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Without DOJ oversight and intense interviews by the FBI of the key players, this election is not trustworthy. This election is simply too fraught with fraud to be considered valid. Months ago I learned something about Chris Davis which caused me grave concern. I decided to let it go because everyone is entitled to poor judgment at least once. But now I am convinced that DA Saenz has learned about Chris Davis' unethical conduct as the Elections Administrator and is using it against him to control the election for the result Saenz wants.


This act resulted in successful complaints against Alex Dominguez, Mary Esther Garcia, and Pete Avila.   Remember Alex months ago I posted that the source was a Republican and you were looking in the wrong direction.


There are at least 2 crimes when someone votes from a fraudulent address. Chris Davis' initial response to my concern was he did not know if it was a crime and appeared to have no interest in finding out.  This proved to me his claim he was going to fight fraud in this election to be one big bogus lie.  He had become compromised.  His response should have been, "I will check on it and get back with you."

 I know my business - when you file a criminal complaint you better have your documented evidence lined up, and when it comes from a governmental agency it better be authenticated. 

Chris Davis made me play 50 questions with him over the simple issue of - did Juan Montoya vote using the OPI Rd address or the Weslaco address.  I have no way of knowing if the information being posted by Chris Davis is what is on the voter registration card, or the address actually used when a ballot was handed to Montoya - it makes a big difference as to which laws were broken.  I am not going to file a complaint until I know for sure.  There was no reason for Chris Davis to turn rude and unprofessional while turning it into the game of 50 questions.

The other issue is, certification of the document.   Both Chris Davis and now the county attorney's office has made clear, without a court subpoena he will not certify the address Montoya used for voting purposes.  I have the document.  Chris Davis stated no certification process exists.  Every government document is subject to certification.  Chris Davis knows this, but is playing games to protect Montoya - and that gets me to the why?

His emails reached the point of being outright rude and unprofessional.  It got to the point that I threw in some levity to maybe calm things down, by suggesting that if he were represented by counsel his lawyer would love how he answers questions with nearly no information.  My questions were not complex.  Was the information posted on his office web page a reflection of what address Montoya used for his ballot or what was on his voter registration card?  Not complex - but it lead to a very rude and unprofessional response with the final response being he will not certify his own document as true and accurate because no such process exists.  If he actually believes this then he never should have been hired.
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DA Luis Saenz has not changed.  He still uses his office as a weapon to prosecute based on money, and settling scores.  This article is part of what is going to the AG to seek the criminal prosecution of Juan Montoya for voting from a fraudulent address.  His old bond documents show that during his multiple arrests for DWI his address changed from OPI to Weslaco.  We all know of the bogus political ads under the name of JA Sandoval using Montoya's old address.  We all know that every candidate who is reporting payments to Montoya is using the Weslaco address and not the OPI rd address.
I am also sending the emails involving Chris Davis to show his unethical conduct in leaking to me the fact Alex Dominguez was in violation of the Texas Ethics Rules.  I do not want to hear it was his job - if it was then why not file the complaint himself?
There is a reason why the feds by-passed Saenz in the indictment of Sonia Solis and they will by-pass Saenz in the indictment of Juan Montoya, assuming the AG refuses to act.
* When is it appropriate for federal prosecutors to intervene in election «fraud» matters?
 "3. Prosecutor of last resort. Where federalization is required in order to redress longstanding patters of electoral fraud, either at the request of state or local authorities, or in the face of longstanding inaction by state authorities who appear to be unwilling or unable to respond under local law.
4. Link to other crimes. Where there is a factual basis to believe that fraudulent registration or voting activity is sufficiently connected to other from of criminal activity that perusing the voter fraud angle will yield evidence useful in the prosecution of other categories of federal offense."


The DOJ knows everything they need to know when it comes to DA Saenz and the politiqueras


If someone working for the Hernandez family voted from a fraudulent address Mary Helen Flores would be in DA Saenz's office demanding their immediate arrest.  But in this case it is her pathological liar compadre who she has openly endorsed in his lies and deceptions, so Mary Helen Flores remains silent.  She lied about her encounter with Zeke Silva because lying is what con artists do. Eventually her Facebook posts proved she lied and that in fact she did tell people Zeke Silva was Casimiro Mas.  She had no problem going to Montoya to help with her lies - because that is what she is a liar and con artist,
She claims to want to end the use of vans taking mentally fragile residents from adult day car centers - but remained silent when Cariño's showed up with a van load of residents at the library to vote.  I am sure it has nothing to do with the below pictures.



After federal prosecutors verified in writing Sonia Solis harvested mail-ballots for Abelardo Gomez, where was Mary Helen Flores to denounce Abelardo Gomez - dead silent - why?  Because it does not fit her pathologically lying lips which want people to believe it was the Hernandez family which benefitted from Sonia Solis.  Now come the 4th we may learn the Hernandez family also benefited from the illegal conduct of Sonia Solis.  But for now the only known evidence shows it was Abelardo Gomez and Mary Helen Flores the queen of Cameron County Association of Con Artists [CAVA]remains silent.

Mary Helen Flores vilified the politiqueras for mail-ballot harvesting, but where was she when it was proved Alex Dominguez, and Mary Esther Garcia hired Herminia Becerra?  Dead silent like a good con artist.

In Mary Helen Flores corrupted convoluted mind she thinks she is helping Cameron County by replacing the old guard who engaged fraud with new groups whose fraud she will ignore because they are willing to worship her.  No Mary Helen - we must remove all of the fraud.  You Mary Helen do not get to decide which fraud is acceptable - none of it is acceptable.


To Mary Helen Flores, if my source will sign the affidavit that you have been advising the Dominguez campaign and in fact met with Alex to demand he dump Zeke Silva - you can kiss your 501c3 status goodbye.

I will work on getting everything to the DOJ and FBI today - if possible  There is a 50/50 chance I am off to NY in the morning until the 6th.  I would stay longer but Texas week has the planes coming into Brownsville starting on the 7th full, plus I have a doctor's appointment I cannot miss on the 7th.  If this happens I will miss the Sonia Solis sentencing hearing.  A family member just had their 5th heart attack - I will see how things are going this evening when I call NY.  If she is stable and out of the hospital I will wait until after Spring Break  I have tons of miles so jumping on a plane at the last minute for free is never a problem.


Anonymous said...

Zeke is not running for office so why are you on him all the time. Does he really intimidate the Hernandez that much?

BobbyWC said...

First of all you need to ask the Hernandez family your question. he certainly does not intimidate me - I thought he was going to cry the day I refused to shake his hand during a press conference then held by his boss.

Zeke is Dominguez campaign manager so his conduct during the campaign is an issue.

In this story he was only a footnote to someone else - Mary Helen's lies. Had Mary Helen's lies not been an issue his name would not have been mentioned

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Guys, I will not allow you to use the BV to post outright lies - If I said anything you are saying I said - It has been prove you can copy and paste them from my blog - just post the original link.

As to what came out of the Facebook postings - Mary Helen clearly stated Zeke was Casimiro Mas - her claim to me otherwise was a lie - you can claim these Facebook posts do not exist, but the BV posted them - so move on and post your lies where you know they are welcome.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Montoya has his minion followers that want no part of cleaning up the corruption Cameron County faces. He is part of the old mentality in CC. His blog is a store where one goes shopping for fictitious stories about their political opponents.

Anonymous said...

Your life must be very scary. It looks like to me that you strive to be a big fish in a small pond and you try to make yourself bigger by demeaning others. You have established a pattern of attacking others that are trying to make a difference. They all become con men or frauds or ignorant law violators. You seem to think you have the ability to see their motives and to know what they are thinking (and to you their thoughts are never well intentioned) But, as far as I can tell, with the exception of Montoya, you are the only one that's been convicted of anything. Not infrequently you damn others for the sin of not agreeing with you ---“if so and so doesn’t join me in denouncing (insert behavior) then that proves they are a (insert insult/accusation)”---- Maybe they just don’t want to fight that particular battle or maybe they just don’t agree with you. You damn others for reading the Herald but you read it yourself (on line or home delivery, you are still reading the Herald). You claim to be document driven but often make serious accusations about others without substantiating them. Frequently, in my opinion, your “evidence” involves jumping to conclusions that seem unsupported by the little information you provide. Besides, I don’think saying “everybody knows” is much evidence.
And I was astonished to read once that you cited a dislike of talking about yourself as one reason you did not run for office. Are you really so lacking in insight that you do not know that you talk about yourself all the time. One could look back in you archives and know a significant amount regarding your extended family, sexual practice and frequency, medical condition, mental health history, pets and home.
I have gone from thinking you were perhaps eccentric, to thinking maybe you had something to say to thinking that you are a bully and a fraud. Maybe not but it is what I think.
You are one of the reasons good people do not run for office. Who would want to give you an opportunity to tee off on them not because they did anything wrong but because you misunderstood something or disagreed with something or jumped to an incorrect conclussion?
You, sir, are part of the problem.

BobbyWC said...

I let one of your BS comments through and rejected the other.

As is always with the case with people like you, your never address what I have posted.

So you are okay with Chris Davis as the elections administrator taking sides in an election. I am not - and in this case the victim is Alex Dominguez, which lead to then Mary Ester Garcia - how is me exposing this helping the Hernandez family.

Alex Dominguez has the right to know the elections administrator is impartial and not trying to help one camp over the over.

But of course you never addressed this.

Do you really believe that Chris does not know it is illegal to vote from a fraudulent address? Do you? Because if this is okay then any candidate can have their entire extended family register fraudulently so they can vote for their family member - had the Hernandez family done this you can bet the blogs would be filled with demands for mass arrests

You are fooling no one.

I will when I woke from my nap I had a text that Chris Davis did run out to the Central Library to stop a violation by the Leo Lopez camp.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Seems as if you got under someones skin there Bobby. You see, in Brownsville the line between the crooks and the non-crooks is so blurred that sometimes people delude themselves into thinking their on the "good" side. This guy appears to now want to attack you because you got too close to making him open his eyes to his own reality. Keep up the pressure. You are making a difference. Whether or not there will be any lasting benefit is yet to be seen.

BobbyWC said...

When Amber Medina wrongfully attacked Oscar X Garcia I came to his defense - according to Montoya this was me attacking someone who advertises with him.

The only dirty part of this election has come from Montoya being paid by some really bad people and all I have done is point out these people are like calling the kettle black.

When I was fed a ton of stuff against Elia Cornejo Lopez campaigning for her husband -0 I rejected it - it was perfectly legal - it was Montoya at Dominguez request who turned that nasty.

You have not seen me say anything negative about Leo Lopez or Gerry Linal - well until today and that was to report Chris Davis went to the library to stop an improper act by the Leo Lopez camp- but that was the Elections Administrator doing his job - not me being paid by someone to trash Leo.

In the County Clerk race - other than provide the candidates free advertising nothing from the BV - but then Montoya is not being paid to publish lies about anyone in that race.

In the District Clerk race - I rejected all of the filth Cris Valadez tried to put out there about Eric Garza.

I asks the three leading candidates the hardest question they could face - only Nelda responded. Eric and Rosie refused to address the issue of the corruption under their watch.

In the race between Gonzales and Robles - from day one I said Robles had a very difficult uphill battle - that race went negative after Gonzales paid Montoya to trash Robles with disinformation - had he not done that his 302 never would have made it to the internet.

How McDonald is even worried is beyond me - but he panicked and paid Montoya to trash Zarate - so he got some of his own medicine back at him and cried all the way home to mama.

there is a lesson here people - stop paying Montoya to publish trash about people and you can run clean elections without all of the drama

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, I have a question that has been for years in my head and never thought to ask anyone until now. How does an election judge verify mail-in ballots for any city election and what makes this person ("election judge") know that each person actually lives or even resides at such address? This is an old practice and has been in place for as long as I know, why do we continue to accept mail-in's as a valid form of voting? Aren't we in the 21st Century? This type of voting should never be accepted and should in fact be abolished!

BobbyWC said...

The state of Washington does not have a problem with it and it is how you vote - by mail

But on Wednesday Sonia Solia will be sentenced for voting 5 times by mail.

The system in Texas invites voter fraud. and there is no desire to fix it. The Texas mail-ballot process invites fraud. There will be fraud this time around. Some politiqueras still worked the harvesting of mail ballots - the numbers are low but when you expect a runoff the harvesting does not become a problem until the runoff. Hopefully those who did it did it with the help of the government so as to entrap the candidates.

I really have no solution. The voter ID helped some, but it is too easy to forge a signature and request a mail ballot for someone mentally infirm without them even knowing about it.

The election judge process is also fraught with fraud. They are there to protect one side or the other. Chris Davis has offered and provided a lot of training but that does not mean they will follow it.

Based on what I have leaned I am hoping the feds will send someone to interview the owners and workers at Carino adult day care because there appears to have been fraud concerning the people driven to vote at the library.

The one case I know where Chris Davis went out to the library to stop the fraud by a candidate in terms of showing their signs too close to the polls, the election officials at the library just ignored the complaints and refused to act - a private citizen had to demand Chris Davis go to the library to correct he abuses - so the election judges are worthless

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

" I let one of your BS comments through and rejected the other."
I only made one comment, BS or otherwise. I know you will call me a liar but I don't care. Second, you made part of my point for me. I didn't mention a single name or behavior nor did I refer to any political office. You did your usual trick and jumped to a conclusion that is wrong. Clearly, my post was about the totality of your blog and not about Davies in other then a general way. I have no experience with him and do not feel competent to judge at this time. However, given the track record of some of our previous election administrators, I wouldn't be overly surprised at what he does and does not know. Just because you make an assertion isn't enough for me because I have come to question much of what you say. I did neglect, in my single previous post, to mention that I did once frequently agree with you at one time but I know why I have reached the conclusions I have reached but when I read the substance of many of your accusatory posts I find the conclusions you reach are not supported by the evidence you cite (I am not saying they are always wrong, I am saying you often don't or can't prove it up) and you are not immune to making the occasional damning statement without any supporting proof at all. This is bullying and it is not right despite what you and your "ditto heads" think.

"As is always with the case with people like you, your never address what I have posted"
By the way, I notice you often fail to address what I post. Try not to be anymore of hypocrite then you can help.
By the way, I loved the statement "people like you". I think I am going to make it my go to phrase. In can mean anything at all. What a great way to demean and bully someone without actually saying anything. "People like you" Do you mean people of my ethnicity, sexual orientation education or maybe you mean people with the ability to detect a bully when they see one?
Or maybe it is just a poorly constructed sentence and you meant to say that I am well liked. If that is the case then I apologize.
I guess the way you do things is what is expected from people like you. Yeah, I like it. Thanks.

BobbyWC said...

people like you means people who throw out conclusory statements and never address the issue - it is that simple - and you still do not address the issue.

Just because for proof you want me to disclose a source I will not - I trust me readers will look to the totality of my track record and form an opinion as to whether or not I am trust worthy

And as is always the case with people like you - you fail to and paste one example to prove your point - this allows me to refute what you are saying - hence you make no effort to do so

bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

This is he only part of your comment I can use.

"Bobby, thank you so much for exposing Mary Helen Flores! Montoya's blog is so heavily moderated that he rejects any comments that contain even the smallest amount of truth in them because they will discredit his bogus stories. Mary Helen Flores is for sale. She will not openly endorse a candidate but she will definately promote them as "etical" once they sign her stupid pledge. How many candidates have upheld their promise to that pledge? - ZERO. In fact, on election day look at how many mail-ins her friends get. Look at Begum, Pena, Zavaleta, Garzoria and even the DA himself, Saenz. Their plan - Scare the opposition into not using mail-ins and in the meantime harvest all the votes using politiqueras and on election day act surprised."

My Comment:

As to whether or not there will be mail ballot harvesting in this election I do not know - but I hope the FBI takes the lead and interviews those in the Democratic primary who voted by mail to insure all was done legally. they should not ask who they voted for - they simply need to make sure it was done legally. then if it was done illegally, they need to get a court order to ask the person who they voted for.

The secret ballot must be protected unless a judge orders otherwise

Bobby WC