Sunday, February 16, 2014


I am not saying he has been released.  If you check a list of BOP the private company which handles this area is listed. Click It is my understanding Villalobos is suppose to be in CI Willacy County.  He would not have been part of the disturbance at the facility several days ago because he is in protective custody.  I just checked Pacer - he had not been released.  So where do they have Armando Villalobos ?- of course it can all be a typo by a clerk.

This story came from a  tip - it could be a distraction or a story - I will continue to look into it

Monday - why is the DOJ using bogus arguments to seek a gag order on Villalobos.



Anonymous said...

How different is a regular campaign report from a PAC report. Joe Rivera has both when I was checking online, but the friends of Joe Rivera has not filed a report ever it looks like, at least it is not on the Voter Registration Office link.

BobbyWC said...

I have not seen anything concerning such a PAC - so I do not know - maybe they filed it in Austin

Bobby WC