Thursday, February 20, 2014


It is clear Alex Dominguez does not believe he can win without playing dirty. Yesterday the BPD investigated a second time Zeke Silva's claims concerning the Hernandez sign.  They went out and inspected where the truck is parked and found no violation of the law, for a second time


A lot of people to avoid Boca Chica and IH69 cut through Casas and have to cross Paredes line Rd to get to the feeder road for the highway.  I do this all of the time.  There is always a truck blocking the view of on coming traffic.  I agree it is very dangerous.  But here is the scoop - it is not illegal to park a truck on Paredes line road.  I always have to move forward very slowly until I get a clear view before I can cross Paredes.  But until they pass a law which says no parking on Paredes line road this problem will persist.

Zeke cannot seem to understand the difference between a permanently placed sign and one on a truck which is moved on a regular basis.  The sign on the truck, such as candidates have all over town is moved and driven all over town.  The sign is not in a permanent place in a way it is not moved on a regular basis. 

Anyway, Zeke knowing he has to play dirty threatened TDOT with a media report if they refused to act.  He got no where.  The Hernandez family was notified of Zeke's threats.  TDOT is not in the habit of having people threaten them with media reports.

During the day the truck is mostly being driven around town.  They still have their signs out front so nothing changes.  If I were the Hernandez family I would just park the truck at the end of the day in their parking lot with the sign facing Paredes. 

Zeke Silva is not helping Alex Dominguez - he is just proving to everyone Alex is desperate.

And as to the nonsense of the Hernandez family contacting me - it is nonsense - at least half of all the candidates have contacted me.  I have met with many of the candidates.  The candidates are loving my free advertising.   You see, Montoya wants to print lies and then complain when the candidates contact the BV to have their side of the story told.  Maybe if Montoya could learn to tell both sides, candidates would contact him.


I helped her to write her speech at her announcement.  Everything she said about updating online services - came from me.  My fee - zero - she asked where I thought there was a need for improvement and I told her.  And I would have said the same thing to any other candidate who contacted me.

So yes, about half of all the candidates have contacted me - they all know - there is never a fee. 


BobbyWC said...

I do not disagree with your comment - but I am not Montoya - unless you have picture proof I am not going to do injury to someone's business just because that person is Zeke.

Send a picture to and I will post it

Anonymous said...

Why give Zeke the time of day, it is obvious he thinks he is an expert in everything. I wonder how every time the hernandezs are involved there is Zeke. Is he a stalker? Instead of working on the issues he is always trying to give bad publicity to everyone else. Poor Mr. Dominguez!!!!

BobbyWC said...

Thanks you got it