Monday, February 24, 2014


"In  a potential general election matchup with state Senator Davis, Abbott leads by 11 percentage points, according to the UT poll. He’s the choice of 47 percent of respondents, while Davis gets 36 percent. That’s a jump from October, when the same pollsters found Abbott only six points up."

" The new University of Texas/Texas Tribune survey finished gathering data on Feb. 17."

"If there’s any silver lining for the likely Democratic candidate, it is that a healthy chunk of Texans, 17 percent, say they have yet to make up their minds as to their gubernatorial choice.

But Abbott enjoys higher favorable ratings among state voters than does Davis. Forty-five percent of respondents said they have a somewhat or very favorable opinion of Abbott; the comparable number for Davis is 36 percent."

Source:  Christian Science Monitor

I predict a clean sweep for the Republicans.  It is not that a Democrat cannot win a statewide office, it is they do not know how to. 

With Gilberto Hinojosa as the Party Chair for Texas, how do the Democrats claim the moral high ground.  It is really amazing to me how insolated from reality Wendy Davis already is.  Her handlers have made sure she is kept in the dark.

Has she been to the LRGV once with a message which shows she understands our needs and problems?  Nope - she comes - waves and says vote for me.  She has no idea just how despised Gilberto Hinojosa really is in the LRGV.

This should be an easy sweep for the Democrats - but they are locked into a system wherein if they ever speak the truth about the Republicans too many Democrats will also go down - so they do not use their greatest weapon at their disposal.

Politics is always the same - the greater good is never on the table - every calculation by Wendy Davis is about how it impacts her in terms of the political machine.  The Democratic Party political machine is broken beyond repair and she does not seem to know this.

Until Wendy Davis dumps the Democratic Party political machine her campaign will go no where.

Until Wendy Davis meets with the people, in more than a perfunctory manner, she will never have a message which resonates here in the LRGV.

She is a one trick pony who gained national attention over her position on abortion.  It takes more than being a one trick pony to run for statewide office.

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