Saturday, February 1, 2014


Before I post his response I want to add a few words. First, on the timeliness of your response and willingness to respond "A+" There was no delay in my mind, I can assure you. Second, I was not suggesting that you were hiding anything - my issue was Montoya's endless double standards.

And if you note, I went out of my way to explain how this happens to small businesses including myself. It is how we handle it which matters to me. So I would not fret - the IRS is an issue - just be honest. Everyone knows running a small business is not easy, and it is in fact the backbone of new jobs in this country. I have a lot of respect for the small business person and the problems they face. 

In fact one of the reasons I gave to some friends about opening a full service gym in Brownsville is - god are there too many regulations.  Yes, as someone on the extreme left - the overwhelming number of regulations keeps me from opening a small business.  It is not that regulations are bad, we just need to simplify the process with one form for the state and one form for the federal government, which covers everything. 

Please do not forget all of your campaign events also get free advertising along with any flyers or push cards.  I recommend that every candidate create a resume of qualifications and have it posted to the BV.

Here is his response.

"Roberto Kornegay-Esquivel

I apologize for the delay, things are pretty busy as you can well imagine. This is my first time running for any office and things are moving so fast in unfamiliar territory, but I am learning to handle the pace. I want to thank you so much for your interest and your work in keeping the public informed. In answer to your question, my driver’s license does say Roberto, as do all my documents. . Because I am known by my middle name, as near as I could tell and was told by people who read these election forms a lot that when you have a situation like mine, the forms treat it as a nickname and I consistently style my name that way on all the election forms I have to submit. I don’t know how it happened, but that is the way it is printed and the people who know me will find me on the ballot. Things just sometime happen and Amber Medina and I have put this issue to rest I have started to read your blog since you pointed me in the right direction. I was not trying to hide that I have a Lien with the IRS and everyone involved in my campaign knows it as well. It is as you know public information. It is not something I am happy about, but look forward to be clear of this matter.
  • Roberto Kornegay-Esquivel
  • Thank you for posting a link to our FB page the pic you used is fine with us but let me know if you feel it's appropriate for your readers or want some other Campaign pic. Best wishes, Roberto Kornegay Esquivel

    Anonymous said...

    Wow! A candidate that can write. I don't know this gentleman but like his response quite a bit.

    BobbyWC said...

    And he did not run from the issue

    Bobby WC