Friday, February 14, 2014


Again, Montoya calls Constable Abelardo Gomez a liar.  I have confirmed that he has confirmed that JP Erin Garcia immediately reported the claim that a litigant paid a staff member of hers for a favorable ruling.  So Montoya's claim to the contrary is a lie - and Constable Abelardo Gomez is willing to verify Montoya's lie to anyone in law enforcement.  Further, the person who paid the alleged bribe, lost the case on a motion to dismiss. The person who was allegedly paid the bribe was let go by Erin Garcia for other wrongful conduct. 

Notably absent from Juan Montoya's latest attack on JP Erin Garcia is the fact he was in tow on a chain like a trained monkey with Luis Sorola.

Here we go Louis - this is how an attorney gets a file for a client.  I will go slow - because I know you are legally challenged.  You file a notice of appearance and then the clerk hands you the file.  Now I will agree the file is a public record - but the basic rule is attorneys file a notice of appearance and then you get the file.

The fact he had his trained monkey Juan Montoya in tow to record the entire incident is proof there was never any intent of good faith on Sorola's part.

I check with JP Erin Garcia's office and what I was told was she was not even there and her staff was unhappy as to how they were being treated.  They called JP Garcia and she requested that Louis Sorola make a written request.  I always have to fill out a form before I get a public record - but Louis being Louis claims he is above the rules - he does not have to fill out the form, or file a notice of appearance as counsel.  If you go to the county or district clerk's office they will give you a form to complete before you get the public file.  Louis Sorola just thinks he is above the rules.

JP Erin Garcia immediately informed DA Luis Saenz of Sorola's contempt for the court, and what she is terming barbaric bullying of her staff.  We all know Luis Saenz will take no action because Sorola is free to bully anyone he wants at the courthouse with the full support of DA Luis Saenz.  But security belongs to Constable Abelardo Gomez - this could be a good show down between the two

I was not there, but if in fact he was bullying her staff and then JP Garcia, JP Garcia is free  to sign an order of contempt of court and refer Sorola for a trial before a separate judge.


Anonymous said...

Gomez is too scared to upset Saenz. wouldn't you be? Gomez was also one of the key people dishing out lies and dirt on Saenz when Saenz ran against Masso. Maybe Gomez will end up as collateral damage in the Saenz vs. Hernandez ordeal.

BobbyWC said...

nope - Gomez is standing with the law. In fact it is my understanding the tape will be reviewed for possible criminal charges.

The tape will tell the truth and let the axe fall where it may.

Gomez knows Saenz is toast with the US Attorney's office - he has no force over Gomez. Gomez is standing with the law. If Montoya now tries to go public with anything negative he will be admitting to extortion. Gomez knows he is finally free of this mess

Bobby WC