Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The Brownsville Voice has the largest collection of campaign material for all of the candidates. This along with mailers from other candidates and web pages can be found by clicking on Campaigns to the left - look for the race you are interested in and you will find the mailers, push cards, Facebook and Web Page.

Only the BV is bringing this service to the community for free - with no charge to any candidate. I do not allow for negative comments on my free ads because I want the candidates to feel like it is only a place for their message. Candidates who want to send me fundraiser or meet the candidate information can email me at It is always free.

Also to those who have already emailed me to say thank you for the service, you are welcome. Like I said when I started this - all my life I have heard the press should provide the candidates free advertising - I am just trying to do my part.


Anonymous said...

Candidates do not want you to publish their propaganda Bobby. You do them harm by doing so. No one wants to be associated with you.

BobbyWC said...

Your're pathetic Zeke, over half the candidates have emailed me and thanked me for the service I am providing.

A lot of what I have posted was actually sent to me via email.

Zeke you are like every other recovering drunk I have known - you think being sober makes it okay to lie, cheat, and deceive - it is not.

I am sure not all recovering alcoholics are this way, but far too many feel being sober entitles them to sin in every other way.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

In fact in the case of Erik Garza I refused to post the vulgar lies Cris Valadex asked that I post to help Rosie Sheldon Sotelo with her campaign. I suspect the benefit Erik gets from this post against Rosie is what really has you upset

Bobby WC