Monday, February 24, 2014


Art McDonald has had more than enough time to take down his sign in front of Oscar de la Fuente's office. The sign belongs to Art McDonald. I took this picture on Friday while in Harlingen on business. The question is, why not remove the sign?  Armando Villalobos gave us the answer.

For the record, I expect to post the Art McDonald FBI 302 Interview this week. 

Villalobos Testimony:
"4:45 p.m.

Villalobos spoke with County Judge Hinojosa and Democratic Party Chair Michael Cowan. - also sought help from Oscar de la Fuente - ODLF was an expert on San Benito

Villalobos would see Oscar de la Fuente at work - ODLF father's business shared an alley with his family business"

Villalobos went on to say that you cannot win San Benito without ODLF so you must give him access.


Lawyers had to call his [Villalobos]  secretary for an appointment - but a lot of times people would walk in - Oscar was a huge political alley - If Oscar de la Fuente changed sides Villalobos would have lost San Benito - Villalobos says without Oscar's help he never would have won either election.

Oscar de la Fuente used his position as a San Benito Trustee to protect Villalobos family members from the gamesmanship which goes on in school districts."


ODLF remains free not because he testified against Armando Villalobos, but because had the DOJ charged him he would have taken down members of the DOJ.  David Gonzales III remains free because as the ADA in charge of forfeitures he knows the truth concerning Dannebaum.

This entire thing is a tragedy.  The conviction of Armando Villalobos, while valid, is just smoke and mirrors to protect the DOJ and their friends.  - More on Miles Huchinson, former head of the local FBI, tomorrow.

DA Luis Saenz has had plenty of time to return the donation given to him by ODLF.  He sees no reason to - ODLF will continue to call the election in San Benito and every corrupt elected official or wannabee elected official will bow down to ODLF.  This is the problem.

This is why DA Luis Saenz had not sought an indictment against ODLF.  The key player is 100% protected by the DOJ, DA Saenz and every corrupt elected official is running to ODLF for support in San Benito.

Everyone in San Benito know Nelda Abrego aka Ibarra works for ODLF.  She is working the campaigns of Art McDonald and David Gonzales III.  While I am sure her Facebook Page will change as word of this gets out, but it is clear she is tied to McDonald, and David Gonzales III.
The corrupt DOJ to protect there own is allowing ODLF to continue to corrupt the system.
Why would anyone who believes in cleaning up the system want to be tied to ODLF?  Answer - they want the benefit of his political machine in San Benito.  The only way for the people to overcome ODLF corruption of the system is to vote against anyone seeking his help.  It is really that simple
If you doubt the power ODLF has over our elected officials and why they turn to him, just reread the David Gonzales III FBI 302 Interview  the Art McDonald 302 is coming.
If you vote for anyone tied to ODLF you are voting to keep the corruption going.  ODLF needs to learn anyone who seeks his help will lose.  Once this becomes the reality, no one will bow down to ODLF.


Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter if you are running for office or not, this is just "who you know" at its best.
This is true politics working the system that was created by the people and ODLF was a master in this. All candidates that live in San Benito or just worked close to, such as former Judge Daniel Robles, and "Robles's/ODLF" former partner, Jim Solis and even former "kiss butt" County Commissioner Edna Tamayo "she was hired by then "San Benito CISD Trustee and now setting Commissioner" David Garza.
CCC Dan Sanchez, Judges, David Sanchez, David Gonzalez III, and State Senator Father and son Eddie Lucios'... The list just keep getting longer and longer because they all ran San Benito with the ODLF camp.
Many many others that I can't remember at this time but, if you wanted to win in any area politics, this is who everyone would suck to.
Nelda Ibarra has always been a hired politicera of San Benito.
Yes, the "ODLF machine" ran SB and county.
How could a one man machine run the county? His own father ODLF senior who also was a politician in the late 70's and early 80's.

Anonymous said...

ODLF only has one vote. The people of San Benito who follow him are the crooks.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to seeing Art's 302 interview.I am happy that you have already posted DG the 3rds. I believe that with all the corruption that this county has endured by it's elected officials ,and the various LE agencies cover ups (that are continuing to corrupt the system, btw...) as well as the Media's black out, that there is a huge need for transparacy .It is refreshing to see someone rise to the challenge and follow their moral compass.Good for you.You are doing your community a great service (whether they realize it or not).Keep up the good work.

BobbyWC said...

I am trying to get the 302's of everyone running for office. there will be no exceptions - my only limitation is getting my hands on the 302's. Again - no exceptions

bobby WC

Anonymous said...

sounds like San Benito's version of E. Gamez

Anonymous said...

Wish you luck in receiving them; I never thought you would be making any exceptions.That's more Montoya's style.