Friday, January 10, 2014


Late yesterday afternoon this story changed. The facts did not change, only how I have to approach it. What is perhaps the worse type of tragedy which can befall a person happened to a character in this story.  I am giving this person the benefit of the doubt that two very disturbing communications I received are tied to this tragic event.  Sorry guys, but I am not going to add pain to someone already in incredible pain.

Like I have said before - DA Saenz's office has more leaks than the Titanic.  He cannot conceive of anyone betraying him so he will never see it.  He is not liked.  Throughout  his staff many would quit but for the fear as defense counsel their clients would never get good plea deals.

Part of this story involves a non-source voluntarily telling me that Alex Dominguez has runners being prosecuted for barratry, but that Alex Dominguez is not being prosecuted for the conduct of his runners.  I have no way of knowing if this is true.  But when a lawyer tells me this and that he has personal knowledge of who the runners are, I tend to believe the lawyer.  The lawyer is not known as being a wild hair in the community.  I have sat on this for months because I did not know if I had an obligation to not repeat the claim.  My issue is, a lawyer at the court house approached me and tells me this.  I did not seek out the information.  He knows who I am - did he expect me to keep it secret?  I did not seek him out as a source.  What was the point in telling me this if not for me to publish it?  This has been on my mind for more than a month.  But now I am just tired of all the treachery towards the people by the politicos and by the politicos against one another.

We know for sure that Saenz will protect anyone who is going after the Hernandez family- Louis Sorola, and Mary Esther Garcia for example by rejecting the barratry investigation by the BPD [this will be reviewed by the state - so they are not out of the woods yet], and going after the entire Hernandez family because they endorsed Carlos Masso. 

The charges against Norma Hernandez went no where because anyone could read the police reports and see Zeke Silva, Luis Saenz's faux lover, started the public disturbance.  He has been unable to indict Ernie Hernandez no matter how many witnesses he has tried to intimidate. And now, he faces a hearing on whether or not his office knowingly used perjured testimony to secure the conviction of Ernie Hernandez's administrative assistant, Raul Salazar.

Because of Luis Saenz unethical conduct, Manny Velez was denied a fair trial the first time.  A lot of hard work by a lot of people at great expense, got Manny Velez a new trial.  Justice must have the appearance of justice.   It cannot while Ed Cyganiwiecz is considering employment with Saenz at the same time he is representing Manny Velez.  He only told Josefina Fisher the truth once I broke the story.  I will inform the Velez family what is happening.  Ed lives off the public.  Below shows in the course of a year the taxpayers paid Ed more than $90,000.  I can say since Saenz took office Ed has earned less than $1,100.00 working as a prosecutor.  The rest has to be for court appointments.  I do not have the numbers as to how much he was paid under Villalobos.

This issue is simple - would you hire someone as a criminal defense attorney who works with the DA for appointments as either a Special Prosecutor or Attorney Pro Tem?  You might, but my issue is you should have that choice in your decision making.  The judges need to add to their standard orders that all Special Prosecutors and Attorney Pro Tems must disclose to their current and future clients that they are also doing prosecutor work.

Ed is clearly dependent on the public for a living.  He is not going to lose everything to protect a client who Saenz wants nailed - which is why he did nothing for Josefina Fisher until after I did my story.

There was a lot more to this story, but because of the tragedy involving one of the characters I had to drop a big part of the story.  I would rather the haters come at me - I can handle that - nothing new - than add pain and drama to the life of the other character not mentioned in this post.

But I will say this, when someone tells me in writing they trust Saenz is working with the Velez team in good faith in considering dropping the charges I am compelled to ask myself "who is misleading this person to believe such nonsense?"  and the Velez family has a right to know what is happening and I intend to tell them.

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Anonymous said...

Wish there were honest, sincere candidates out there. There have been a few that have ran but were not well known. We need some new blood.

Anonymous said...

yes we do