Tuesday, February 11, 2014


A quick break - but I have come to learn the FBI as part of their conspiracy with Saenz to destroy the Hernandez family is allowing Saenz to use their office space to intimidate witnesses into thinking they are being interviewed by FBI agents as opposed to Saenz's liaison with the FBI.

The pressure on Saenz is tight - a friend of his claims that Saenz is in fear of indictment any day. Do not worry Luis - they will never touch you - you know the truth.  The FBI is clearly playing dirty with Saenz and the Hernandez family.  Once the FBI reduces itself to deceptive intimidation tactics to coerce witnesses it is fair to say they are anything but an honorable law enforcement agency.

Alex Dominguez is already under investigation by the Texas Ethics Commission for [1] expending funds on his campaign before filing an Appointment of Campaign Treasurer, and [2] for misleading in his ads he was already a County Commissioner.  A third which will be added next week is that he failed to timely file his first campaign finance report.   As I noted the TEC returned it to me because they could not read the 14 on the 2014 on my license.  This will be a  third alleged violation.

The fourth, which the TEC rightfully rejected is the most interesting.  Alex Dominguez has no meaningful financial support from the community - his lawyer friends are rejecting his campaign.  He just cannot raise money.  So how is he paying for all of those ads?  Had the TEC not rightfully rejected the fourth complaint I never would have noticed - you see - Alex is not loaning himself the money to run his campaign - he is just spending his own money without a loan. 

A loan requires disclose of information which is not  required if he is simply expending his own money without any intent of doing a  fundraiser at a later date to get the money back.  When I did not see any sources of loans or donations to account for the amount of money he is spending, I filed a complaint - I failed to realize he is claiming all of the expenditures as personal with no intent of ever doing a fundraiser to retrieve the money after he wins the election.  WHY?  Everyone out there knows you loan the campaign the money so you can do a later fundraiser if you win to get the money back.

Click for January 15, 2014 filing

Click for February 3, 2014 filing

The two filings show Alex Dominguez has raised a mere $1,700 from a total of 5 people.  By no standards is this evidence of community support or support from any political machine.  Why are all the people who are members in these unions not giving him money?  Because the endorsement process of the unions is rigged - and the members are not willing to play by giving the rigged winner of the endorsement any money.

With only $1,700 in actual money donations, Alex Dominguez has spent $32,818.23. This means he has spent $31,118.23 of his own money.

No candidate spends $31,118.23 of their own money without loaning the money to the campaign so that they can later use fundraisers to get the money back.  This is why I messed up in the rejected complaint - I have never seen such a thing.  But then a loan requires extra paperwork and paper trails.

If you believe Alex Dominguez is just spending $31,118.23 of his own money without any intent of using a fundraiser to get any of it back, I have several bridges to sell you.  He cannot use fundraisers to get it back - he did not declare it as loans.

With the indictment of Margarita Ozuna the politiquera problem and the harvesting of mail ballots has ended. Let there be no mercy - period - on any candidate who sends a politiquera to some one's home to harvest a mail ballot. 

The major problem left to resolve is campaign finance reports.  The TEC as a matter of police refuses to enforce the criminal statutes associated with the violations.  The next legislative session needs to see a change in the law which mandates criminal prosecution.  There can be no discretion left to the district attorneys or TEC.

What is the point of these rules of the sanction orders are of no consequence?

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Anonymous said...

Can he not read instructions either? When I clicked on the document link it came up 14 pages and my impression while it was loading was that you were full of crap on the issue that nobody was donating. When it finally loaded and I saw all the blank pages that the instructions said to not include if not appliciable, I realized you were right.