Monday, February 17, 2014


So here is the deal, Art McDonald pays Montoya to trash Dan Robles for having a conversation with Solis concerning wage potential if Dan Robles were to associate with Solis - now convicted in the Villalobos mess. Guys, it is not a crime for someone to ask about wage potential. Art McDonald has zero knowledge of the rules of ethics for judges concerning campaigns because his conduct with Montoya has broke just about every one of them.

Federal Judge Hanen stated that the evidence of guilt in terms of Oscar de la Fuente is overwhelming.  DA Saenz still took his money and unlike just about every other politician in America has refused to give it back - with the lame excuse he did not know.  You know what, given this hard core reality AUSA Surovic has every reason to believe under Saenz corrupt deals are still happening.

You do not get a sign that big from a candidate to put in front of your law office unless you get it directly from the candidate himself.  Why would a so called honorable judge seek out the endorsement of someone federal judge Hanen has said is guilty as sin?  Someone who got on the stand and swore under oath he paid Villalobos for deals. during private meetings.
Maybe it is because Judge McDonald conducts hearings ex parte behind closed doors where opposing counsel has no idea what is happening.
On September 30 , 2013, Judge McDonald met ex parte with Richard Nunez in his chambers and then came out and signed orders further delaying this home owner's right to take possession of the home.

From the Docket Sheet

02/03/2014  Correspondence
Letter from Omar Villareal to Nelda Wise Rodriguez
02/03/2014  Document Filed
Complaint Form. alucio
02/03/2014  Journal Entry
Order Setting Hearing on Status Hearing set for February 6, 2014 at 1:30 p.m. signed. AAM/bc Richard Nunez was notified via e-mail and Nelda Wise via hand delivery in the courtroom. bc
09/30/2013  Status Hearing  (8:30 AM) (Judicial Officer McDonald, Arturo A., Jr.)
Bench Trial was held on September 12, 2013- payment due today
Result: Other
09/30/2013  Journal Entry (Judicial Officer: McDonald, Arturo A., Jr. )
Richard Nunez appeared in chambers advising tha David Salazar made payment to Nelda Rodriguez. Case rese to October 30, 2013. bc
09/30/2013  Order Setting Hearing
signed & entered. Copies to Richard Nunez and Nelda & Rene Rodriguez on 10/2/13

Attorney Richard Nunez along with Judge McDonald took advantage of a pro se which basically left her with no homeowners insurance on her home or way to pay the property taxes, until she was forced to on Friday

On this case, I have never commented on the merits because I think the comedy of errors all around are almost surreal.  In fact until this day I have no idea how the JP had jurisdiction and why it was not immediately dismissed by judge McDonald.  For me it was everyone just winging it hoping for something - all in the wrong courts


Anonymous said...

"You do not get a sign that big from a candidate to put in front of your law office unless you get it directly from the candidate himself."

My neighbor has two signs as big as those in the picture and the candidates did not come to ask for permission to put the signs on the fence. The permission was given to the candidate's workers helping with the campaign.

Anonymous said...

To "My neighbor has two signs ...", is your neighbor as famous or infamous as the folks from Rio Grande Law Center?

Anonymous said...

Take note. ODLF is not the only practicing attorney at the Rio Grande Law Center. Therefore, not the only person who has the power to authorize the putting up of that sign.

BobbyWC said...

yes, but nay ethical candidate would ask that Dan sanchez not put the sign up because of the implication.

Also, what about the ODLF politiquera in San Benito working McDonald's election - I have the pictures - went out to the center

bobby WC