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Everyone needs to secure their own permission, but be warned you must be there by 9 a.m. to set up. Judge Tagle has earlier hearings and if you are not set up before her docket starts you may not be allowed to set up, unless there is a break.

  The community owes Judge Tagle a big thank you for this one. Sonia Solis will be sentenced on election day. The community has a right to know everything which comes out of this hearing. It is a wonderful thing Judge Tagle and Judge Hanen as judges are taking leadership roles on this issue.


Without DOJ oversight and intense interviews by the FBI of the key players, this election is not trustworthy. This election is simply too fraught with fraud to be considered valid. Months ago I learned something about Chris Davis which caused me grave concern. I decided to let it go because everyone is entitled to poor judgment at least once. But now I am convinced that DA Saenz has learned about Chris Davis' unethical conduct as the Elections Administrator and is using it against him to control the election for the result Saenz wants.


This act resulted in successful complaints against Alex Dominguez, Mary Esther Garcia, and Pete Avila.   Remember Alex months ago I posted that the source was a Republican and you were looking in the wrong direction.


There are at least 2 crimes when someone votes from a fraudulent address. Chris Davis' initial response to my concern was he did not know if it was a crime and appeared to have no interest in finding out.  This proved to me his claim he was going to fight fraud in this election to be one big bogus lie.  He had become compromised.  His response should have been, "I will check on it and get back with you."

 I know my business - when you file a criminal complaint you better have your documented evidence lined up, and when it comes from a governmental agency it better be authenticated. 

Chris Davis made me play 50 questions with him over the simple issue of - did Juan Montoya vote using the OPI Rd address or the Weslaco address.  I have no way of knowing if the information being posted by Chris Davis is what is on the voter registration card, or the address actually used when a ballot was handed to Montoya - it makes a big difference as to which laws were broken.  I am not going to file a complaint until I know for sure.  There was no reason for Chris Davis to turn rude and unprofessional while turning it into the game of 50 questions.

The other issue is, certification of the document.   Both Chris Davis and now the county attorney's office has made clear, without a court subpoena he will not certify the address Montoya used for voting purposes.  I have the document.  Chris Davis stated no certification process exists.  Every government document is subject to certification.  Chris Davis knows this, but is playing games to protect Montoya - and that gets me to the why?

His emails reached the point of being outright rude and unprofessional.  It got to the point that I threw in some levity to maybe calm things down, by suggesting that if he were represented by counsel his lawyer would love how he answers questions with nearly no information.  My questions were not complex.  Was the information posted on his office web page a reflection of what address Montoya used for his ballot or what was on his voter registration card?  Not complex - but it lead to a very rude and unprofessional response with the final response being he will not certify his own document as true and accurate because no such process exists.  If he actually believes this then he never should have been hired.
Click to Enlarge
DA Luis Saenz has not changed.  He still uses his office as a weapon to prosecute based on money, and settling scores.  This article is part of what is going to the AG to seek the criminal prosecution of Juan Montoya for voting from a fraudulent address.  His old bond documents show that during his multiple arrests for DWI his address changed from OPI to Weslaco.  We all know of the bogus political ads under the name of JA Sandoval using Montoya's old address.  We all know that every candidate who is reporting payments to Montoya is using the Weslaco address and not the OPI rd address.
I am also sending the emails involving Chris Davis to show his unethical conduct in leaking to me the fact Alex Dominguez was in violation of the Texas Ethics Rules.  I do not want to hear it was his job - if it was then why not file the complaint himself?
There is a reason why the feds by-passed Saenz in the indictment of Sonia Solis and they will by-pass Saenz in the indictment of Juan Montoya, assuming the AG refuses to act.
* When is it appropriate for federal prosecutors to intervene in election «fraud» matters?
 "3. Prosecutor of last resort. Where federalization is required in order to redress longstanding patters of electoral fraud, either at the request of state or local authorities, or in the face of longstanding inaction by state authorities who appear to be unwilling or unable to respond under local law.
4. Link to other crimes. Where there is a factual basis to believe that fraudulent registration or voting activity is sufficiently connected to other from of criminal activity that perusing the voter fraud angle will yield evidence useful in the prosecution of other categories of federal offense."


The DOJ knows everything they need to know when it comes to DA Saenz and the politiqueras


If someone working for the Hernandez family voted from a fraudulent address Mary Helen Flores would be in DA Saenz's office demanding their immediate arrest.  But in this case it is her pathological liar compadre who she has openly endorsed in his lies and deceptions, so Mary Helen Flores remains silent.  She lied about her encounter with Zeke Silva because lying is what con artists do. Eventually her Facebook posts proved she lied and that in fact she did tell people Zeke Silva was Casimiro Mas.  She had no problem going to Montoya to help with her lies - because that is what she is a liar and con artist,
She claims to want to end the use of vans taking mentally fragile residents from adult day car centers - but remained silent when Cariño's showed up with a van load of residents at the library to vote.  I am sure it has nothing to do with the below pictures.



After federal prosecutors verified in writing Sonia Solis harvested mail-ballots for Abelardo Gomez, where was Mary Helen Flores to denounce Abelardo Gomez - dead silent - why?  Because it does not fit her pathologically lying lips which want people to believe it was the Hernandez family which benefitted from Sonia Solis.  Now come the 4th we may learn the Hernandez family also benefited from the illegal conduct of Sonia Solis.  But for now the only known evidence shows it was Abelardo Gomez and Mary Helen Flores the queen of Cameron County Association of Con Artists [CAVA]remains silent.

Mary Helen Flores vilified the politiqueras for mail-ballot harvesting, but where was she when it was proved Alex Dominguez, and Mary Esther Garcia hired Herminia Becerra?  Dead silent like a good con artist.

In Mary Helen Flores corrupted convoluted mind she thinks she is helping Cameron County by replacing the old guard who engaged fraud with new groups whose fraud she will ignore because they are willing to worship her.  No Mary Helen - we must remove all of the fraud.  You Mary Helen do not get to decide which fraud is acceptable - none of it is acceptable.


To Mary Helen Flores, if my source will sign the affidavit that you have been advising the Dominguez campaign and in fact met with Alex to demand he dump Zeke Silva - you can kiss your 501c3 status goodbye.

I will work on getting everything to the DOJ and FBI today - if possible  There is a 50/50 chance I am off to NY in the morning until the 6th.  I would stay longer but Texas week has the planes coming into Brownsville starting on the 7th full, plus I have a doctor's appointment I cannot miss on the 7th.  If this happens I will miss the Sonia Solis sentencing hearing.  A family member just had their 5th heart attack - I will see how things are going this evening when I call NY.  If she is stable and out of the hospital I will wait until after Spring Break  I have tons of miles so jumping on a plane at the last minute for free is never a problem.

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I do have a story on the election and major problems which I think justify the DOJ overseeing the count.  My eye appointment ran real long. My cataract surgery is now scheduled for early May, but I must first see a retina specialist.  For a lot of reading I now use a magnified glass - the cataracts do not explain this..  Trying to type a story and editing it at this point with my eyes still dilated would take hours.

So the story must wait until tomorrow.


Both sides in the election of certain people are having people post comments accusing the other of election fraud and buying votes.  I have not allowed for the comments against either side.

I will not allow the BV to be used by anyone to get extra votes based on unverified anony claims.  If you people actually cared about the fraud instead of using the internet to spread clams you would be at the DA's office with your evidence in hand and filing a complaint.  Saenz says his office is prepared to take them.

So here is my advice - file the criminal complaint and let those you are accusing face arrest - this is how we stop it - and not by posting anony comments on the Internet - the solution is to arrest those committing the fraud and not using the Internet to try and get a few extra votes for your side.

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Photo By Jerry Lara/San Antonio Express-News
Mark Phariss, left, and Victor Holmes react to Federal Judge Orlando Garcia granted a preliminary injunction for two Texas couples suing the state to strike down the gay marriage ban, Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2014. Also in the lawsuit are Cleopatra Deleon and Nicole Dimetman

"The issue before this Court is whether Texas' current definition of marriage is

permissible under the United States Constitution. After careful consideration, and applying the

law as it must, this Court holds that Texas' prohibition on same-sex marriage conflicts with the

United States Constitution's guarantees of equal protection and due process."

For Full Opinion

Because Judge Garcia issued a stay pending appeal, it will be about a year before the marriages will begin.  Of course the plaintiff's can file an Application to lift the Stay Pending appeal with both the Fifth Circuit and the United States Supreme Court.

In 1993, I presented Associate Justice Antonin Scalia as the Circuit Justice over the 5th Circuit an Emergency Application for Stay Pending Petition for Writ of Certiorari on a related issue.  The Application was presented to the entire court, and the Judge Advocate General ordered the immediate halting of my client's court martial. 

I argued that the military law against both heterosexual and homosexual sodomy was unconstitutional because it interfered with my client's constitutional right to get married.  The idea was gay couples cannot be intimate without sodomy so thereby the law had a disproportionate impact on gay couples.  It was an amazing 25 hours.  We lost that battle but eventually won the war when all sodomy laws were declared unconstitutional.  I am a patient person. 

I knew then what I know now, through my study of how the Court changes direction.  They must be slowly educated to think about the issues.  You do not expect to win the first cases.  What you expect is to get them thinking about the issues - and that I did.


The three have made clear - tolerance for All Americans is unacceptable and as judges they will never accept such a principle.

You see guys, bigotry only goes so far - Montoya lost his moral compass a long time ago, and anyone who gives him money is admitting to being hopelessly unethical and corrupt.

His homophobia and hatred for equality is on the losing side.

The funny thing is, I will never marry.  The idea I need a piece of paper from the government to sanctify my love for another person offends me.  Yes, for benefits I think we should have to sign a marriage contract and register it with the state, but the state has no interest in who can and cannot get married so long as it is a consensual marriage, based on a reasonable age of consent defined by the state.

As someone who believes in our laws and constitution I stand with the law as it was when our constitution was written.

From the Summary of Common Law by Blackstone

"I. OUR law considers marriage in no other light than as a civil contract. The Holiness of the matrimonial state is left entirely to the ecclesiastical law: the temporal courts not having jurisdiction to consider unlawful marriages as a sin, but merely as a civil inconvenience. The punishment therefore, or annulling, of incestuous or other unscriptural marriages, is the province of the spiritual courts; which act pro salute animae [for the health of their souls]. And, taking it in this civil light, the law treats it as it does all other contracts; allowing it to be good and valid in all cases, where the parties at the time of making it were, in the first place, willing to contract; secondly, able to contract; and, lastly, actually did contract, in the proper forms and solemnities required by law.
William Blackstone:

Hey, McDonald, Gonzales, and Begum - Washington is not happy my hand was forced on Ray Hutchison.  This FBI group never gets on unless it is serious.  I know the three of you together do not form an IQ high enough to demonstrate the capacity for compassion - but you might want to issue letters condemning Montoya

Clarksburg, West Virginia, United States, IP Address:
Fbi Criminal Justice Information Systems (


Click to enlarge

What is clear in the above article is, Ray Hutchison already knew he had forced Ronnie Earle's hand to make the charges go away. 
Ray Hutchison is currently a senior counsel with the law firm representing BISD against Presas-Garcia, and Longoria.
I will post some more newspaper articles and the documents sent to my home from the Hutchison home with proof.  There is one document I cannot release.  The ramifications which would come from release of the document is more than I am willing to accept.
Senator Hutchison was charged with use of government property and money to aid in her campaign for the US Senate.  Through me and the Quorum Report, Ray Hutchison was able to secure the evidence he needed to show the Travis County Attorney's Office used over $100,000 to aid the Ann Richards campaign.  Ray Hutchison took this information and used it as a weapon against Ronnie Earle and as the above article shows, Ronnie Earle at the last minute took control of the case against Senator Hutchison - the ADA quit over the matter - and the case was dismissed after Ronnie Earle refused to call any witnesses.
When it was all done and over Judge Onion had said he had been on the bench a long time and had never seen anything like what Ronnie Earle did to force an acquittal of Senator Hutchison.

What these two documents show is my communication with Ray Hutchison at his home via fax, and a document he sent me he received from the Editor of the Quorum Report.
The HBB& F "Sent By" stands for  Hutchison, Boyle, Brooks and Fisher in Dallas- his former law firm.  He had the old fax machine at his home and was faxing from his home.
Like I always do, if I believe you are a victim of the corrupt system I will come to your defense.  It did not matter to me Senator Hutchison was a Republican or a millionaire.  Her anti-gay equal rights position was of no consequence to me - all that mattered was I knew Travis County DA Ronnie Earl was corrupt as hell.
I was working for a firm which represented a Lloyd Williams who had been sued for forfeiture of money earned in a real estate deal related to drug money.  He was tied to Clayton Williams through a bank and insurance borrowers were buying from Lloyd Williams.   See Article
Former Travis county district attorney Ronnie Earle, gave new meaning to corrupt.  He had very little use for the law.  The old Houston Post ran a series of articles wherein Earle asked Lloyd Williams' lawyer to have Williams sign an affidavit implicating Clayton Williams in drug related money laundering.  This is the cause behind the famous scene of Clayton Williams' refusal to shake hands with Ann Richards.

"The Republican nominee for governor, upset that his opponent linked him with a Federal investigation into drug-money laundering, called her a liar to her face today and refused to shake hands"

My inside knowledge of the events and the meeting Ronnie Earle had with William's lawyer, Van McFarland, comes from the fact I worked at McFarland and Associates at the time.
I sent Ray Hutchison the evidence I had on Ronnie Earle and his efforts to get Lloyd Williams to sign a false affidavit to implicate Clayton Williams in drug dealing.  This opened the door to multiple phone and written communications with Ray Hutchison.  In the end we discovered the improper use of $100,000 for Ann Richards' campaign by the Travis County Attorneys Office. 
This is why in the car on the way to the trial Ray Hutchison was able to say to Senator Hutchison he was certain the charges would be dismissed.  And like Judge Onion said, in all his career he had never seen anything like it.  Well blackmail does things like making a mockery of the courtroom.

When a little misunderstanding over the misuse of $100,000 by Travis county to help Ann Richards beat Clayton Williams became known to Kay Bailey Hutchison's husband, Ronnie Earle forced Judge Onion to order a jury to acquit KBH.
When a piece gets too long the readers stop reading - so I am leaving this with one last excerpt from the news articles
 To put this in context, remember what Ray Hutchison said to his wife, Senator Hutchison on their way to the trial.


It is surreal to me how much money these people are willing to pay Montoya to discredit me when I am not even a candidate.  They each know they cannot win the election on the merits of their character so they turn to character assassination to confuse the electorate.  As fools they believe Montoya when he shows them his manipulated statistics  concerning readership.  A child can manipulate the google statistics.  In fact there are prewritten programs which can be added to any BlogSpot to make the numbers appears significantly larger than they are.

Yesterday's post was to discredit me for supporting equality among all Americans.  My work on gay rights as the only lawyer in the country willing to represent black and brown gays and lesbians was profiled on "Street Stories" with Ed Bradly.  Montoya attacks me for my frankness in expressing the psychological injury bigotry causes.  The above three judicial candidates should feel shame for their association with Montoya - but as power hungry officials they see nothing wrong with the attack

Yesterday's attack was largely tied to my work against Samuel Kent as a federal judge and his abuse of power as a judge.

From Judge Edith Jones on Samuel Kent:

"The medical reports paint a picture of a man who has had psychological problems in dealing with the high authority inherent in his position"

Click for Judge Jones letter

Anyone who went into Samuel Kent's courtroom saw this immediately.  I challenged his conduct.  But the judiciary being what it is ran cover for Samuel Kent until his conviction and impeachment.  And even this only came about because the press was willing to finally cover the truth. 

All Montoya accomplished yesterday was an email campaign in Cameron county for gays and lesbians, their friends and family to vote against anyone tied to Montoya.

Look anyone can take a statement out of context.  Sexuality is complex.  Montoya of course would prefer young adults continue to kill themselves than get help in dealing with their sexuality.

See Article

When I  discuss sexuality I quote from programs which deal with these issues, such as HBO and various learning TV stations.  But then of course as a drunk Montoya would fear his sexuality, which could explain his drinking problem

These candidates should feel shame for their association in defending a convicted federal judge who abused his power [oh but McDonald, Gonzales, and Begum have all sought to abuse their power - so maybe defending Samuel Kent is really just defending themselves.]

When the fake princess Yolanda Begum has a truant child before her court who is not coping well with his/her sexuality what is she going to do - send him/her for psychological counseling to rid the child of their feelings.  I suspect yes, because that's what the bigots are doing - sending these children on a one way path to homelessness and suicide.


The Brownsville Voice has the largest collection of campaign material for all of the candidates. This along with mailers from other candidates and web pages can be found by clicking on Campaigns to the left - look for the race you are interested in and you will find the mailers, push cards, Facebook and Web Page.

Only the BV is bringing this service to the community for free - with no charge to any candidate. I do not allow for negative comments on my free ads because I want the candidates to feel like it is only a place for their message. Candidates who want to send me fundraiser or meet the candidate information can email me at It is always free.

Also to those who have already emailed me to say thank you for the service, you are welcome. Like I said when I started this - all my life I have heard the press should provide the candidates free advertising - I am just trying to do my part.

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Miles Hutchinson, Supervisory Senior Resident Agent of the Brownsville Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)

I remember working on the rigged contract issues related to BISD and being repeatedly told Miles Hutchinson would handle it.  Then I came to learn some of his associates here in Brownsville were the very people who could not be trusted.

We now know Oscar de le Fuente [ODLF] used his knowledge of the institutionalized corruption within the local office of the FBI and DOJ to secure his immunity.  During the Villalobos trial getting access to Miles Hutchinson was a big part of the Villalobos defense.  For everything Villalobos knew and did not know, he did not have the goods on the DOJ and FBI like ODLF. 

"FBI spokesman Erik Vasys said Wednesday he could not comment on personnel issues, except to advise that, “Agent Hutchinson is no longer employed with the FBI.”

Source: Valley Morning Star - 4-24-13

During the Villalobos trial we learned various DOJ lawyers were cutting deals with and accepting favors from ODLF.  The DOJ called in their Inspector General to tell the jury that all of ODLF allegations were unsubstantiated even though his favors for the wife of a DOJ lawyer were verified by SBISD Superintendent.

From the Villalobos trial:

A key AUSA caught up in the ODLF mess is Castro.

August 1, 2012 - Steves interviewed Castro - Final decision on investigation of Castro - dated Dec 13, 2012 - IG DOJ could not substantiate any of ODLF's claims - this is odd because the school superintendent verified ODLF intervened to get  Mary Castro a job

During the break not a person in the courtroom or reporter I spoke with believed a word of IG Steves.  It was clear he was covering for the AUSA's being accused of corruption by ODLF.

Remember ODLF was called to testify for the DOJ against Villalobos.  If we are to believe AUSA Wynne ODLF was given immunity for his willingness to testify against Villalobos.

From the trial [in red] and my commentary.

This is why I had to make the following observation.  When an AUSA has to impeach the credibility of their own witness you know the AUSA is panicking.  Wynne heard what we all heard - the testimony of Stevens which had no credibility.

"AMAZING - AUSA WYNNE IS  destroying ODLF credibility to protect AUSA's - in a million years I never thought I would see AUSA impeach their own witness's credibility - they were trapped into this - can you smell the stench?"

At the point AUSA Wynne called into question the credibility of their own witness against Villalobos how could a jury believe a word he said?

In the middle of this mess as it was developing, was Miles Hutchinson - he use to play basketball with the very people he should have been targeting.  He turned a blind eye to everything happening in our courts and BISD. 

To keep the truth out the DOJ filed a motion to effectively keep Miles Hutchinson's name out of the Villalobos trial, without Villalobos' lawyers first getting leave from Judge Hanen to raise Miles Hutchinson's name.

"The government’s motion concerns Brownsville’s former FBI Supervisory Special Agent Miles Hutchinson, who, according to defense attorney Joel Androphy, worked with Villalobos on at least one case that involves the indictment against Villalobos."

Source:  Valley Morning Star
In my mind the only way Villalobos went down is he cut a bad deal with Dannenbaum.  In my mind Dannenbaum was too big of a target so it was best for Villalobos to not use his knowledge of Dannebaum as leverage.  Well that did not work out to well for Villalobos.

Villalobos window of opportunity to open the window into Dannenbaum is short - the clock is ticking.  He either speaks soon or does his 13 years, short of a reversal based on jury misconduct or a partial reversal on count 5 which would only require a new sentencing hearing.


Corruption in the LRGV is a virus.  The smart ones like ODLF can use it to his advantage and keep on trucking.  Those easily played are taken down - namely Villalobos.  When you play with the big boys you better be willing to hit back hard.  Villalobos went down because he believed he could get off with a million dollar defense.  I always tell people the one place you do not try a case is in the courtroom.  Cases like Villalobos had to be tried behind the scenes.  This is how ODLF and David Gonzales III were allowed to walk.  More on this tomorrow as I take my readers through the facts and documents [from former Senator Hutchinson's home fax machine] which show how Ray Huchison blackmailed former Travis County DA Ronnie Earl into blowing the criminal trial against  his wife.

I do not see the Hernandez family surviving the current political onslaught because they see it as a matter for trial.  There are only two ways to win in a case like theirs.  You either take the low road like ODLF and David Gonzales and leverage your way our of the mess, or you take the high road and chance losing politically by taking on the institutionalized corruption directly. 

The Hernandez family has nothing to leverage, and the idea of upsetting political machines to take on the institutionalized corruption is something they will not do.  I have no idea how the election will turn out.  Look at how well Villalobos did in the Congressional primary  - 9% of the people voting were willing to ignore his indictment.  Ernie Hernandez's only hope is to make it into the runoff and then win his criminal trial.  But that may not be enough - in this market once tainted always tainted.

Erin Garcia while probably the best JP in Cameron county made a big mistake by not taking Elia Cornejo Lopez on mandamus for Sorola's stunt.  The mandamus would have shown the people of Cameron county the truth about how the system was being corrupted to take down the Hernandez family.  She will remember her bad decision for a very long time.   [This does not mean the Hernandez family is clean - they are separate issues - but if the only way you can take down someone you think is dirty is to corrupt the system, then you are no better than the person you are targeting]  But Erin Garcia chose to take the advice of those saying - do not upset the political machines - and then Elia Cornejo Lopez used the opportunity to push her husband to run against Ernie Hernandez.

The mandamus would have been a major defensive move for both Erin and her father, but she chose not to go for the protection and exposing the truth about the corrupting of the system. 

Like I said , when playing in an environment controlled by a virus, you cannot play in the courtroom - you must play hard and take no prisoners.  The opponents of the Hernandez family understand this which is why they have the upper hand.  Like I said I have no idea how the election will turn out.  I see very little hope for Ernie Hernandez unless he makes the runoff and then wins his criminal trial.  As to Erin- it depends on how much people know about the allegation against her.

Montoya at best has 500 readers.  I can hit the BV link 10,000 and then show 10,000 readers - it does not make it so - this is why I use a separate service to tell me about my readers.  A child can manipulate the google analytics - a tit on a boar hog has more value than the statistics provided by google BlogSpot.

People do not read the Herald and have short memories - plus there are so many Garcia's on the ballot people will not remember which is which.

The system currently in place exists because the FBI under Miles Hutchinson and now being directed by US Attorney Robert Pitman of the Western District which is where the FBI over Brownsville is based - spreads the virus.  The most corrupt will walk as they manipulate the system to their advantage while the weak will go to jail for thinking the courtroom is a place for justice. 

Monday, February 24, 2014


"In  a potential general election matchup with state Senator Davis, Abbott leads by 11 percentage points, according to the UT poll. He’s the choice of 47 percent of respondents, while Davis gets 36 percent. That’s a jump from October, when the same pollsters found Abbott only six points up."

" The new University of Texas/Texas Tribune survey finished gathering data on Feb. 17."

"If there’s any silver lining for the likely Democratic candidate, it is that a healthy chunk of Texans, 17 percent, say they have yet to make up their minds as to their gubernatorial choice.

But Abbott enjoys higher favorable ratings among state voters than does Davis. Forty-five percent of respondents said they have a somewhat or very favorable opinion of Abbott; the comparable number for Davis is 36 percent."

Source:  Christian Science Monitor

I predict a clean sweep for the Republicans.  It is not that a Democrat cannot win a statewide office, it is they do not know how to. 

With Gilberto Hinojosa as the Party Chair for Texas, how do the Democrats claim the moral high ground.  It is really amazing to me how insolated from reality Wendy Davis already is.  Her handlers have made sure she is kept in the dark.

Has she been to the LRGV once with a message which shows she understands our needs and problems?  Nope - she comes - waves and says vote for me.  She has no idea just how despised Gilberto Hinojosa really is in the LRGV.

This should be an easy sweep for the Democrats - but they are locked into a system wherein if they ever speak the truth about the Republicans too many Democrats will also go down - so they do not use their greatest weapon at their disposal.

Politics is always the same - the greater good is never on the table - every calculation by Wendy Davis is about how it impacts her in terms of the political machine.  The Democratic Party political machine is broken beyond repair and she does not seem to know this.

Until Wendy Davis dumps the Democratic Party political machine her campaign will go no where.

Until Wendy Davis meets with the people, in more than a perfunctory manner, she will never have a message which resonates here in the LRGV.

She is a one trick pony who gained national attention over her position on abortion.  It takes more than being a one trick pony to run for statewide office.

Art McDonald has had more than enough time to take down his sign in front of Oscar de la Fuente's office. The sign belongs to Art McDonald. I took this picture on Friday while in Harlingen on business. The question is, why not remove the sign?  Armando Villalobos gave us the answer.

For the record, I expect to post the Art McDonald FBI 302 Interview this week. 

Villalobos Testimony:
"4:45 p.m.

Villalobos spoke with County Judge Hinojosa and Democratic Party Chair Michael Cowan. - also sought help from Oscar de la Fuente - ODLF was an expert on San Benito

Villalobos would see Oscar de la Fuente at work - ODLF father's business shared an alley with his family business"

Villalobos went on to say that you cannot win San Benito without ODLF so you must give him access.


Lawyers had to call his [Villalobos]  secretary for an appointment - but a lot of times people would walk in - Oscar was a huge political alley - If Oscar de la Fuente changed sides Villalobos would have lost San Benito - Villalobos says without Oscar's help he never would have won either election.

Oscar de la Fuente used his position as a San Benito Trustee to protect Villalobos family members from the gamesmanship which goes on in school districts."


ODLF remains free not because he testified against Armando Villalobos, but because had the DOJ charged him he would have taken down members of the DOJ.  David Gonzales III remains free because as the ADA in charge of forfeitures he knows the truth concerning Dannebaum.

This entire thing is a tragedy.  The conviction of Armando Villalobos, while valid, is just smoke and mirrors to protect the DOJ and their friends.  - More on Miles Huchinson, former head of the local FBI, tomorrow.

DA Luis Saenz has had plenty of time to return the donation given to him by ODLF.  He sees no reason to - ODLF will continue to call the election in San Benito and every corrupt elected official or wannabee elected official will bow down to ODLF.  This is the problem.

This is why DA Luis Saenz had not sought an indictment against ODLF.  The key player is 100% protected by the DOJ, DA Saenz and every corrupt elected official is running to ODLF for support in San Benito.

Everyone in San Benito know Nelda Abrego aka Ibarra works for ODLF.  She is working the campaigns of Art McDonald and David Gonzales III.  While I am sure her Facebook Page will change as word of this gets out, but it is clear she is tied to McDonald, and David Gonzales III.
The corrupt DOJ to protect there own is allowing ODLF to continue to corrupt the system.
Why would anyone who believes in cleaning up the system want to be tied to ODLF?  Answer - they want the benefit of his political machine in San Benito.  The only way for the people to overcome ODLF corruption of the system is to vote against anyone seeking his help.  It is really that simple
If you doubt the power ODLF has over our elected officials and why they turn to him, just reread the David Gonzales III FBI 302 Interview  the Art McDonald 302 is coming.
If you vote for anyone tied to ODLF you are voting to keep the corruption going.  ODLF needs to learn anyone who seeks his help will lose.  Once this becomes the reality, no one will bow down to ODLF.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


I went out to pick a grapefruit for breakfast and heard the bees big time. They are all over the Meyers Lemon. This year is going to be a great harvest. I am willing to bet there are over 500 flowers. It will be late December before the harvest.  These are the best smelling flowers.  My backyard smells like heaven.

The Brownsville Voice has the largest collection of campaign material for all of the candidates. This along with mailers from other candidates and web pages can be found by clicking on Campaigns to the left - look for the race you are interested in and you will find the mailers, push cards, Facebook and Web Page.

Only the BV is bringing this service to the community for free - with no charge to any candidate. I do not allow for negative comments on my free ads because I want the candidates to feel like it is only a place for their message. Candidates who want to send me fundraiser or meet the candidate information can email me at It is always free.

Also to those who have already emailed me to say thank you for the service, you are welcome. Like I said when I started this - all my life I have heard the press should provide the candidates free advertising - I am just trying to do my part.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

I bet he is out in 5 years.  There will be a reversal and a new sentencing.  The case has problems.  The jury misconduct issue is serious.  The decision by the court to seal those documents is tragic.  We the people need to know the process was fair.  We do not know that in this case because the court has the right to seal documents which should be public so the people can have confidence in the system.
All of the sealed documents related to the jury misconduct need to be opened.  Until then, the people have no way of knowing the trial was fair.  The BV is prepared to publish all of these documents.
I have completed a thorough review of DOJ guidelines and a complete list of when documents can be sealed.  There is nothing which justifies sealing documents related to jury misconduct.  The cornerstone of our criminal justice system is trial by a jury of your peers.  If we the people cannot be confident that the jury system is working fairly, then the cornerstone of our criminal justice system is without meaning.



The Brownsville Voice has the largest collection of campaign material for all of the candidates. This along with mailers from other candidates and web pages can be found by clicking on Campaigns to the left - look for the race you are interested in and you will find the mailers, push cards, Facebook and Web Page.

Only the BV is bringing this service to the community for free - with no charge to any candidate. I do not allow for negative comments on my free ads because I want the candidates to feel like it is only a place for their message. Candidates who want to send me fundraiser or meet the candidate information can email me at It is always free.

Also to those who have already emailed me to say thank you for the service, you are welcome. Like I said when I started this - all my life I have heard the press should provide the candidates free advertising - I am just trying to do my part.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Brownsville Voice has the largest collection of campaign material for all of the candidates. This along with mailers from other candidates and web pages can be found by clicking on Campaigns to the left - look for the race you are interested in and you will find the mailers, push cards, Facebook and Web Page.

Only the BV is bringing this service to the community for free - with no charge to any candidate. I do not allow for negative comments on my free ads because I want the candidates to feel like it is only a place for their message. Candidates who want to send me fundraiser or meet the candidate information can email me at It is always free.

Also to those who have already emailed me to say thank you for the service, you are welcome. Like I said when I started this - all my life I have heard the press should provide the candidates free advertising - I am just trying to do my part.

The Brownsville Voice has the largest collection of campaign material for all of the candidates. This along with mailers from other candidates and web pages can be found by clicking on Campaigns to the left - look for the race you are interested in and you will find the mailers, push cards, Facebook and Web Page.

Only the BV is bringing this service to the community for free - with no charge to any candidate. I do not allow for negative comments on my free ads because I want the candidates to feel like it is only a place for their message. Candidates who want to send me fundraiser or meet the candidate information can email me at It is always free.

Also to those who have already emailed me to say thank you for the service, you are welcome. Like I said when I started this - all my life I have heard the press should provide the candidates free advertising - I am just trying to do my part.


Here are my notes from the sentencing concerning count three which Judge Hanen threw  out

"Judge Hanen - If I know the money is going to Mr. Lucio and in exchange some action will be taken by Villalobos - does the payer have to have this knowledge

... .

 Hanen if you pay to the DA's wife, is it with an intent to influence Villalobos - wow - interesting question''

I was blown away when I heard Judge Hanen ask the question - I also knew at that point he was going to toss count three.
The backdrop to this is Mayor Tony Martinez funneled work to Judge Hanen's wife while Judge Hanen was reviewing evidence in the Villalobos trial which could have implicated Tony Martinez's son. 

To rephrase the question posed by Judge Hanen "if you pay the judge's wife, is it with an intent to influence the judge?"

I want to be clear about something, Judge Hanen is a studious judge. He strives for fairness.  He and his wife showed extremely poor judgment in deciding to work with Tony Martinez and in fact in having him in their home to discuss business.

I tell people all of the time, no one's heart is pure - but the question is do you strive for a pure heart?  We will never know what if any influence Tony Martinez's conduct in hiring Judge Hanen's wife had on Judge Hanen.  Sometimes we act a certain way without even knowing why. 

The DOJ will never investigate.  Every federal judge is under a constant state of blackmail by the DOJ and FBI - it is one of the first lessons they learn.  Judge Hanen has shown courage in speaking out against how the federal government is in effect cooperating with gangs and the smuggling of people into the US.  It is an impossible path to walk.

Villalobos is broke.  His family has no money to do what needs to get done.   There is a news black out in the LRGV.

I've been going through some old documents and yesterday found a letter and some notes from a meeting I had with a New York Times reporter in Houston during the Bush/Gore campaign.  People do  not understand how the press works in this country.  Most investigative journalism is dead.  You actually have to pay a media consultant 50-100 thousand dollars to get access to CNN, Fox, or MSNBC.

In the older days if you got the local paper to place the story on the AP wire you had a chance of the networks picking up the story.  In today's world there would be no Pentagon Papers, no Iran Contra Affaire - no Monica Lewinsky -

Anyway I met with this NYT reporter in Houston with the intent of raising the question, who is George W. Bush?

[sidenote - I am coming to learn more and more everyday about this hypothalamic dysfunction - my writing back then was so crisp and clean - no one would be able to relate today's writing with my writing from years ago.  - I  fly all of the time and flight attendants will always ask me "do you really need that much water - I always bring about a gallon of water on the flight - I dehydrate real fast -  ]

Anyway - I showed this reporter a letter written by George W. Bush trying to impose a rule barring professors at state universities from criticizing him as governor.  I brought Bush's complaints against a web site owner who was doing a parody on his White House bid.  I brought the Texas Supreme Court order which found Governor Bush must sit for a deposition in a case involving environmentalists.  DPS officers had testified Bush had ordered the arrests.  Texas immediately settled the lawsuit rather than have Bush's perjury in his affidavit come out in a deposition.

The NYT's reporter asked me why would the American people care about any of this?  I was dumb struck and at that moment knew journalism was dead.  A man who wants to be president has tried to silence dissent by university professors, a web site owner, and ordered the arrest of protestors and this reporter is asking why the American people would care about any of this?

Those of us who know Texas politics knew Perry would fail at the presidential debates.  Remember he could not remember his own reforms.  He was all but laughed off the stage.  The national press corp feigned shock.  They had no actual knowledge of the real Rick Perry. 

My long term readers remember me telling the story how the editor at the Austin American Statesman told me Gilberto Hinojosa never lost the election to Carlos Cascos.  It was beyond the skill set of this editor to simply google it for verification.  I was trying to raise the question, if Gilbert Hinojosa cannot win Cameron county how is he going to turn out Latinos to vote Democrat?  - The editor declared it not newsworthy.  The press had no idea who Gilbert Hinojosa was and his history and they had no desire to find out.

It is sad news only becomes news if you shoot up a school - otherwise you have to hire a media consultant with no guarantee your story will make it on any network.

The American people remain in the dark as to the complicity of the press in the criminalization of our government.  While President Obama assails the president of the Ukraine over human right abuses, he turns a blind eye to his own DOJ and FBI. 

I have said many times - I learned a long time ago - you cannot fight other people's battles if they themselves refuse to fight.  Sitting around and hoping for the best is not a fight.  You will lose and should lose when you put your personal interests over those of the community. 

This is why we are so screwed.  Brownsville politicians as a class will never stand for the greater good.  Every decision is calculated for how it helps them without regard for how their silence hurts the community.  If you are not willing to throw yourself on the chopping block for the greater good, then you do not deserve my vote.

A final note - and sorry I kind of wondered - people need to become learned in the reality of the failed American press. 

But anyway, Judge Hanen's wife is a very competent attorney.  She needs favors from no one.  I do not believe she or her husband federal Judge Hanen intended to be influenced by Tony Martinez's conduct.  But the problem is - the mind is a funny thing.  The Villalobos case has been tainted - a good appellate lawyer who can get national coverage of the appeal will win on this issue.  Justice must have the appearance of justice, and Tony Martinez through his conduct destroyed that appearance of justice.


The DOJ got the Bureau of Prisons to work this one at an unprecedented speed.  The DOJ did not want to take any chance Villalobos would be released to speak

Ray Marchan was sentenced on December 6, 2012 with a report date of February 28, 2013.

Click for Article

Villalobos was sentenced on February 11, 2014, and as of yesterday a mere 9 days later the federal prison system is ready to receive him. 

This was moved along at the request of someone with a lot of pull.  The DOJ was not going to take any chance on Judge Hanen releasing Villalobos.

The DOJ and FBI want to keep him quiet.  We might as well be living in Communist China.

The criminals are walking with the help of US Attorney Robert Pitman.  This is beyond tragic.

I have seen enough in nearly 30 years to know the Villalobos' family will never quite understand what they are up against.  Without a media consultant to get the story out of the LRGV the truth will be buried and the criminals will walk.

It is sad how easy it is for the DOJ to silence people - our freedom was lost a very long, long time ago. 

Cameron county will continue to be poor and ruled by thieves.

My hats off to the FBI and DOJ for a job well done in keeping the people of Cameron county under a constant state of oppression by corrupt officials.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


The Brownsville Voice has the largest collection of campaign material for all of the candidates. This along with mailers from other candidates and web pages can be found by clicking on Campaigns to the left - look for the race you are interested in and you will find the mailers, push cards, Facebook and Web Page.

Only the BV is bringing this service to the community for free - with no charge to any candidate. I do not allow for negative comments on my free ads because I want the candidates to feel like it is only a place for their message. Candidates who want to send me fundraiser or meet the candidate information can email me at It is always free.

Also to those who have already emailed me to say thank you for the service, you are welcome. Like I said when I started this - all my life I have heard the press should provide the candidates free advertising - I am just trying to do my part.


It is clear Alex Dominguez does not believe he can win without playing dirty. Yesterday the BPD investigated a second time Zeke Silva's claims concerning the Hernandez sign.  They went out and inspected where the truck is parked and found no violation of the law, for a second time


A lot of people to avoid Boca Chica and IH69 cut through Casas and have to cross Paredes line Rd to get to the feeder road for the highway.  I do this all of the time.  There is always a truck blocking the view of on coming traffic.  I agree it is very dangerous.  But here is the scoop - it is not illegal to park a truck on Paredes line road.  I always have to move forward very slowly until I get a clear view before I can cross Paredes.  But until they pass a law which says no parking on Paredes line road this problem will persist.

Zeke cannot seem to understand the difference between a permanently placed sign and one on a truck which is moved on a regular basis.  The sign on the truck, such as candidates have all over town is moved and driven all over town.  The sign is not in a permanent place in a way it is not moved on a regular basis. 

Anyway, Zeke knowing he has to play dirty threatened TDOT with a media report if they refused to act.  He got no where.  The Hernandez family was notified of Zeke's threats.  TDOT is not in the habit of having people threaten them with media reports.

During the day the truck is mostly being driven around town.  They still have their signs out front so nothing changes.  If I were the Hernandez family I would just park the truck at the end of the day in their parking lot with the sign facing Paredes. 

Zeke Silva is not helping Alex Dominguez - he is just proving to everyone Alex is desperate.

And as to the nonsense of the Hernandez family contacting me - it is nonsense - at least half of all the candidates have contacted me.  I have met with many of the candidates.  The candidates are loving my free advertising.   You see, Montoya wants to print lies and then complain when the candidates contact the BV to have their side of the story told.  Maybe if Montoya could learn to tell both sides, candidates would contact him.


I helped her to write her speech at her announcement.  Everything she said about updating online services - came from me.  My fee - zero - she asked where I thought there was a need for improvement and I told her.  And I would have said the same thing to any other candidate who contacted me.

So yes, about half of all the candidates have contacted me - they all know - there is never a fee. 



Left to right - Us Attorney Robert Pitman, District Attorney Luis Saenz, Judge David Gonzales III, and Judge Art McDonald.  All are tied to use of improper tactics to silence the truth for the purpose of manipulating the election.

A QUICK FUNNY: MONTOYA DOES NOT VOTE FOR ALEX DOMINGUEZ:  According to documents posted by the Cameron County Elections office Juan Montoya voted in precinct 101, using the address at 1501 OPI Rd- the same address as JA Sandoval who has published bogus political ads in the paper.  But according to all the campaign finance reports he lives on Weslaco Rd which is precinct 98.  Precinct 101 is part of Benavides district.  The irony is had he voted his address as listed on the campaign reports he could have, but did not, vote for Alex Dominguez.  I have asked Chris Davis if the online information lists the voter registration card or which precinct they actually voted in?  I remain waiting for an answer.

Chris Davis' office has verified that the online information represents the precinct the person voted in - this means Montoya did not vote for Alex Dominguez.  Mr. Davis's office is saying they do not know the law on the issue about using an address which is several years old, or if it is a crime.  My next call is to counsel at the Secretary of State's Office.

The Secretary of States Office has verified it is a crime to vote using a fraudulent address.  Whether the address is fraudulent is obviously for the courts to decide.  All of the candidates reporting payments to Montoya are claiming he says his address is on Weslaco, not OPI Rd..

I have been down this road.  I got John Loza, Dallas County City Council Person No Billed, on the charge of tampering and a fraudulent address.  Click for Story  I got him No Billed, because unlike Cameron county attorneys I immediately notified the grand jury I wanted to speak with them - they agreed - and my client was No Billed.  The Texas AG will decide if there is sufficient evidence to take this to a grand jury.  Saenz, who we all know will protect Montoya will block any and all investigation into Montoya and whether or not he voted using a fraudulent address.

Original Post

The story by 11 - I am uploading documents in picture form - I will say this for now - United States Attorney Robert Pitman is working overtime to manipulate our election. I am not Louis Sorola born with a pair of peas - I will go head to head with US Attorney Pitman - for me jail time is vacation time. Brownsville First - the Gestapo unit to hell

The only reason Judge David Gonzales III is not sitting in federal prison is he knows too much.  The claims by the FBI going around town trying to retrieve the 302 Interview of Judge David Gonzales III that its publication will mess up the ongoing investigation is a lie.  If this were the case, why did AUSA Surovic in his filings with the court not say so?  All he said is that Villalobos seeks to use the 302 Interviews to influence the election.  There is nothing in the 302 which David Gonzales III and Oscar de la Fuente do not already know.

Here is the complete 302

And of course - the $500 pay off to Montoya to remain silent until I disclosed I was getting the 302 and then Montoya dismisses the 302 as a waste of paper.  You will read for yourself it was anything but a waste of paper.  Also I have verified that the 302 was sent out to various sources back in October.  Everyone knows Villalobos was tied to Cris Valadez and that Cris Valadez got a copy and no one doubts he gave it to Montoya.  David Gonzales III then pays Montoya to remain silent until I publish my intent to publish the 302 and then Montoya misleads about what is in the 302, and defames Dolores Zarates with lies and deception.  And yes, another $250 payment to Montoya to remain silent.


Here are the two pages which outline the  kickback by David Gonzales III to Oscar de la Fuente who as a SBISD Trustee got David Gonzales III the job representing the school district at the same time he was working for the DA's office.  Yea, Montoya did not disclose the real details.

Click documents to enlarge.

NOTE TO THE FBI - If you intend to come to my home and intimidate me like you have so many others, you better have a court order to get into my home and a court order to secure documents.  I can assure US Attorney Robert Pitman there will be a very public airing of this and a hearing with appeals. 

We all know what this is about.  David Gonzales III has the goods on James Dannebaum.  David Gonzales III was in charge of forfeitures during the time frame of the bogus Dannenbaum forfeiture settlement.  US Attorney Robert Pitman is nothing more than a hack for Republicans Rick Perry, Greg Abbott, John Cornyn, and James Dannenbaum.  It is  time President Obama call in special investigators to investigate Robert Pitman.  At a minimum he needs to be removed as the US Attorney for the Western District posthaste.  President Obama would do better worrying about the human right abuses under his DOJ, than being so involved in the power struggle in the Ukraine.

Click for article verifying Dannenbaum forfeiture handled while David Gonzales was in charge of forfeitures under Villalobos

Click for testimony verifying DAVID GONZALES in charge of forfeitures during this time frame.

David Gonzales III denies being involved in the settlement part of forfeiture cases.

Once I am completely done with my post, I will upload the entire 302 to docstoc so everyone can read the entire document for themselves and not just the excerpts I am posting.


Nelda Abrego is a politiquera under the control of Oscar de la Fuente who runs the San Benito political machine.  Art McDonald who has worked to silence the truth is being pushed by Nelda Abrego.  I have the picture with her holding McDonald's sign.  Art McDonald cannot deny any longer he is tied to Oscar de la Fuente, who federal judge Hanen said is guilty guilty guilty - and that the evidence was and is overwhelming.

We the people have the right to know the DOJ under Robert Pitman is allowing key criminals to walk and using the FBI to intimidate people to keep the 302's under cover to protect his real client - James Dannebaum and the Republican Party.  Why did AUSA Greg Surovic make no mention of an ongoing investigation as a reason to keep these documents out of the press?  Answer - there is no ongoing investigation.  It is to keep the corruption going so that Dannebaum and other key players are protected by Republican US Attorney Robert Pitman.


I have now reviewed the file of the doctor David Gonzales III paid Montoya to trash Dolores Zarate over.  First of all when Judge Laura Betancourt took over she appointed two additional lawyers and rather than have three lawyers bill this man's estate, Dolores Zarate withdrew.  She was originally the Guardian over the Estate and Person. - which became a full-time job  When it became too much Luis Hernandez became the guardian over the person.  Luis' job was to take care of the needs of the ward.

Medical records show that when Dr. Matthews was found at Border Apartments he was filthy and originally admitted to the hospital as indigent.  Richard Nuñez prepared an application for appointment of guardianship for a worker at the Borders Apartments.  It was denied and Dolores became the guardian over Dr. Matthews. 

I have read the medical reports.  Dr. Matthews could not function at any level.  The doctors recommended 24/7 care.  Assisted Living centers require you hire aides if your loved ones need 24/7 care.  In fact the first 24/7 aids were hired while Dr. Matthews was at Brownsville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center where the court approved the over $5,000 payment for 24/7 aids.

The entire story by Montoya was one big lie bought and paid for by David Gonzales III with $500.00 .  This is going to the Commission on Judicial Conduct.  There are rules concerning judicial campaigns and it is clear McDonald and Gonzales III seem unaware of those rules.