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NOTE TO READERS:  To the thousands who joined yesterday - welcome.  I do not know if you were here when I covered the Villalobos trial, or are new for the first time.  A blog is not a newspaper.  No one pays me a penny for anything.  This is all self financed. [save $300 donated to finance the $800 investment in the mobile internet device]  The corruption which was brought out during the Villalobos trial happened because the mainstream press is always worried of losing readers or advertisers if they speak against the wrong person - I do not care if I get down to one reader - I will speak the truth.  Based on personal knowledge I can track the institutionalized corruption to  former judge Darryl Hester who never met a corrupt deal or a corrupt judge he would not run cover for.  In those days all the documents were sent to the Brownsville Herald and is always the case with the Brownsville Herald they declared the corruption - not newsworthy.

In my post today - the most important thing said by AUSA Surovic is not in the Herald.  Selective journalism to protect the sitting DA is not journalism at all.  I confirmed what was said with other reporters to insure it was said. - Coffee and then I will finish the post

Original Post

From the Monitor - quoting federal judge Andrew Hanen "An extensive federal investigation found corruption in the Cameron County’s legal system and judiciary to be so pervasive that most people probably wouldn’t believe it — “unless they heard it themselves,” U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen said in 2013."

The US Attorney's office nails Saenz a second time - the entire story and Judge Hanen's comments about Oscar de la Fuente. Also Villalobos is not done. The negotiations remain ongoing. Today was just the US Attorney letting Villalobos know he needs to do a better job in giving up people. Judge Hanen made clear to Villalobos, what ever he is going to do he better get done before Judge Hanen loses jurisdiction and can "fix" things - there are a lot of sealed events. There is no doubt Villalobos is singing - he is just not singing enough.  Judge Hanen wants the deal done before he loses jurisdiction.

Get this, with Villalobos heading to a federal lock-up, they allowed him to use his credit card to pay for his appeal.  I am assuming his family will pay the bill when it comes.


The issue before Judge Hanen was whether or not Villalobos should remain free until given a report date to federal prison or should be remanded to custody now.  Many arguments were made - but this is the only one which really matter

AUSA Gregory Surovic said - Villalobos is still practicing in the criminal courts in Cameron county and is cutting deals with his former friends.  Whose office was he referring to - Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz.

Now compare this to the testimony the same US attorney's office put on during the Eddie Lucio trial.

"The convicted drug trafficker said he once paid $3,000 to Villalobos and $1,000 to then-special prosecutor Luis Saenz to avoid prison time"

See Valley Central

An Assistant United States Attorney does not throw the sitting DA under the bus twice unless he is target.  DA Luis Saenz took campaign money from Oscar de la Fuente and has failed to return it.  In fact according to Oscar de la Fuente Saenz Saenz office has agreed to dismiss cases against his clients.

Yesterday, United States District Court Judge Andrew Hanen stated on the record that the evidence against Oscar de la Fuente is overwhelming.  How then is it possible DA Saenz has yet to indict Oscar de la Fuente based on a sworn to confession in his testimony during the Villalobos trial?

"This is learned from a request to the federal court by DA Luis V. Saenz’s office for a transcript of the testimony of attorney Oscar de la Fuente Jr."


This is back in June.  De la Fuente under oath admitted to crime after crime.  There is nothing to investigate.  You take his sworn to testimony to the grand jury and obtain your indictments.   So why has Saenz not done this?  Could there be an easier indictment for his bogus public integrity unit to obtain?

Saenz has failed to return the campaign donations he received from Oscar de la Fuente, after his role in the corruption case against Villalobos was well known.

During a hearing on Margarita Ozuna, Oscar de la Fuente walked into the courtroom and announce to the judge that he had cut a deal with Saenz's office to have criminal charges dropped against his client. 

There is also the issue of the $6,000 Saenz took from Alex Begum who does not even have a criminal practice.  Josefina Canales was then charged with obscene language to wit:  calling Alex Begum's mother a fake - that's right if you donate $6,000 to DA Saenz he will prosecute anyone who calls your mother a fake.  The case remains pending waiting on the new judge to decide if he will dismiss the charges or allow Saenz to ad new charges now that the story has broken on the absurdity of the original charges.


Nothing has changed.

And based on what I learned in the federal court house yesterday - shit hit the fan when the high ups learned Saenz was allowed to use the FBI interrogation room to interview witnesses related to the Hernandez claims under the guise it was the FBI doing the interview and investigation.  Everything said and learned is not inadmissible.  The FBI fully intends to cooperate with the victims to keep their office out of a claim of conspiracy.


Anonymous said...

Did the AUSA state" who knows what deals he is making with his buddies in Saenz's office"? Or did he only state "his buddies" . Could you please clarify? Also are we to understand that the FBI knew that Saenz was using their space to intimidate witnesses or that they recently found out and were not so happy? I am a little confused between the posts from yesterday and today. I would like to fully understand . I do appreciate the details,which is why I enjoy your posts . If you would be so kind as to take a moment and clarify. I thank you in advance for your cooperation .

Anonymous said...

"I can track the institutionalized corruption to former judge Darryl Hester who never met a corrupt deal or a corrupt judge he would not run cover for."
Easy to say. Prove it! I challenge you.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, it is obvioius you admire Judge Hanan's professionalism - I think we all do. This is in no way an attack on him, but it is rumored that mayor Martinez hired Diane Dillard, Hanan's wife, to do some of his top secret real estate deals at the city. All of this with the hopes that Judge Hanan would recommend Martinez' wife to become a federal judge herself. You're clearly free to not post this but perhaps you can look into it. It upsets me that Martinez is trying to benefit himself and his wife at the expense of our community.

BobbyWC said...

On the first question great question to help with clarification. on the fbi how using there office came about is not clear to me. what i know for sure top officials were not happy and they want to distance themselves. but to be fair thet could just ne running for cover. on saenz and surovic i cannot remember the exact language hence no quotes. but they argument was clear he does not trust the deal making. note i was careful to not say any particular buddy. none were named. but if they trusted saenz office then they would not be concerned with the deal making. on hester i am not going to pull 20+ years of old files. but on of the hidalgo district judges he ran cover for killed himself

BobbyWC said...

Federal judgships generally go through the senators. in texas both are republican and wpuld not tske a call from martinez. for the record diane dillard is a highly respected and competent attorney. but go back to my coverage yesyerdsy and look for the first wow

BobbyWC said...

On the bogus comment basically demsmding i buy the transcript it is not going to hsppen i checkef with other reporters. the clear argument wad villalobos is making deals and they do not trust what is hsppening. now instead of playing games explain oscar de la fuente. if the doj trusts daenx why did they call ramos to testify about the alleged bribe

Anonymous said...

I don't think the DOJ trusts any of them.

Anonymous said...

What's going on with the grammar and spelling? Looking at your picture of the DA going out of control is getting to you. As per the earlier comment, the community would greatly appreciate you taking the challenge in order for you to prove your statement.

Anonymous said...


BobbyWC said...

Spelling on comments is because im doing them on my cell and dp not have the time. as to proving what surovic sd i am not buying the transcript. my loyal readers know i am not going to say something is in a transcript when it is not. let saenz buy the transcript and then post it
i have no fears

BobbyWC said...

Im waiting on an ag opinion

Anonymous said...

How come when I asked Emma about the AUSA making the remark of Villalobos making deals with DA Saenz she said she didn't hear anything of the sort.. as well as the other reporters that were there. Why is it only you heard it? Was everybody asleep and you were awake..or maybe you are just making it up to give Luis a bad rap to defend the Hernandez? It is hard to belive this comment if no one else picked up on it. Like you said it should have been the Headline. Not even you made it your HEADLINE so what gives Bobby. Is your hatred towards Luis Saenz causing you to sneak in a lie while you write you story to make it real? This is not like you. You are becoming just like your worst nightmare Montoya... Sorry to say it.

BobbyWC said...

You are a liar - I spoke with every other reporter - how I know you are a liar - the AP lawyer is no where around for you to speak with him -

I spoke with a report who called me last night to clarify the appeal issue. We specifically talked again about what was said. I asked each reporter so you are a liar - the biggest proof is you have no access to the AP reporter - like I said have Saenz order that part of the transcript - it is there

Emma did claim she did not hear it - did she also tell you she kept on leaving the courtroom because she was sick. Did you forget to post that part - did you forget to post the part wherein Emma was saying she did not hear it because she is sick and was having a hard time hearing everything = hum another convenient thing to leave out

Bobby WC