Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Begum's knowledge of the law is so lacking it blows my mind he is allowed in the courthouse. There is not doubt that he is funding Montoya in retaliation for me exposing the truth about the fake Princess Yolanda Begum.

The evidence of malice is overwhelming.  Defamation by omission is malice in and of itself. 

You see, Alex Begum is so stupid, he thinks by defaming me my readers will ignore the documents I post.  This is the level of his intelligence - or lack thereof.   Vindictive DA Saenz is over the edge.  In my opinion Ernie Hernandez can have his entire indictment quashed, but the fear of Saenz is keeping the motion from being filed. 

In Cameron county the lawyers have been winging it for so long they do not even know the basics - the first act after an indictment is to secure the names of the grand jurors.  you look to the names of anyone who lives in an area bordering Hidalgo or Willacy county.   You would be surprised how often the DA will sit as a grand juror someone who technically lives in another county, but next door to someone who lives in Cameron county.  None of this is done in Cameron county because the lawyers by nature are lazy and have been made that way through years of corruption in the process. There is an entire list of things which disqualify someone from being a grand juror, and indicts are quashed on this defect.

I will see what I can post in terms of today's defamation per se post bought and paid for by Begum. Leaving out key facts which are proven by documents in his possession is defamation per se, by omission..  It is a defamation by omission if the fact is material.  You will note, Montoya left out the report by the psychiatrist which is in the file.  No evidence of mental illness.  This is defamation per se by omission.  Alex see you, McDonald, Oscar X. Garcia, Ruben Peña, Rosie Soleto, and Abelardo Gomez in court. It is called a joint enterprise - Each of you pay to support this terror journalism

Another question, would Alex Begum and others who are paying for these documents be paying for these  for Montoya if the BV was not having an impact.  They tell you no one is reading the BV and no one believes what is on the BV, but then pay a fortune to defame me.  Why?  because as my record before the Texas Ethics Commission proves , I win.  Although I just had a complaint against Alex Dominguez returned to me because they could not read the 14 on the 2014 expiration date on my license.  It will go back in the mail with a good picture of  my driver's license

Now to people born alive with  a brain, do you not think if the psychiatrist assigned to examine me had found something wrong Montoya would have posted that?  Of course he would have, but he leaves out the report because it disproves his allegation - hence defamation by omission. .  Also what the court documents show and he is not telling you is, my attorney failed to show in court and I was arrested and held without bail.  Judge David Lopez, then a criminal defense attorney, realized I had a solid appeal because the record showed I was licensed to practice law in several courts around the country, and that I at no time had I appeared in a Texas State Court  In fact they tried to stop my work in a federal case and was reprimanded by the federal judge for trying to assume jurisdiction over federal courts.

Judge David Lopez, worked out a deal where I would plea guilty, while preserving my appealable issue and then appeal.   Judge Nancarrow lost his next election over the deal, the DA was told not to run for reelection- which he did not- , and the ADA assigned to the case was immediately fired by the new DA.

The appeal was dismissed several times because the court appointed attorneys I objected to refused to work on the case.  Every motion I filed to represent myself was denied.  An unconstitutional act.  I ended up filing my own brief which addressed the fact the record showed I was admitted to practice law in several courts around the country, and that there was no evidence I ever appeared in a Texas State Court. The court of appeals refused my brief and the issue was never decided.

I'm real sick but I will see if I can find that particular file.  This cold is a killer.


On McDonald, Montoya posted the following verifiable lies.  McDonald will be put on notice to state the claims are a lie or they will be added as evidence of retaliation for my initial complaint.

 "Last Thursday morning, when one Josephina Canales (Fisher?) who is charged with harassing Yolanda Begum through electronic messages appeared at Judge Art McDonald's County Court-at-Law #1, she was accompanied by none other than [me] who immediately screamed that his First Amendment rights had been violated because he had been asked – as others were – to wait outside the room if he did not have a case to be heard. ...Robert Wightman, was accompanied into the courtroom by a television crew from Channel 4 who he had brought along to record the staged encounter"

Every above statement is false.  Daisy Barrera Martinez with Valley Central will have no problem testifying in a deposition that Montoya is a liar.  I have no idea when Josefina Fisher got there.  In fact I came to learn later her name had actually been called once before I got there.  When I got there I spoke with the bailiff who told me to stand along the wall  She did not ask me to leave because of a lack of space - point black lie.

She then went and spoke with someone and came back and ordered me out.  I asked that she inform the judge I was there as the press and she had no right to ask me to leave.  I left exactly as ordered.  Daisy Barrera Martinez with Valley Central was no where in sight..

I went to Constable Abelardo Gomez's office.  A supervisor was brought in and I was escorted back into the courtroom.  Judge McDonald's bailiff charged out of the courtroom like some like a bull out of control upon seeing the constable bring me back into the courtroom.  She was later told by Constable Gomez's staff that in the future if she ever did that again his staff is under orders to bring the press back into the courtroom.

This is the first time I even saw Daisy Martinez.  She had just sat down in an open seat.  She was by herself - there was no crew- which is why when you look at the footage you do not see her on camera - she as holding the camera.

Ed Cyg is a crazy man - the only way Montoya can quote him as to why he withdrew is if Ed broke attorney client privilege and spoke with Montoya.  See below

"In fact, her former attorney, none other than Ed Cyganowicz, had been excused by the court from representing her because, among other things, he felt she was not keeping up her end of attorney-client privilege. She was apparently discussing what they talked about in relation to her case with someone else."

You will note nowhere in his motion to withdraw does Ed Cyg mention anything claimed by Montoya, so the only way Montoya can claim this is because he is a liar or Ed Cyg told him.  Ed you are going to face the State Bar if you fail to denounce Montoya. 

Again, I am not a public figure.  I am running for no office - So why is Begum spending so much money to discredit me?  Answer, the BV is effective.  Alex - you seem hell bent on going broke being sued for defamation and barratry.  So be it.  I will get this to several Dallas firms - remember I have one year - and Alex contact someone who has actually been to law school and learn about limitations and a continuing tort.
On Ed Cyg - you are screwed for talking to Montoya - I can take you to the State Bar for bad mouthing Josefina Fisher Canales to her brother and Montoya - we both know why you are friend's with her brother.  This is what happens when you let Montoya boink you without a condom.
Guys, I will see if I can find the written findings by the psychiatrist.  Begum obviously bought the file, which is why it is defamation by omission of a material fact.


Anonymous said...

"Each of you pay to support this terror journalism."

Please elaborate on your statement. It seem that you also utilize such techniques in defending yourself or attaching other bloggers or individuals(boink you without a condom, Dick Saenz,).If you give it that you need to learn how to take it.

BobbyWC said...

there is no legal right to defamation. I am on this - lawyers in Dallas are already working on it and in fact pulling information.

I report facts - I do not leave out material information to destroy people's reputation.

When David Gracia appeared at my door I immediately ID's myself so he did not say something he may regret. We call that being honest.

I know for a fact Cris Valadez is feeding people garbage on Gracia and I am not reporting it - this time Begum is going to have to pay Montoya to report it.

I did the first time because I knew it was better for me to say no criminal act and that Jonathan was just a witness than to allow Montoya to play his psychotic games of endless defamation for pay.

Jonathan know knows the truth about Begum and how she plays - his supporters know the truth. All of this garbage coming out on him will never appear on the BV - because it is garbage from Begum

I no do not post for pay.

Everything Montoya posted on Leo Lopez I have had for weeks - I have not posted it because it is 100% bogus. I personally do not like Elia Cornejo-Lopez - she is not qualified to be a judge, but she is doing nothing wrong

We all know Begum is funneling money to Montoys under the guise of advertising. These people are beyond stupid.

This post against Leo Lopez is because Alex Dominguez is feeling the pressure he will not make the run-off. Montoya was paid to post a false story to defame Cornejo-Lopez and Leo Lopez to help Alex Dominguez.

I refused the story because the rules changed after the Nathan Hecht case which I have previously reported on.

Had I reported it everyone would have said Ernie paid me - no one has every paid me a penny for a story or guiding them through the courts.

I did not report the Lopez story because it is all bullshit and without merit. Which kind of proves I am not working with Ernie, because if I were for pay I would have reported the same bullshit story

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I read Montoya's blog purely for entertainment, just like I occasionally read a fictional novel. If I were one of his customers I would definitely demand a refund because he publishes the same things over and over yet demands constant payment. His candidates rarely win proving his lack of effectiveness as a reporter and to compel voters to, well, actually vote. He does, however, an excellent job at convincing sub-par candidates and vindictive individuals to fund his comical blog.