besides themselves over the damage which will be done to the environment if the canal is built.  Under today's standards the Panama Canal never would have been built.  We are a better and healthier world because of the Panama Canal.  A Nicaraguan canal will cause short term damage to the environment.  But right now lake Nicaragua which is a key part of the new canal is all but a cesspool of raw sewage.  A canal would mean cleaning the lake and creating a water treatment plant and bringing an end to the pollution.  It will bring better jobs to some of the poorest people in the hemisphere.  Yes, long term progress always means short term sacrifices.

The former UTB will never be more than a satellite campus to UT RGV based primarily in Edinburg with the administrative offices in McAllen.  McAllen has a real airport with easy access to the highway and more choices for travel.  McAllen has a bookstore - something educators tend to like.  McAllen has the McAllen Center for better quality of life options. Brownsville has no chance of getting the administrative offices of UT RGV.    Our leaders are not smart enough to know the value of simple things like bookstores, or an airport which is not a shack 15-20 minutes from the nearest highway - still not too late to put a new airport on 511.

I love our bike trails, but academics and scientists care more about quality of life issues than a bike trail.  Our leaders have chosen to do nothing to bring modern quality of life options to Brownsville.  Yes, we have awesome parks and I love them - but it is not enough.

My view on Lincoln park is simple - if a large number of people are finally ready to stand up and fight for something, I will stand with them - in part because UT RGV has no real interest in Brownsville and these give always are a joke.  The other side is, if the Brownsville campus is to grow as they claim, Lincoln Park could become an important quality of life part of the Brownsville campus.  On campus students  could come to rely on the park for exercise and just enjoying the outdoors. 

Monday, March 17, 2014


The full story on Tuesday

Here is the  violation that Alex Dominguez failed to timely file his campaign finance report.  Normally the maximum fine on this might be about $500, but because he is showing a consistent contempt for the rules there is a real possibility he will be hit with a lot larger fine. 

Click to Enlarge
But first from an old Herald Article - Grand Jury walks out over Saenz's abuse of grand jury and selective prosecution.

Click to Enlarge

The verification of the complaint below shows an alleged violation of § 253.031(a) of the Election Code.

(a) A candidate may not knowingly accept a campaign contribution or make or authorize a campaign expenditure at a time when a campaign treasurer appointment for the candidate is not in effect -


(f) A person who violates this section commits an offense. An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanorClick for Election Code

Click to Enlarge

The verification of the complaint below shows an allegation of violation of Texas Election Code 255.006.

(c)  For purposes of this section, a person represents that a
candidate holds a public office that the candidate does not hold if:

(1)  the candidate does not hold the office that the candidate seeks;  and 

 (2)  the political advertising or campaign  communication states the public office sought but does not include the word "for" in a type size that is at least one-half the type size used for the name of the office to clarify that the candidate does not hold that office.


 (e)  An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor.  Click for Election Code

When you are politically connected like Alex Dominguez - his campaign manager being Saenz's boy toy Zeke Silva you are not bound by the law, but if you give enough money to Luis Saenz [namely $6,000] he will prosecute anyone who calls your mother a fake.

See criminal Information against Josefina Canales - which the visiting judge threw out as bogus after the dishonorable Art McDonald refused to sign the order Dismissing the Complaint.

My sources have confirmed the FBI is now formally investigating Saenz, Alex and Yolanda Begum and Judge Art McDonald over this matter.  I have the letter from the Commission on Judicial Conduct verifying their investigation. 
I know enough to not overwhelm them with documents.  I am considering sending the entire Alex Dominguez file, including what I have learned about how he is financing his campaign, to the FBI as part of the Josefina Canales Fisher ccomplaint, not for a second investigation, but as further evidence that money and association with Saenz buys you protection.
I am walking away from it.  Not because there is no evidence - there is plenty of evidence which meets the elements of barratry under the Texas Penal Code.  I have read the detective's texts that Saenz's office is refusing to prosecute not because no crime was committed, but because Sorola dropped the federal lawsuit.
I am now being told by the only person who can provide me a copy of everything that she deleted the detective's texts, and that she already gave me the file.  I never received anything.  I have been ready to move on this for months.  The second I would have gotten the file I would have dropped everything to get the matter to the AG, and finalize the grand jury investigation.
For whatever reason this person has decided to not fight the corruption - and now we know how you become a victim of corruption? - when given a chance to fight you cut and run.
I may sign an affidavit with what I know and send it to the AG - but without the complaint and evidence collected by the police I am going nowhere.  I have considered INS as an agency to investigate since the couple was seeking residency papers for the husband, but again my mere affidavit of what I read in now deleted text messages may have no value.
I have to be careful in what I say because I do not want to reveal which campaigns have been speaking with me. 
"(c)  A contestant must file the petition not later than the 10th day after the date the official result is determined in a contest of:

  (1)  a primary election;  or
  (2)  a general or special election for which a runoff is necessary according to the official result or will be necessary if the contestant prevails.
From the Secretary of States Office - Recount delays final "Certificate of Election" by Canvasing Board
DOES NOT delay canvassing, but the canvassing authority must make a note on the canvass that a recount has been requested. Submission of a recount petition delays the issuance of a certificate of election and qualification for the office involved in the recount pending completion of recount;

Click for SOS

From the Election Code

"§ 67.016. CERTIFICATE OF ELECTION.  (a) After the completion of a canvass, the presiding officer of the local canvassing authority shall prepare a certificate of election for each candidate who is elected to an office for which the official result is determined by that authority's canvass."

Based on all of this it would seem Gloria Rincones or Minerva Peña will have 10 days to  file an election context after the final canvas.


Word is getting out what is being alleged as the wrongdoing during the count.  The 10 days are ticking for the candidates who have not filed for a recount.  I do not believe that if an election contest is filed y Rincones or Peña that the other candidates will get the benefit of a finding because of the problems with the ballots the true winners of the election cannot be determined.  I believe the ruling will only apply to those who actually file an election contest on a timely basis - and for other than Rincones and Peña that 10 day clock is ticking fast. 

Guys a judge cannot void your election based on a finding no true winner can be determined if your opponents have not been sued and provided an opportunity to respond.  What may very well happen, because counting to 10 for so many of these candidates is a challenge, Rincones and Peña may get new elections, while the others get nothing even though the judge found because of problems with the ballots a true winner could not be determined.


They cannot refute the evidence, so Montoya will be paid to create a distraction