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See first comment for further elaboration on MACDONALD's desperation

[SIDE NOTE:  I just off the phone with the preop nurse at Valley Baptist -tomorrow is my 5 year colonoscopy and an endo.  She explained to me the reason I need a double IV for dehydration is my hypothalamic dysfunction. You learn something new every day]

From the May 22, 2013 Villalobos trial

Villalobos Testimony:

"4:45 p.m.

Villalobos spoke with County Judge Hinojosa and Democratic Party Chair Michael Cowan. - also sought help from Oscar de la Fuente - ODLF was an expert on San Benito

Villalobos would see Oscar de la Fuente at work - ODLF father's business shared an alley with his family business"

Villalobos went on to say that you cannot win San Benito without ODLF so you must give him access.


Lawyers had to call his [Villalobos]  secretary for an appointment - but a lot of times people would walk in - Oscar was a huge political alley - If Oscar de la Fuente changed sides Villalobos would have lost San Benito - Villalobos says without Oscar's help he never would have won either election.

Oscar de la Fuente used his position as a San Benito Trustee to protect Villalobos family members from the gamesmanship which goes on in school districts."

The following testimony was before Villalobos

The witness on the stand is the IG [Steves] who investigated allegations by Oscar de la Fuente against several Assistant United States Attorneys[ AUSA].  This is where Villalobos has his best chance of a new trial and in fact a possible acquittal depending on what Judge Hanen finds.  Under Federal Rule of Procedure 60(b)(2)(3) with either new evidence concerning Oscar de la Fuente [ODLF]  or evidence the DOJ committed fraud on the court - Villalobos can get a new trial or even possibly an acquittal for the fraud.

A key AUSA caught up in the ODLF mess is Castro.

August 1, 2012 - Steves interviewed Castro - Final decision on investigation of Castro - dated Dec 13, 2012 - IG DOJ could not substantiate any of ODLF's claims - this is odd because the school superintendent verified ODLF intervened to get  Mary Castro a job

During the break not a person in the courtroom or reporter I spoke with believed a word of IG Steves.  It was clear he was covering for the AUSA's being accused of corruption by ODLF.

This is why I had to make the following observation.  When an AUSA has to impeach the credibility of their own witness you know the AUSA is panicking.  Wynne heard what we all heard - the testimony of Stevens which had no credibility.

"AMAZING - AUSA WYNNE IS  destroying ODLF credibility to protect AUSA's - in a million years I never thought I would see AUSA impeach their own witness's credibility - they were trapped into this - can you smell the stench?"

In my opinion the immunity ODLF received had nothing to do with his testimony against Villalobos . It was to buy silence on what he knew about various AUSAs.  ODLF's testimony was like a bad actor reading from a script.  I do not doubt Villalobos was guilty of some of what ODLF testified to, but not all of it.  The DOJ used ODLF to inflame the jury to make things appear worse than they were - hence the fraud on the court.  FRCP60(b)(3)  In the hands of a competent attorney I believe they can get Villalobos a new trial with the removal of United States Attorney Robert Pitmann as the US Attorney overseeing the case.

Do not forget in my own case which Montoya and those paying him tried to use against me the DOJ argued and the judge agreed the allegations against Limas and Villalobos were fanciful and without merit.  We all know this is a lie.  The DOJ had no problem outright lying to a federal judge in my case.  The briefs by the DOJ lawyers in my case form a foundation that the DOJ lawyers were willing to lie to a federal judget.  The court of appeals agreed with me and ordered a FRCP 60 hearing, once I filed with the court the indictments of Villalobos and Limas.  I was just too sick to pursue it.


I find it disingenuous that AUSA Surovic is worried about Villalobos undermining the DA's office with deals, while he has no concern about the impact ODLF is having on our elections and elected officials.

There is a reason why DA Saenz has taken no action against ODLF and Villalobos told us that reason - you cannot win a county wide election without San Benito and ODLF controls the vote there. [so they believe]

You now know why Art McDonald, Dan Sanchez and Luis Saenz have ties to ODLF.

The DOJ used ODLF because he was useful in exciting the jury against Villalobos with some perjured testimony.  His testimony at times was just too scripted.  ODLF had the goods on several AUSA's so the DOJ gave him a pass - but he had to overstate his relationship with Villalobos.

Luis Saenz and Art McDonald ignore the truth about ODLF because they want his support in San Benito.

If you think anything has changed it has not. 

Yes Villalobos belongs in jail - but the biggest criminal conduct remains in place and the players remain unpunished.  We have gained nothing through the conviction of Villalobos and Limas.


BobbyWC said...

I do not want to post this in the original story because it will distract from the main focus - but McDonald not MACDONALD - is losing it and his paid for hack to too far gone to even know how to spell his client's name.

From Montoya


Also - almost too surreal to believe Montoya wrote it - you can tell with his writing he does not proof anything - with excited fingers he just blows his load of nonsense without any the semblance of control

"This blogger even went as far as to post a photo of a campaign sign in front of law office placed there by MacDonald supporters that he says is proof positive that there is a corrupt heart beating in Mac's chest because the attorney who works there was involved in the Able Limas scandal (?).

Okay it is Abel not Able

But here is the kicker - Judge Hanen said the evidence against Oscar de la Fuentes is overwhelming - and according to Montoya ODLF was just someone tied to the Abel Limas case - no dude - the Villalobos case - big time. he confessed to endless crimes.

But no one has alleged any wrongdoing by Robles and this is enough for Montoya to then go on and indict him as a co-criminal with Solis.

It is the writing of desperation. McDonald has lost it - will he lose the election I do not know

This is from Art McDonald post on his own Facebook page. The "ONLY" is a manic statement of desperation

"Come be part of BPOA candidate forum and meet the ONLY qualified judge for Cameron County Court at Law No. 1, Judge Arturo A. McDonald, Jr. Action starts at 5:30 p.m. Thursday 1-23-14 at the Brownsville VFW."

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Did meltdown by MACDONALD CAUSE Montoya to take down his stupid post

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Before Montoya took it down - do not fret Arty my boy - it is printed already


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Anonymous said...

Castro and ODLF have made plenty of back door deals . Castro referred him clients which "somehow"made it to Limas's court one even admits to paying Limas. ODLF claimed he expected lower sentences for his clients.You should read Blaycock's motion for Lucio.

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for the heads up- I will look into it

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Thanks for the heads up- I will look into it

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Federal prosecutors stated they had reasonable cause to believe ODLF had been committing crimes since 2006 and yet they continued negotiating cases with him for five years after that.Seems to me like they got some explaining to do.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, it appears you have struck a nerve with Montoya and his cohorts.The negative stories about you and/or the spinning of something your looking into should only let you know he wants to distract you from the truth.I hope that you realize that and that it empowers you to carry on.

BobbyWC said...

You have no idea how empowered I am. I am looking at a document which verifies Montoya's extortion scheme against Abelardo Gomez. he is no longer afraid of Montoya. he knows the truth is known

I can also tell you the support from elected officials all over Cameron county has been strong. Political machines are organizing against, McDonald, Pena, Sotelo, Dominguez and Begum. they have angered a lot of people.

At Bingo everyone in my group of 10 told me they were voting for Erin and Ernie [those who can on Ernie] they said they got nasty phone calls which made them mad.

I can also say the workers at the Knghts of Columbus were happy with my post concerning Pena - he is not well liked -they know he only shows up when he wants something

Bobby WC

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Screw em,Haters gonna hate.The search of truth is a noble cause.Unfortunately ,it seldom makes you popular.I am happy to see Gomez waking up.This whole Saenz ,ODLF,Fed triangle stinks to high Heaven.Judge Hanen must know this ,and if his recent ruling re: the Federal Govt aiding and abetting the coyote/narcos in illegal smuggling of aliens into the US is any indication...He will call a spade a spade and rule accordingly .The Saenz and Ernie and Erin fiasco reeks just as bad ;in particular that the Feds gave him some office space to intimidate /interrogate potential witnesses.Have you seen the infamous 302's? Cameron County's political and Judicial scene would make a great reality show.

BobbyWC said...

On the 302's I think I was offered them - I have security measures in place at my home and over my person. I have rules - I needed to know with whom I was dealing before I accepted what was being offered - not agreement to meet has been made - in fact we seem to no longer be talking

I can only do so much - but I will not change my security measures - and I have rules to measure authenticity - you either meet my rules or it is a no go

bobby WC