Friday, February 21, 2014


Here are my notes from the sentencing concerning count three which Judge Hanen threw  out

"Judge Hanen - If I know the money is going to Mr. Lucio and in exchange some action will be taken by Villalobos - does the payer have to have this knowledge

... .

 Hanen if you pay to the DA's wife, is it with an intent to influence Villalobos - wow - interesting question''

I was blown away when I heard Judge Hanen ask the question - I also knew at that point he was going to toss count three.
The backdrop to this is Mayor Tony Martinez funneled work to Judge Hanen's wife while Judge Hanen was reviewing evidence in the Villalobos trial which could have implicated Tony Martinez's son. 

To rephrase the question posed by Judge Hanen "if you pay the judge's wife, is it with an intent to influence the judge?"

I want to be clear about something, Judge Hanen is a studious judge. He strives for fairness.  He and his wife showed extremely poor judgment in deciding to work with Tony Martinez and in fact in having him in their home to discuss business.

I tell people all of the time, no one's heart is pure - but the question is do you strive for a pure heart?  We will never know what if any influence Tony Martinez's conduct in hiring Judge Hanen's wife had on Judge Hanen.  Sometimes we act a certain way without even knowing why. 

The DOJ will never investigate.  Every federal judge is under a constant state of blackmail by the DOJ and FBI - it is one of the first lessons they learn.  Judge Hanen has shown courage in speaking out against how the federal government is in effect cooperating with gangs and the smuggling of people into the US.  It is an impossible path to walk.

Villalobos is broke.  His family has no money to do what needs to get done.   There is a news black out in the LRGV.

I've been going through some old documents and yesterday found a letter and some notes from a meeting I had with a New York Times reporter in Houston during the Bush/Gore campaign.  People do  not understand how the press works in this country.  Most investigative journalism is dead.  You actually have to pay a media consultant 50-100 thousand dollars to get access to CNN, Fox, or MSNBC.

In the older days if you got the local paper to place the story on the AP wire you had a chance of the networks picking up the story.  In today's world there would be no Pentagon Papers, no Iran Contra Affaire - no Monica Lewinsky -

Anyway I met with this NYT reporter in Houston with the intent of raising the question, who is George W. Bush?

[sidenote - I am coming to learn more and more everyday about this hypothalamic dysfunction - my writing back then was so crisp and clean - no one would be able to relate today's writing with my writing from years ago.  - I  fly all of the time and flight attendants will always ask me "do you really need that much water - I always bring about a gallon of water on the flight - I dehydrate real fast -  ]

Anyway - I showed this reporter a letter written by George W. Bush trying to impose a rule barring professors at state universities from criticizing him as governor.  I brought Bush's complaints against a web site owner who was doing a parody on his White House bid.  I brought the Texas Supreme Court order which found Governor Bush must sit for a deposition in a case involving environmentalists.  DPS officers had testified Bush had ordered the arrests.  Texas immediately settled the lawsuit rather than have Bush's perjury in his affidavit come out in a deposition.

The NYT's reporter asked me why would the American people care about any of this?  I was dumb struck and at that moment knew journalism was dead.  A man who wants to be president has tried to silence dissent by university professors, a web site owner, and ordered the arrest of protestors and this reporter is asking why the American people would care about any of this?

Those of us who know Texas politics knew Perry would fail at the presidential debates.  Remember he could not remember his own reforms.  He was all but laughed off the stage.  The national press corp feigned shock.  They had no actual knowledge of the real Rick Perry. 

My long term readers remember me telling the story how the editor at the Austin American Statesman told me Gilberto Hinojosa never lost the election to Carlos Cascos.  It was beyond the skill set of this editor to simply google it for verification.  I was trying to raise the question, if Gilbert Hinojosa cannot win Cameron county how is he going to turn out Latinos to vote Democrat?  - The editor declared it not newsworthy.  The press had no idea who Gilbert Hinojosa was and his history and they had no desire to find out.

It is sad news only becomes news if you shoot up a school - otherwise you have to hire a media consultant with no guarantee your story will make it on any network.

The American people remain in the dark as to the complicity of the press in the criminalization of our government.  While President Obama assails the president of the Ukraine over human right abuses, he turns a blind eye to his own DOJ and FBI. 

I have said many times - I learned a long time ago - you cannot fight other people's battles if they themselves refuse to fight.  Sitting around and hoping for the best is not a fight.  You will lose and should lose when you put your personal interests over those of the community. 

This is why we are so screwed.  Brownsville politicians as a class will never stand for the greater good.  Every decision is calculated for how it helps them without regard for how their silence hurts the community.  If you are not willing to throw yourself on the chopping block for the greater good, then you do not deserve my vote.

A final note - and sorry I kind of wondered - people need to become learned in the reality of the failed American press. 

But anyway, Judge Hanen's wife is a very competent attorney.  She needs favors from no one.  I do not believe she or her husband federal Judge Hanen intended to be influenced by Tony Martinez's conduct.  But the problem is - the mind is a funny thing.  The Villalobos case has been tainted - a good appellate lawyer who can get national coverage of the appeal will win on this issue.  Justice must have the appearance of justice, and Tony Martinez through his conduct destroyed that appearance of justice.


Anonymous said...

You are right that justice must have the appearance of justice, but when a fed. judge, the DOJ, and FBI are all in on it, how can true justice be applied to the right people?
Villalobos's case was magnified by master manipulators of the law in order to save their own skin,which include ODLF and his cronies, fed. judge and his wife, Assistant US Attorneys, LIMAS, Saenz, Herald reporter/s, etc.
Why the GAG order? It is scary to see how much power of manipulation, maneuvering, lies, and extortion the FBI, DOJ, and a Federal Judge with a wife who has been linked to T. Martinez have used to cover up their own involvement.
I am outraged that justice was not done. It is evident that people have been allowed to make deals behind closed doors and to what end? The corruption is greater than I first believed. I hope you will work on discovering more information, connections, and backdoor dealings. Thanks

BobbyWC said...

Without cooperation from Villalobos I am at a dead end

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I think it will be coming. As a family member, we will make sure of that. Thx

Anonymous said...

The worst part of all is that the money Martinez utilized to hire Diane Dillard, the judge's wife, was taxpayer money. It wasn't even his own! He hired an attorney for various downtown real estate deals, including several with the University. Why hire an attorney if the city has three on staff full time? Of course it was to influence the judge but in this case it was at our expense. He circumvented every procurement law in the book and is still at large! Like the saying says, or, como dice el dicho, "saludando con sombrero ajeno", roughly translated into, he greeted with a borrowed hat. I don't know who is further out of control, our DA or our mayor. It's sad.