Monday, February 10, 2014


I have now confirmed from law enforcement at the scene that DA Saenz's office was at the scene executing on a search warrant related to an alleged rigged contract.  Sources close to the police investigators have confirmed that the reason no one saw a concern as to the cause of death being suicide is that Escobedo the night before had learned of the search warrant which was about to be executed at his home.

I have chosen to not use his picture out of respect for his mother.

Jaime this is all the more reason for you to seek immunity on the BHA contract and take the entire lot of them down.  Show your mother you can still do the right thing.


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Your first paragraph is totally incoherent. Why can you not write a clear and intelligent sentence? By the way, what the hell is a "search warrented"?

BobbyWC said...

Why can't you even point out the mistake correctly. It was warranted not warrented. karma is a bitch hey dude - I wish I were perfect like you and never tired. I learned about this at Bingo from a reliable source - came home tired and posted it -

now when you can learn to properly type my mistakes you can act like a snotnose

For anyone interested to know - a lot of the members at the Knights of Columbus were happy with my Ruben Pena Post - they all know he only started to volunteer because he decided to run for office - with the exception of 2 people I know no one is buying his fake volunteering. When the men come back for the cooking next month I hope my food is no soiled

Bobby WC

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You just do your thing, Bobby. Forget about the haters.

BobbyWC said...

The haters empower me - I am working on two great stories for tomorrow - but the medicine is kicking in - I need a lot of help to sleep because the clock in my head no longer works. the meds are good - you get a little buzz, but do not wake up feeling bad. You wake up feeling refreshed.

They help a lot with the fatigue

My nephew won $500 tonight - we were so happy - in 1 1/2 years he won $2 once in an unusual game with 72 winners.

Anyway I am happy the VA is finally helping me to get things under control and my friends and family are helping me a lot with the problems with the hypothalamic dysfunction.

When my voice gets loud Bela will say "bobby you are breaking my ears." She is so funny. I had the best two hours with her at Dean Porter Park on Sunday.

her dad is not in the picture and she desperately wants a man in her life. I taught her the monkey bars and everything else she was afraid of - we are awesome together. She knows I respect her need to be sad sometimes and I just wait her out and then we have a blast.

She is so polite and follows all of the rules - I think she just really hates note having a dad, when all of her cousins have a dad. I can relate since my dad died when I was 5.

She is an over achiever who gets upset when she does not succeed. With me she gets an A+ on always following the rules. I always tell her it is okay to make mistakes because they help her learn.

I think I will try and spend 2 hours every Sunday with her doing what she wants - she loves the movies, zoo, park, the merry go round at the mall.

Okay - buzz feeling good - time to sleep

bobby WC

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Nice that you share your time with a child in need of a father figure.very humane thing to do. Enjoy the buzz,lol

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Bobby, this is unrelated to the current post but, isn't today the sentencing for Villalobos?

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Hello, sir. Any follow up on this story?

BobbyWC said...

No - all I can say is I made a call and verified the person who told me would have been at the scene. I did not just trust the story. I got a name of the source and then called someone who would know if the person would have been at the scene and was told yes - but I have no follow up - other than I know Bracewell has been downloading all my stories and documents about contract rigging - I am assumcing they will use the evidene against Longoria and Presas-Garcia since they were in the majority when the rigging was happening

Bobby WC

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Thank you.