Thursday, January 9, 2014


From Erasmos "the walls are coming a crumbling down, and the Cheez has on his side the best attorney in town... I am the Cheez...

The post from Erasmo is an attempt to tell his ignorant follows that he has some lawyer who got him all of the documents I posted on Zeke Silva yesterday.  All the way back to Fly Frontera Erasmo has stolen endlessly from the BV claiming to be his own research.  To keep his lemmings from knowing the truth he has blocked me.

This guy without stealing from other people and not attributing his information to the true source he would have nothing.

My issue is not the BV - Brownsville is the mess it is because of con artists like Castro and Silva.  They play on the stupid people who need to hate and celebrate their ignorance as a birth right.  So long as con artist like Castro and Silva are influencing even a handful of people Brownsville will never move forward.


Anonymous said...

Put a watermark on your docs. Easy Peasy.

Anonymous said...

To January 9, 2014 at 6:17 PM:

It isn't the posted copy of the document, it is the fact that the documentation is in existence and contains all the identifying sources, dates, times, etc.

Once a document is out from a public entity, a separate request for the exact same document from the source can be obtained without any of the games and delays that created obfuscation in the original attempt to procure it.

In short, once the cat is out of the bag any delays or hoops to jump through to get another copy from an agency has all the prima facia appearance of bad faith. The agency simply rolls over and dutifully makes the copy, charges the 10 cents a page and hands it over like it had never any big deal in the first place.

A lawyer proceeds on the case based on the fact that the documents do exist (he has seen them) and if in the progress of the case there is any difficulty whatsoever in getting his or her own copy to attach to the case as an exhibit it simply adds fuel to the fire and "turns up the volume" on the case and can lead to a separate related action. (rings the cash register)

Watermarking simply keeps lazy bloggers from stealing the graphic and posting it as if they went down and got it from the agency themselves.

In an exhibit (attached evidence) usually all t's are crossed and i's are dotted by including a copy of the dated receipt, a copy of the request to the agency, and the document furnished as result of the request, the name of the clerk who handed it over or mailed it, etc.

I am not vouching for all attorneys prepping their submissions in that detail, but any one worth a shit does that as a matter of course and habit.

Bobby answers enough questions so I thought I would save him the trouble and time on this on.

How did I do, coach?