Wednesday, February 26, 2014


It is surreal to me how much money these people are willing to pay Montoya to discredit me when I am not even a candidate.  They each know they cannot win the election on the merits of their character so they turn to character assassination to confuse the electorate.  As fools they believe Montoya when he shows them his manipulated statistics  concerning readership.  A child can manipulate the google statistics.  In fact there are prewritten programs which can be added to any BlogSpot to make the numbers appears significantly larger than they are.

Yesterday's post was to discredit me for supporting equality among all Americans.  My work on gay rights as the only lawyer in the country willing to represent black and brown gays and lesbians was profiled on "Street Stories" with Ed Bradly.  Montoya attacks me for my frankness in expressing the psychological injury bigotry causes.  The above three judicial candidates should feel shame for their association with Montoya - but as power hungry officials they see nothing wrong with the attack

Yesterday's attack was largely tied to my work against Samuel Kent as a federal judge and his abuse of power as a judge.

From Judge Edith Jones on Samuel Kent:

"The medical reports paint a picture of a man who has had psychological problems in dealing with the high authority inherent in his position"

Click for Judge Jones letter

Anyone who went into Samuel Kent's courtroom saw this immediately.  I challenged his conduct.  But the judiciary being what it is ran cover for Samuel Kent until his conviction and impeachment.  And even this only came about because the press was willing to finally cover the truth. 

All Montoya accomplished yesterday was an email campaign in Cameron county for gays and lesbians, their friends and family to vote against anyone tied to Montoya.

Look anyone can take a statement out of context.  Sexuality is complex.  Montoya of course would prefer young adults continue to kill themselves than get help in dealing with their sexuality.

See Article

When I  discuss sexuality I quote from programs which deal with these issues, such as HBO and various learning TV stations.  But then of course as a drunk Montoya would fear his sexuality, which could explain his drinking problem

These candidates should feel shame for their association in defending a convicted federal judge who abused his power [oh but McDonald, Gonzales, and Begum have all sought to abuse their power - so maybe defending Samuel Kent is really just defending themselves.]

When the fake princess Yolanda Begum has a truant child before her court who is not coping well with his/her sexuality what is she going to do - send him/her for psychological counseling to rid the child of their feelings.  I suspect yes, because that's what the bigots are doing - sending these children on a one way path to homelessness and suicide.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Montoya has a little crush on you? He seems awful concerned about what you do with your ass..just saying..

BobbyWC said...

Montoya is a failure at every level - so all he has left is extortion schemes [according to Chris Valadez} and charging unethical candidates money to defame anyone who might get in their way for power

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Montoya is like a a cheap prostitute ;He has no integrity .For about $200 he will screw people over.Probably why he drinks so much ,even he has come to the conclusion that he is no better than a whore.Sad...

Anonymous said...

So what you are saying is children should get rimmed up the ass and like it? Isn't that sodomy and child abuse? Bobby just because you are a homosexual and love to have anal sex doesn't mean the whole population needs to agree with your thinking. You are one sick person. Honestly you need to stop making it seem that if you are against anal sex you are against human rights. No where does someone need to get rimmed to enjoy sex.

BobbyWC said...

Since I have never said any of these things you are full of shit - and desperate in your defense of the indefensible.

McHale mocks me for preaching abstinence. I have equally spoken about how many sexual partners has can lead to mental health problems and an inability to have true intimate relationships. This is hardly promoting sex.

I have never said everyone should enjoy the same thing. My entire point was for everyone to discover what is right for them and act on it without shame.

In an adult educated society - something you do not live in - adults can have honest and frank conversations about sexuality without it being turned into something ugly.

As to children - I have never - every suggested children should have sex. In fact I tell children all of the time that they should wait until after college.

You are a very confused person - you are not gay or straight based on how you have sex. It based on how you feel in your heart.

There are gay people who never have sex, but are still gay. But your extreme ignorance - something you seem to celebrate - teaches you, you must have sex to be gay - no - just because I am going on 10 years of abstinence does not change who I am - I am still who I am.

I think I would rather be dead than be like you - defining yourself by your penis and what you do with it - how sad it must be to be someone who defines themselves by acting out on sexual desires.

I have always [for at least maybe 20 years] preached abstinence and always will - until you are sure you are with the right person. When we learned how HIV is transmitted I turned to abstinence for nearly 10 years - this is when I learned about the emotional damage multiple sexual partners can cause a person.

Our schools should teach this part of many sexual partners - you lose the ability to be intimate in favor of confusing sexual pleasure with intimacy.

God you have one sick perverted mind

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Bobby it's the same mentality "Obama is after my guns" that is prevalent in the Republican party. This ideocracy is what is going to kill the Republican party in the near future. It is a party of non acceptance. A party of primarily white men that hate minorities and gays. The younger generation of children are much more compassionate than their parents and grandparents were. It's a shame because I am a fiscal conservative but cannot align myself with a party that doesn't have the balls to denounce their own hate mongrels.